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From Bangkok to Krabi with Thai Airways in economy classVou na Janela

During my trip around the world I took a trip inside Thailand to Krabi, because going to Thailand and not going to the beach is a mortal sin. Well in this post I will tell what is it like to fly with Thai Airways from Bangkok to Krabi.


Thai is the main airline in Thailand and one of the most important in Asia. Elected this year as one of the 10 best in the world by the Skytrax ranking, recent news of a serious financial crisis surprised the world.

The situation is so serious that there is even a risk of interruption of operations. Something that I believe will not happen, as the government of Thailand would not let it get to that point. For them, Thai is a national pride.

By the way, those who follow Vou na Janela know that I have lived in Thailand and here on the blog there are many posts about the country. take a look there!

Well, let’s get back to the subject of the post about what it’s like to fly from Bangkok to Krabi with Thai? Their main hub is in Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok and from there it covers all of Asia, Oceania, the Middle East and Europe. They also operate several frequencies direct from Phuket to Asia and Europe.

I have already flown with them from Vientiane in Laos to Singapore with a connection in Bangkok and I have already told you how this flight was on the A330 and the classic Boeing 747-400. I recommend reading.

And about my trip around the world, I’ll leave the links below and I’ll update the list as the reviews are posted.


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What is it like to fly with Thai Airways from Bangkok to Krabi

What is it like to fly Thai from Bangkok to Krabi

ticket purchase

I bought the round trip ticket directly on the Thai website. The site is very practical and has no tricks. Thai was the company that offered the best price, at the time that best suited me and with checked luggage.

I paid the equivalent of 340 reais for the round trip ticket. At Thai Vietjet – a low-cost airline in Vietnam that has an arm in Thailand – there were tickets for 180 reais, but the hours were terrible and there was no baggage check.

Check-in and X-ray

I arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport 2 hours before the flight and that was enough time, as the domestic part of the airport is small and doesn’t require much travel. I checked in directly at the counter as I had a suitcase to check. The entire procedure took less than 5 minutes.

As the flight is domestic, there is no passport control, but the x-ray in Bangkok is always very thorough, especially in Suvarnabhumi.

from Bangkok to Krabi

bangkok airport


The boarding of flight TG241 started punctually at 7 am, the flight was scheduled to depart at 8 am. As the plane was not full, the entire boarding procedure was quick. The problem was a huge group of Indians who couldn’t decide where they were going to sit (they kept swapping seats with each other) which disrupted the economy and generated general stress.

One thing that already draws attention at Thai is the friendliness of the flight attendants. All very well dressed in lilac and pink uniforms, a variation on the company’s colors. All notices were given in Thai and then in English.

from Bangkok to Krabi

What is it like to fly with Thai Airways from Bangkok to Krabi

the aircraft

For my flight, an Airbus A330-300 with 7 years of use was selected, the largest variation of the -200, a very common model among Asian airlines. This aircraft was configured in two classes, with 36 seats in business class (layout 2-2-2) and 263 in economy (layout 2-4-2), with the last seats in economy in the 2-3-2 layout.

from Bangkok to Krabi

Thai A330 economy class

from Bangkok to Krabi

armchair detail

from Bangkok to Krabi


from Bangkok to Krabi


from Bangkok to Krabi

leg room

In the armchair there was a real pillow and pillowcase made of that disposable material used in airplane pillows and there were also blankets available for passengers.

All seats are equipped with individual touch-screens with Thai entertainment system and built-in remote control. No headphones were offered, let’s remember that this is a flight of about 1 hour. In the seats there was also the Thai magazine and the duty free catalogue.

from Bangkok to Krabi

entertainment system screen

from Bangkok to Krabi

Remote Control

from Bangkok to Krabi

in-flight literature

I found the seats very comfortable, with great recline. They have an adjustable headrest and footrest. It would be a great aircraft for a long-haul flight.

Flight and on-board service

We took off with a little delay, but for me, it didn’t have the slightest problem. My stay at the hotel on Railay Beach wouldn’t start until 2pm. We got a little turbulence on the way up, which is pretty normal in Bangkok.

from Bangkok to Krabi

cruising altitude

Despite being a very short flight, about 1 hour, Thai served a snack. I had a savory stuffed chicken with pineapple and it was great. To drink there were juices, soft drinks, water and coffee.

from Bangkok to Krabi


from Bangkok to Krabi


from Bangkok to Krabi

In-flight cabin

After lunch the crew returned serving coffee and tea. Really great service for such a short flight.

Soon after, we started the procedures for landing at Krabi airport.

from Bangkok to Krabi

Thai Lion Air Boeing 737 in Krabi

from Bangkok to Krabi

We stopped next to an Air Asia A320


Thai always delivers a very good service, whether on short, medium or long routes. I really hope the company recovers and that it continues to take this joy to various corners of the world.

I made a video of this trip, from Bangkok to Krabi and then to Railay Beach. Take a look:

All about Railay Beach

A small peninsula surrounded by Thailand’s turquoise sea and accessible only by boat. Railay Beach in Thailand is a little piece of paradise, with its beautiful beaches and unique atmosphere.

The first time I was there was in 2016, at the time the beach – which there are actually four – was not that well known and there was little information in Portuguese on the internet. Today, Railay is already one of the most sought after destinations by people who are going to explore the islands of thailand and it has become popular with Brazilians who come to Thailand.

But so you don’t fall prey to this story, paste in this post with all my Railay Beach tips.

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from Bangkok to Krabi

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