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Gruta dos Anjos + 8 Unmissable Tours in Socorro [GUIA]

Find out how to get to know the famous Gruta do Anjo (or Gruta dos Anjos) in Socorro, in the interior of São Paulo, which has been the scene of soap operas and guarantees beautiful photos!

See also our tips with 8 other amazing places to visit in Socorro besides Gruta do Anjo.

Socorro is a city surrounded by nature, at the foot of Serra da Mantiqueira in the Circuito das Águas Paulista, that is: guarantee of beautiful scenery!

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Socorro has many attractions in the midst of nature, and that’s what led us to make this trip to the city.

On the road, before reaching Socorro in fact, the scenery is beautiful, with mountains around and a lot of green. In the midst of it all there are hidden treasures, such as the Gruta dos Anjos.

Click on a point on the map to see its legend

Gruta do Anjo – Socorro: Price and Tips to Visit

The most famous place in Socorro is an artificial cave, which emerged as a result of mineral exploration between 1960 and 1995.

The water seeped into the cave due to the large number of springs in the region, which resulted in a very beautiful setting, complete with stone walls and columns.

Angel Grotto in Socorro – SP

The maximum depth in the cave is 4m and the environment is much cooler than the outside, remaining around 10 degrees.

Grotto of Angels Socorro SP
Angel Grotto in Socorro – SP

The visit to Gruta do Anjo (or Gruta dos Anjos) is quick, but very beautiful and fun. Included in the entrance fee (currently R$35 per person) is the pedal boat ride inside the cave.

Grotto of Angels Socorro SP
Pedal boat tour at Gruta do Anjo

We arrived there on Saturday morning and so we managed to avoid peak hours, when the number of people is higher.

Another advantage of going early is to see some rays of sunlight falling directly on the water and causing a very beautiful effect.

We went by our own car, but saw many guided tours passing us by. We didn’t pass any public buses on the road.

First we stopped at reception and bought our tickets. We receive one bracelet per person. We continue with the car up a very steep climb to another parking lot at the entrance to the cave.

Grotto of Angels Socorro SP
Entrance to the Angel’s Grotto

There we waited less than 10 minutes in line, facing a specific platform to take pictures, with special lighting. So we got the vests and a pedal boat for 2 people.

Only the “driver” has to pedal, which leaves the other person very comfortable to take pictures and enjoy the ride. We often bump into other pedal boats and the walls of the cave, because the passage is narrow. But the speed is so low that it had no problem.

Grotto of Angels Socorro SP
My parents enjoying the pedal boat ride

The cave is not very extensive, but there is still a stretch of total darkness. It was only after turning on the flashlight of the cell phone that we noticed a wall in front of us, where we turned around and returned to the starting point of the pedal boats.

Grotto of Angels Socorro SP
The background of the Gruta do Anjo illuminated by the camera flash
Grotto of Angels Socorro SP
View from the bottom of the Gruta do Anjo
Grotto of Angels Socorro SP
Angel’s Grotto

Then we stayed for a while walking along the water’s edge and enjoying the grotto. The visit has no time limit, but in a maximum of 1h (no queues) you can see everything.

For more information see the official website.



Other Places to Visit in Socorro Besides Gruta dos Anjos

Camanducaia do Meio Waterfall

Still with the idea of ​​visiting places with few people, we followed the recommendation of an employee of our camping and drove along a dirt road to Cachoeira Camanducaia do Meio.

We got a fright when we got there: lots of parked cars, loud music and a bar full of people.

Camanducaia do Meio Socorro Waterfall
Entrance to Camanducaia do Meio Waterfall

But the use of a mask was mandatory and they were taking the temperature at the entrance.

We pay R$5 per person to enter, we go straight through the crowd at the bar and follow the very short trail to the river and the waterfalls. Access is very easy, with stairs and handrails.

