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Free test and improve your English without leaving home

If you don’t know it yet, Cambly is a very easy way to study English without having to leave your home and with native teachers.. After all, it’s no use studying a little and never using: English is training and practice.

to get to have mastery of language it’s needed exercising, speaking, reading and listening in English. Great in theory, right? But how to put all this into practice in our busy daily lives? There’s no time for anything! Can you imagine having to go from work to an English school to learn the language? Nobody deserve!



O Cambly is an online platform for English classes where you can have sessions with native teachers via computer or cell phone from wherever you are and whenever you want.

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First of all, at the end of the post we will talk more about it, but already here’s the tip. Get in on site or use our coupon ESSEWORLDENGLISH for test the platform for free in a 10-minute trial class!


When I talk whenever I want, that’s true! Sometimes there’s that little time left at 1 am and you want to practice your English… Just connect and that’s it! You can schedule classes in advance always with the same teacher or enter the platform and choose the teacher who is available at that moment.


One of Cambly’s great differentials, in addition to the flexibilityis that you You can even choose the accent of the teacher you want to teach. For example, you are going to travel to England and want to practice the British accent, there is that option.

As I said, you can schedule with a specific teacher, the one you are already used to, or take the class with whoever is available when you log into Cambly.

I will talk a little about my experience in that sense with the platform. I went to the site, filtered what I was looking for (eg teachers with an American accent and conversation). I saw the list of available teachers, read their profile and watched the introductory videos. until I find the comethe teacher I identified with, who is from Florida, in the United States.

Cambly (Photo: Reproduction)
Cambly (Photo: Reproduction)

The sensation is very similar to that of a exchange, since you talk to a person who lives abroad and was born speaking the English language. Besides the convenience of not having to leave the house (or do it wherever you are and want), Cambly is cheaper than traditional courses.

Besides, for those who are going to travel or even live abroad, it is great to be able to immerse themselves in the culture of the country and already arrive at the destination more prepared with the language.


Cambly achieves several goals. If you want, for example, to train conversation just for a trip, great! But you can also choose to learn grammarto train listening and even if prepare for tests like IELTS and TOELF with specialized teachers.

If you don’t know any English, you can learn from scratch with teachers who speak Portuguese. Within the platform, it also has an automatic translator, which helps when formulating sentences.

Try Cambly for free (Photo: Pixabay)
Photo: Pixabay

Cambly also has didactic material, modules and topics for classes if you prefer. In some of them, I, for example, prefer to talk about my day and random topics to practice the conversation myself. Guess what my favorite subject in class? Travel, of course! Conversation becomes much more natural when we talk about subjects we like. Ahh! And you can ask to be corrected for each mistake or only at the end.

My experience using Cambly (Photo: Reproduction)
My experience using Cambly (Photo: Reproduction)

After the class is over, you can review everything, as the recorded material is available. This is great for training and identifying your mistakes.


at the time of doing the signatureyou decide how long do you want to study per day (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1h or 2h) and how many days a week (2, 3, 5 or 7).

Later, just download the app (IOS or android) or enter the site via cell phone or computer.

Cambly (Photo; Reproduction)

When setting up your profile, you can choose the class type you want to have (speaking, pronunciation, grammar, business or exam preparation), the level of it (totally beginner, basic, conversational, intermediate or advanced), the teacher’s accent (American, British, Australian or other) and the his personality (kind and patient, fun and outgoing, expert and knowledgeable).


A really cool tip! For you to test Cambly for free, just enter the site or use our code ESSEMUNDOINGLES. It entitles you to a 10-minute trial class. So you can see in practice how well it works.

Got any questions about Cambly? Leave it in the comments!

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