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El Museo de Arte Abstract Español (Cuenca)

If I tell you that there is a museum colgando in full Hoz del Huécar de Cuenca it will seem impossible to you. But if I tell you that this museum is located in the most Colgadas HousesI’m sure you’ll end up understanding it.

Wooden balcony of las Casas Colgadas

it’s about him Museo de Arte Abstract Español, and today we want to present the artistic marvels that it houses in its interior. We enter an abstract museum, close to an abstract city.

Where is the Cuenca Abstract Art Museum?

As we have already said, this museum is located sharing space with the Casas Colgadas. Its entrance is, to be exact, at Calle de los Canónigos, 14 (Bajada a San Pablo). For more data, en la conocida Plaza de Rondabeside them Casas del Rey.

Balcony of the Colgadas Houses
From one of its rooms, there are spectacular views of Hoz del Huécar

A Museo Abstracto, literally joining an abstract city.

The back part offers some unparalleled views from Hoz del Húecarthrough its symbolic wooden balconies.

History del Museo

Todo comienza in el año 1962, when the prestigious and recognized artist Fernando Zobel looking for a space where to house his works. He’s his friend, he’s also artist Gustavo Torner, he talks about their existence Colgadas houses in Cuenca.

Fernando Zóbel therefore empathizes with the administrative, legal and bureaucratic procedures so that this unique space is granted to him as a Museum where his work and his enormous collection will be exposed.

Painting by Fernando Zobel
The unique style of Fernando Zobel

The Museo de Arte Abstracto Español was finally born on July 1, 1966, thanks to the artists Fernando Zóbel, Gustavo Torner and Gerardo Rueda.

Room with views of the hoz del huecar
One of the rooms of the Museum, also with views to the Hoz

But maybe Fernando Zóbel is the most reseñable, and he owned more than 200 works for the Juan March Foundation in 1980.

The Museum was born in a political and cultural framework that was not very favorable, in which abstract art, however, had not been accepted.

Pasillo del Museo de Arte abstract español

From there, the collection that houses the Museum has been increasing with more paintings and sculptures by Spanish artists of the abstract generation of the 50s and 60s.

works that it houses

Since you put a pie in the Museum, you have reported that its structure and design respond to the typical standards that follow the old houses of the old hull of Cuenca.

Work by Eduardo Chillida
Sculpture by Eduardo Chillida

Clay floors, ancient viguería and completely white walls, I love it!

Decorated room Cuenca abstract art museum

Right hand you will find yourself at the reception (Don’t worry, admission is free!) ya mano izquierda you can start to lose yourself in this world of abstract and contemporary art.

Engraved from the Museum of Abstract Art

Since 1985, more than 70 exhibitions of all types have taken place. From engravings by Picasso, to the art of Vil Viola or Zurbarán, passing through exhibitions related to Natural History or including the cinema.

Ventanas that are cuadros
In this space, las ventanas hacen las veces de cuadros

El Museo de Arte Abstract de Cuenca también develops a educational project quite significant, developing different didactic activities to measure, for school groups of all levels, tourist groups or families.

Paintings from the Cuenca Museum of Abstract Art

The appeal is sometimes labyrinthine. It is not uncommon for you to pass several times for the same room without giving account… Of course it will be the most probable that you pass.

Painting by Manuel Millares
Works by Manuel Millares

Within its collection there are sculptures, drawings, paintings and up to cards. In addition, Fernando Zóbel also owns more than 2,000 books and notebooks of notes that remain inside the Museum at the disposal of researchers and art scholars.

Libreria del Museo de Arte Abstract Español
Bookstore inside the Museum

Your Artists

Some will sound better than others, but each and every one of them that makes up this generation of artists (national and international) have contributed, to a greater or lesser extent, to the fact that the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español de Cuenca is one of the most important references in the country:

basterrecheaNestor thousands, manual
Rubio Camín, Joaquin mompo, Manuel H
canoe, Rafael muñoz, Pike
chillida, Edward Oteiza, George
chirino, Martin Palazuelo, Pablo
Cuixart, modest rivera, manual
Slender, Guillermo Rueda, Gerard
farreras, Francis suraAntonio
Done, Luís alwaysEusebio
Gabino, Amadeo Serrano, Pablo
warrior, José tapies, Antoni
Hernandez Pijuan, Joan TeixdorJordan
Lopez Iturralde, Jose Maria turn, Gustavo
Lorenzo, Antonio violamanual
manrique, Caesar zobel, Fernando

Bookstore and Store

To end the visit, you can visit the museum store.

Shop of the Abstract Art Museum
Shop of the Abstract Art Museum

You will be able to purchase postcards, cards, catalogues, books and for supuesto original works and also reproductions of some of the most representative works that you have been able to admire.

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