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Everything You Need to Know About Goian Cuisine

Do you like to know a little more about the cuisine of the places you visit? We are from Goiás and we are passionate about goiana cuisine, That’s why we’re going to leave here tips about the main typical dishes of our cuisine and also where to eat Goiás food in Goiânia.

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Culinária Goiana tastes like homemade food made with a lot of love prepared by the mother or grandmother, preferably in a wood stove. Typical Goiás dishes are:

  • Chicken Soup,
  • Chicken With Pequi,
  • Chicken with Guariroba,
  • redneck chicken,
  • Patty Goiano,
  • Fool,
  • rice with suã,
  • Rice a Whore Rica,
  • Meat in a Can,
  • Crazy chica,
  • Peanut candy,
  • Fish On Tile,
  • Bean Tutu,
  • Cheese Bread, among others.

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You know? If the answer is no, I invite you to meet, because the food is delicious!

Culinária Goiana

Having indigenous origin, it carried the influence of Minas Gerais and São Paulo cuisine at the end of the 18th century. Due to food shortages, which were brought from other captaincies, they had to find replacements. There were no potatoes, they used cassava. Cabbage was replaced by taioba, among others. Therefore, the cuisine of Goiás was differentiated, as it used the fruits of the Cerrado.

Chicken Soup

Goiano’s favorite dish is Chicken Soup. And it’s not just rice with chicken, but it can also be accompanied with corn and the famous pequi or guariroba, saffron, hot pepper and lots of green chives. It’s a divine combination!

For those who have never eaten Pequi, don’t forget, don’t bite or break the pequi! It has to be held with the hands and has to be gnawed. The fruit has a strong smell, the taste is sweet, it has a yellow pulp that surrounds a hard seed and it has a large amount of thorns.

Be very careful when gnawing, never sink your teeth, as it has many thorns. I’ve never ventured to gnaw a pequi, as I’m from Pernambuco, but I especially like the flavor it leaves in rice and chicken. I usually use canned Pequi pulp. Pequi is still used in sweets, liqueurs and ice cream.

Everything You Need to Know About Culinária Goiana
Typical Goiás food: pequi


Whoever visits Goiás cannot fail to experience the famous patty Goiano. It is a savory pie typical of the region. My mouth waters just thinking about that thin pasta stuffed with chicken, cubed Minas cheese, olives and sausage.

Well seasoned and succulent, which is one of the characteristics of Goiás food. There is also the option of empadão with pork, guariroba, among others. See in the image below:

where to eat typical food in Goiânia
patty Goiano


Another wonder is fool. In almost every corner of Goiânia there is a Pamonharia. It is a tradition in Goiás to gather the family to make pamonha. It has sweet pamonha, salt, the fashion (usually with sausage, Minas cheese, lots of green onions and pepper). With chicken and catupiry, with pequi cream, eggplant cream, etc. And there’s still fried tamale.

I really like Pamonha a Moda and I always go to fruits of the earth that in addition to the pamonhas being divine, I can never resist the crazy chica which is also a typical food from Goiás. It is made with Cream of Corn, Pepperoni, Bacon, Smoked Sausage, Mozzarella and Pepper.

Everything You Need to Know About Goiana Cuisine
Typical dishes from Goiás: Pamonha and Chica Doida

Another delicious pamonha is Jerivá. Look how appetizing she is, imagine when she is heated and that much cheese melts, how delicious!!!

typical food from Goiás
Pamonha do Jerivá in Goiania


I can’t stop talking about Guariroba also known as Gueroba, which is a palm tree native to the Brazilian Cerrado region and known for the bitter taste of its heart of palm. It is widely used in the cuisine of Goiás. Chicken with Guariroba, Braised Guariroba, Guariroba Salad, in Empadão, Pamonha and Pastel.

Rice Puta Rica

Another famous food is Rice Puta Rica. They say that in the old days, in the program houses in Goiânia, the girls who worked there had to cook their own food. They made rice and put all the leftovers they could find in the fridge. And the customers ate too. This rice became known as poor bitch rice. A wealthy French cafetina who lived in the city decided to make a difference and added saffron, chicken pieces, smoked ribs, pepperoni, egg, corn and vegetables to the dish, with the amount of ingredients added to the recipe, the dish became known as Rice from Puta Rica. Think of delicious rice!

Fish On Tile

O Fish On Tile it is also very traditional in the city. It is always present in the restaurants and homes of the people of Goiás. In the traditional recipe, freshwater fish, leather and sliced ​​are used, usually Pintado or Surubim with tomato sauce, saffron, coconut milk and cream. It accompanies white rice and a pirão made with the broth from the head and spine of the fish. It was served for the first time at the opening of the Forno de Barro restaurant in Goiânia and was a great success.

Peixe na Telha
Fish On Tile

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Where to Eat Goiana Food in Goiânia

For those who want to taste Goiana Cuisine, I recommend the following restaurants:

  • native floor,
  • Redneck Stove,
  • bad none,
  • Jerivah,
  • fruits of the earth
  • little brown,
  • Vila Cavalcare

Now let’s talk a little bit about some of these places:

Restaurant Chão Nativo

If you want to try traditional Goiás food, don’t miss this restaurant. It is one of the most traditional in the city.

Chão Nativo Restaurant

Chão Nativo has a huge variety of dishes from Goiás cuisine, including desserts like Ambrosia, which is typical of Goiás. With a cozy decor, canned pequi and pepper, cachaça and many other delicacies from the region. Worth knowing.

If you intend to visit this restaurant, I will give you a tip, take a look at Peixe Urbano or Groupon first, as you will usually find a discount for one of the two units.

Chão Nativo Restaurant

Unity 1: Av. Republic of Lebanon, nº 1809 – West Sector

Unit 2: Av. T-11, left. w/ T-4 – Bueno Sector

Hours of Operation: Every day from 11 am to 3 pm.

Pamonharia Fruits of the Earth

where to eat food from Goiás in Goiania
patty Goiano

This pamonharia has won numerous awards. It has already been elected numerous times by Veja Magazine as the best pamonha in the city. The pamonha is really delicious. In addition to pamonha, you can find corn, curau, empadão goiano, chica doida, among others.

Unity 1: Av. C-234, left. with C-247 street, nº 969 – Nova Switzerland Sector

Unit 2: 2110 Perimetral Avenue, West Sector

I hope you enjoyed my tips on Goian cuisine. Ever experienced? Tell us, we’d love to know! Just leave a comment below.


Jerivá is the right place for those who want to try the Goiás empadão and pamonha. It serves quick snacks as well as full meals.

He has two units in the capital within the Flamboyant and Passeio das Águas malls.

culinaria goiana
Jeriva in Goiania

Hope you enjoyed our tips on Goian cuisine. And do you know? Ever experienced? Tell us, we’d love to know.

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