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Finally: Ariel, Transformers and Antarctica!

Updated November 20, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

It may seem that I woke up upset, which wouldn’t be a lie either, but the problem is that I couldn’t like absolutely anything, none of the three attractions: nothing was exceptional, on the contrary, I stayed between the so-so it’s the did not like on all three major releases of July 2013:

By Universal Studios Orlando. All rights reserved

Transformers 3-D Ride at Universal Studios

Situation in July 2013: “(…) arriving at the turnstiles, I put half of the group inside the carts that started to start, but returned soon after, for the second time. The guide officially gave up, I took everyone off the attraction after wasting almost three hours there.”

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In July the attraction broke down three times as we waited in line, but at the end of October I managed to go twice in less than half an hour: it’s amazing, but it’s exactly like Spider-Man from islands. And when I say exactly, I say without fear of being unfair, without even taking it out: the footprint, the effects and even the path that the cart takes is the same, the only novelty is the film that plays on the screen.


By Universal Studios Orlando. All rights reserved

Under The Sea at Magic Kingdom

Situation in January 2013: “(…) I could not find out because the common queue showed 90 minutes of waiting at the panel, but the attraction staff said at least two hours of waiting”.

Fastpass in October is usually no sacrifice, but I didn’t know that for some reason the machine for this attraction was on the other side of the land, along with the machines of Philarmagic. Not that walking there influenced my mood, because my overall experience was as I expected: the ride is slow, almost stopping.

The cart is strolling along the sea in a mixture of Peter Pan in Magic Kingdom with Nemo at Epcot.

Antarctica: Empire of The Penguin at Seaworld

Situation in July 2013: “(…) we would face 170 minutes of queue without any shadow. an attraction called antarctica It was just the hottest place in the park.”.

Well that hasn’t changed: for some crazy reason antarctica it’s the hottest place in the park. I talked yesterday about the restaurant there, which looks pretty cool, but the attraction itself causes outbreaks of embarrassment: we get into a round cart with several people side by side that borders on the ridiculous.

They managed to turn the penguins into the worst attraction in the park.

Anyway, as we are thrown from one side to the other, lights go off and on to the sound of gusts of wind, but without anything to justify why that cart rocks from start to finish. After two minutes a door opens facing the park’s new penguin habitat, which is beautiful but freezing cold: can’t stay more than a few seconds there.

Look, trust me: the place is an unregulated freezer, my boys got out of there sick, that’s in two minutes of photos. My camera crashed because of the temperature, I couldn’t even turn it on.

The end. Ready.


By Seaworld. All rights reserved

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