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Father’s Day Gift. For those who love to travel!

Since the date is approaching, how about some Father’s Day gift suggestions? Some gift tips for the dad who loves to travel. See also other ideas at the Let’s Fly Away + Amazon store.

What to give as a Father’s Day gift

1. Kindle and books

Books are always great gifts. The most practical for reading nowadays is to use the Kindle, where you can read (and have at your fingertips) several e-books without carrying any weight!

You can choose between white and black, with various settings and memory size.

Click on the images to the side to learn more.

I made a selection of some very interesting e-books below, with the theme of travel. In addition to them, check out the dozens of other options you’ll find in the Kindle Store.

2. Photography

Photography is an art or hobby for those who enjoy it. Hardly anyone who likes to travel is not interested in photography at all. After all, it immortalizes the moments and memories that are part of traveling.

The right accessories and equipment make all the difference when shooting, and can be a great Father’s Day gift. Click on the images below and browse through several suggestions.

3. Miscellaneous accessories

There are so many cool little things we can give away for Father’s Day that bring back travel memories! Let your imagination flow.

4. Clothing and accessories

Sunglasses, to protect in style. Super handy for protection, especially in hot travel destinations.

Some practical clothes always fit well in the suitcase, don’t they?

Conclusion: Father’s Day gift with your heart

More important than the present is the feeling, of course! If you don’t want to buy something, how about doing a DIY (“do it yourself”)? A self-made card, message or gift.

On my Pinterest, I have a folder full of ideas. Check and follow!

Leave in the comments other Father’s Day gift suggestions. To the next!

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