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Egg standing on the Equator is an attraction in Macapá

O Ground Zero of the Equator Line is one of the main attractions of Macapáat the northern end of the Brazil. The capital of Amapá is the only one cut by the imaginary line that divides the Earth into Northern Hemispheres and South.

The monument shows exactly where the Ecuador passes through the city and allows visitors to take pictures with one foot in the North and the other in the South of the planet.

But what really intrigues many tourists is the possibility of balancing an egg standing on the spot. Not only eggs, but also coins and other objects. Is this only possible at 0° latitude or is it just a myth?

In interview with G1the postdoctoral fellow in Physics and professor at UNIFAP (Federal University of Amapá) Robert Vamour claims to be just a probability of trial and error: “it has no physical explanation”.

Already the meteorologist Luiz Cavalcanti says that if the phenomenon really happens it may be because of the force of coriolis. According to him, this is an apparent force due to the rotation of the planet, which depends on the speed of movement and the latitude at which it takes place. Coriolis is zero in Ecuador.

Regardless of whether it is true or myth, this is a very interesting experience. We were at Marco Zero of the Equator Line in Macapá and we were able to witness the phenomenon in which many tourists manage to put their eggs on their feet. In our case, perhaps because of our lack of balance, we ended up giving up after several attempts (rs). But we saw a lot of people who managed not only on the ground, but on a thin end of the monument.

Standing egg on the equator is an attraction for those who visit Macapá (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

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Ground Zero of the Equator Line
Rod. Juscelino Kubitscheck – Marco Zero Garden – Macapá/AP

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