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Flamingo Beach and Renaissance Island: Sightseeing in Aruba

One of the trips that we were very in doubt to do in Aruba was to Renaissance Island. This island has the famous beach with flamingos, Flamingo Beach. You have probably already seen a picture of this beach on the internet.

Because the renaissance island it’s all that and more. Imagine a paradise place, a white sand beach and sea in different shades of blue and green. Transparent.

Now imagine this scenario and some more flamingos. Well, the big deal on Renaissance Island, where the Flamingo Beachare the flamingos, which roam freely among tourists and their loungers.

One of those magical places, which stays in the memory of those who visit and who simply see a record on the internet.

So, if before going we were still in doubt if the place was worth the cost, when we returned we came back with the certainty that it was super worth it.

Flamingo Beach and Renaissance Island: Aruba Tour

How to Get to Flamingos Beach in Aruba, Caribbean Island

Flamingos and tourists walk along Flamingo Beach in Aruba

Renaissance Island is a private islandexclusive access to Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino guests.

As the hotel located in the center, which does not have a beach in front of the hotel, they created this alternative through a paradise island.

As we were staying at the Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino (which may not have an island, but it does have an amazing beach, Palm Beach), the solution was to pay a day-use.

Is it worth staying at the Renaissance hotel?

If you’re going to be in Aruba for a while (at least 5 days), it might be worth staying at least 2 nights at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino.

So you save on day-use and can also explore downtown and the beaches on the north coast of Aruba, such as Baby Beach.

Renaissance Aruba Resort
Click here to check prices and availability

If you are not staying at the Renaissance hotel

For those not staying at the hotel, to go to Flamingo Beach we went to the Renaissance reception.

There, the staff informs the price (US$ 99.00 per person) and that a meal + a drink + diving equipment and water sports (except motorized) are included.

So for those who were thinking they were going to pay just to enter the island, the meal and drink included even softened the stab of 100 dollars.

Flamingo Beach: Renaissance Island - Aruba Tours
Paradise on Renaissance Island in Aruba

Aruba: by boat to Renaissance Island

After we bought the ticket, we waited a while for the next boat to arrive, which is the means of transport to Flamingo Beach.

The boats leave practically from inside the hotel, and follow a canal as if we were on a canal in Venice. I thought the island would be closer to the hotel, but it took about 10 or 15 minutes by boat to get to Renaissance Island.

If you don’t want to get wet, better sit in front of the boat. In some stretches, the movement of the boat causes waves that can wet the passengers.

Flamingo Beach: Renaissance Island - Aruba Tours
Boat arrives at Renaissance Island in Aruba

Arrival at Flamingo Island

As soon as we arrive, the color of the sea takes on greenish tones and a wooden pier awaits us. Everything on the island is very tidy.

Upon arrival, you have two route options: Flamingo Beach to the right or Iguana Beach to the left. It is difficult to know which is the most beautiful, but rest assured, one is very close to the other.

Flamingo Beach

The curiosity to see the flamingos on the beach was huge, and we went to Flamingo Beach first.

Upon arrival, the flamingos were in the shade, between the sun loungers, which made it a bit difficult to frame the photos. We waited a while and took some pictures on the beach.

Soon, they started walking to the beach and to the sea.

Flamingo Beach: Renaissance Island - Aruba Tours
Flamingo Beach, if the flamingos weren’t enough, the scenery is still spectacular

Everyone is delighted, and the excess of clicks, apparently, bothers the pets a little. Who wouldn’t be bothered by so much harassment, right? But it is inevitable, everyone wants to make a record.

For those who want, it is possible to buy a small cup of food, which attracts the flamingos and they come to eat in your hand, which is perfect for taking that photo with the flamingo very close. If before they seemed a little uncomfortable with the harassment, over time they begin to circulate quietly and even mess with some of the visitors.

That’s right, sometimes they get very close, even if you don’t have anything in your hand, they look very closely and poke, mess with people, really interact.

Flamingo Beach: Renaissance Island - Aruba Tours
With the food in hand, the pets get closer more easily
Flamingo Beach: Renaissance Island - Aruba Tours

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iguana beach

After you get tired of seeing the flamingos (it takes time, see, I’ll warn you), the thing is to enjoy a little bit of Iguana Beach, which is bigger and has an absolutely sensational sandbar. The sandbar is located “at the bottom” of the beach, close to the rock barriers. There, you can lie down in the shallows peacefully.

Grab some inflatable mattresses (it’s included in your day-use) and float, it’s delicious.

Flamingo Beach: Renaissance Island - Aruba Tours
Iguana Beach, even more beautiful than Flamingo Beach

Lunch on Renaissance Island

Lunch has several options, more focused on snacks and salads. All well served. Values ​​range from $10.00 to $20.00, but again, whoever paid the $99.00 for the day-use has a free meal. For drinks, we ordered Colladas (Piña and Strawberry), delicious.

In other words, in addition to the paradisiacal beaches, food and drinks were included in the package.

Before we went to Flamingo Beach, I was seriously wondering if it was worth spending the $99.00. After we returned, we returned with the certainty that it was super worth it. The beaches are amazing and the experience of seeing the flamingos beach and interacting with them is unforgettable. Don’t miss out!

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Tour: renaissance island
Directed by: Oranjestad, Aruba
Production: US$ 99.00 per person, includes lunch, drink and aquatic equipment
Photography: Fabio Pastorello
The best: The experience of photographing and interacting with the flamingos on the beach is certainly unforgettable
The worst: The boat ride to the island is a bit boring and you can get wet, keep all your belongings
Year: 2016
Country Brazil
Rating: ★★★★★

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Flamingo Beach: Renaissance Island - Aruba Tours

note: Film Trips traveled to Aruba with the assistance of ATA – Aruba Tourism Authority. Staying at the Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino was complimentary. Despite being a sponsored trip, opinions are independent and free expression of the author.

O vehicle traveled to Aruba with travel insurance from GTA – Global Travel Assistance.

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