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Good news for the low-cost traveler

Ryanair’s planes with your new publicity from

It seems that they plan new winds for the low cost airline Ryanair. After the continuous flights that the airline had taken to the Spanish courts, they have been introducing new changes in their operation since the end of the last year, everyone is welcome! These are some of the most outstanding ones:

  • Silent flights at the most untimely hours: no more announcements of lotteries in flights that operate before 8:00 or after 21:00. If you go to bed, they will increase the space between seats… I’ll take you to lunch!
  • 24 hours free of charge in which you can modify the details of a reservation if you have made any spelling errors. This measure seems to me to be quite good, in the future, but whoever more and whoever has been confused at some time…
  • New “Mi Ryanair” service in which the registration on the web will allow you to store the user data for later flights. Along with the previous point… to make a mistake has never been more difficult.
  • Possibility of taking a second bag (camera backpacks, pockets or duty free bags for example) as long as it does not exceed the measurements of 35x20x20 cm. Mmm, will the golden age return where a laptop backpack would be the same as taking a second suitcase full of clothes?
  • La rebaja, mais que welcome para los olvidadizos como yo, en la reprinting the boarding card, ranging from 70 to 15 euros for those who have previously checked-in online (not so for those who have forgotten).
  • From the 5th of the day, it is possible to bill the equipment by hand at the display for 30 euros (previously it was 60 euros), whereas if you go to the boarding gate, the rebaja is only 10 euros, going to cost 50 euros.
  • As of February 1, seats will be assigned ahead of time (if you want to choose them, you will have to pay 5 euros for the standards and 10 euros for the premiums), a movement that aims to improve customer satisfaction at the boarding gate. In some flights, the tension is chewed…
  • New update: From the 6th of February onwards it is allowed to use mobile devices throughout the flight, charge the batteries before flying, the mobile games can start to fire!

And what better way to end this post than to include the statements of the always extravagant president of the company, Michael O’Leary. In September of the past year, it announced “the elimination of those things that unnecessarily exasperate people” (something will have to see the loss of more than a million passes in Spain during 2013, with Vueling doing the good things and cutting out the passes continuously ). Now, just a few days, a few statements from the president have given the tour of the world. A new alliance with the internet giant Google makes it possible to assure that “it will change how we buy the plane tickets forever”, and dares to decide that services like Skyscanner have their days counted… Mysterio, but coming Google is in the shop, something big is coming.

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