Camanducaia do Meio Socorro Waterfall
Small waterfall with natural pool

Downstairs, the atmosphere was calmer, with people scattered along the banks of the river. We tried to cool off a bit, but due to the lack of rain in the region the water was very shallow and muddy.

Camanducaia do Meio Socorro Waterfall
main waterfall

Even so, we found the waterfall beautiful and the place pleasant. Although we were scared by the amount of people together at the bar, we managed to enjoy the place without worries simply avoiding being at the tables.

On the way out, we can still hear the beginning of a live MPB. For more information on the schedule, check the bar’s Instagram:

Cachaçaria Santo Me

A place I found by chance in Socorro was Cachaçaria Santo Mé, on the road to Munhoz – MG.

Cachaçaria Santo Mé has a little shop with more than 50 varieties of cachaças and artisanal wines, sweets, jams, jellies, cheeses and peppers, as well as tables with a beautiful view of the region where you can enjoy all this and a lot of delicious food. from the kitchen.

Cachaçaria Santo Me Socorro sp
One more delicious than the other

We were afraid to visit a closed place on this trip due to COVID-19, but our cachaceiro spirit spoke louder and we decided to go there very early, before noon.

We were very happy to arrive and to be the only customers. We were greeted by an employee who explained to us about tasting the cachaças: we received a small cup each to taste a maximum of 5 cachaças. The limit, according to them, is so that no one gets in an accident when going down the slopes to leave.

Cachaçaria Santo Me Socorro sp
View of Cachaçaria Santo Me

After the tasting, we chose a well-ventilated table outside and enjoyed that wonderful view with a portion of panceta (which was delicious) and an Ecobier, beer produced in the city of Socorro-SP.

Cachaçaria Santo Mé – Socorro – SP
Cachaçaria Santo Me Socorro sp
Ecobier – produced in Socorro – SP

We left there very pleased to have included this stop in our tour and we even brought 5 bottles of cachaça home with us!

Lookout points in Socorro – SP

There are 3 beautiful viewpoints in Socorro: Pico da Cascavel, Mirante da Pedra Bela Vista and Mirante do Cristo.

Pedra Bela Vista: it can be reached by car and has a small bar at the top, at an altitude of 1,250m. Very popular for watching the sunset.

Rattlesnake Peak: It is one of the highest points in the city and is very popular for those who want to hang glider or paraglider. You can arrive by car.

Has courage?

Christ Viewpoint: It is close to the center of Socorro and offers a privileged view of the city.

Adventure Tourism in Socorro – SP

Socorro also has many options for those who enjoy adventure tourism. You can do abseiling, tree climbing, zip lining, rafting and a multitude of other activities there.

The most famous places for those looking for this type of attraction are:

Monjolinho Adventure Park: It has an adventure park, restaurant and inn. It gets pretty crowded on weekends. Check the official website by clicking here.

Dream Park: offers more than 50 activities, including a zip line that starts in SP and ends in MG. Click here to see the official website.

Where to Stay and How to Get to Socorro and Gruta do Anjo

Socorro is located on the Circuito das Águas Paulistas, 130km from São Paulo.

The fastest way is to go to Bragança Paulista on Rodovia Fernão Dias, and then continue on BR-146.

From Viracopos Airport, in Campinas, it is 129km via Jaguariúna or 134km via Bragança Paulista (better roads).

Click on a point on the map to see its legend

If you travel by bus, you can get to Socorro from São Paulo with Viação Bragança, or from Campinas with Viação Metrópolis.

Photo: Eduardo Shiroma (Agent Rolf)., CC BY 2.5, via Wikimedia Commons

We have visited many cities in the Circuito das Águas Paulista region and have written comprehensive and free travel guides for all of them. Check out our guides:

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Another very interesting city to visit in the interior of São Paulo is Salto. The couple who write the World By 2 blog are from there and have written a really cool guide to the city’s attractions. Check out: Tourist Resort of Salto/SP – Brazil

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