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Holambra Bloemen Park Flower Fields

Holambra within Sao Paulo It is the perfect destination for anyone who loves flowers. We have already visited the city a few times and with each visit we discover new places that make us fall in love with Holambra even more. Let us introduce you to one of these places: the Bloemen Parkone of the flower fields most beautiful in the region.

Did you know that 45% of the national production of flowers and ornamental plants comes from Holambra?

It is possible to visit the flower fields of Holambra. Want to know how to visit and what the tour is like? We’ll tell you everything.

Flower Field Visit Bloemen Park
Visit to Bloemen Park Flower Field

To visit the flower fields of Holambra it is mandatory to hire a tour guide, as only authorized and accredited guides are allowed to enter the properties.

Today (February/2022) it is no longer necessary to be accompanied by a tour guide to visit Bloemen Park, but it is still mandatory to visit the other flower fields in Holambra.

When we visited the park we were accompanied by Marcelo from Real Turismo, check out how our experience was Holambra city tour combined with flower fields.

visit flower plantation, flowers in holambra, tours in holambra
Fields of flowers in Holambra

Did you know that it is possible to buy a day trip from São Paulo to visit the cities of Campos do Jordão, Guarujá or Holambra?

How is Bloemen Park in Holambra

The place is beautiful!!! It was love at first sight, we were delighted with the variety of flowers, the structure of the place and the project being developed by its owners.

The place is not 100% ready, but the flower fields are. They are full of species that left us in awe. And there is also a lake, giving an even greater charm to the place, take a look at the photo below:

Bloemen Park Holambra, how is bloemen park Bloeman Park
Bloemen Park Holambra – Photo taken by Luis Ricardo from Plano B

Bloemen Park has a gourmet space filled with delights of Brazilian and Dutch cuisine, a space for the presentation of shows, Shop and also a playground for the little ones.

Want to know what you can do there today?

  • Enjoy a lot of nature;
  • Stroll in the flower fields;
  • Appreciate and contemplate various species of flowers;
  • Have lunch;
  • Take wonderful pictures;
  • Do photo shoots.
Bloemen Park in Holambra, flower fields in holambra
Bloemen Park in Holland

Holambra flower fields – Bloemen Park

visit the flower fields is the most traditional tour of Holambra, a must for anyone visiting the city. And the flower fields at Bloemen Park are beautiful, take note of the tip and plan to meet them. We’re sure you’ll love it.

Flowers fields in Holambra Bloemen Park Bloemen Park
Holambra flower fields

Bloemen Park flower varieties

Today Bloemen Park has several species of flowers. Some of them bloom throughout the year, however other species can only be seen at certain times of the year.

Today it is possible to contemplate:

  • 6 varieties of gerbera;
  • 4 varieties of limonium;
  • 28 varieties of rose in the greenhouse;
  • 8 varieties of rose in the field.
how to visit the flower fields in holambra, holambra gerberas fields, gerbera
Bloemen Park gerberas in Holambra

At gerberas are super photogenic flowers, one of the most charming ornamental plants and widely used as a decorative plant and also in arrangements. They are from the family of daisies and the famous sunflowers.

Fields of roses in Holambra , flower fields in holambra, how to visit the flower plantations in holambra
Fields of roses in Holambra

THE rose is one of the most popular flowers in the world and it can also be seen in Bloemen Park, which gave this flower a more than deserved highlight. On site can be enjoyed 36 species of roses. I guarantee you will take a lot of pictures!

In addition to the flowers listed above, at certain times of the year you can also find the following flowers:

  • Ninger;
  • Sorghum;
  • Tigo;
  • Sunflower.
Sunflower in Holambra
Sunflower in Holambra

Bloemen Park is Pet Friendly

If you enjoy traveling with your pet, Bloemen Park is perfect for you, as the pets are very welcome over there.

We took “Brownie” our pet and on our visit to Holambra and he enjoyed it because he can walk among the flowers. It was great.

Pet friendly tour in Holambra , you can take a dog in the holambra flower fields,
Pet friendly tour in Holambra at Bloemen Park


Opening hours: From Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm. Entry is allowed until 5 pm.

Value: R$ 30.00 entire entry; R$ 15.00 half price; free for children up to 6 years old (value in February/2022).

Photographic essay: R$ 130.00 per hour for up to 4 people (value in February/2022).

More tips about Holland

We have a complete article with 13 tips for tours in Holambra, telling you about the flower sweets we tried, what the weather is like in the city, the best time to visit and also tips on where to stay.

Run there to check it out and make your trip even more complete: 13 things to do in Holland.

Oh yes september is a great month to visit Holambra, because the flowers are even more beautiful. Every year in September, Expoflora takes place, which is the city’s flower fans party. Check out other tips places to travel in september in Brazil.

Well folks, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed our tips on Holambra’s flower fields and Bloemen Park. Want to know more about the city? Did you have any doubts? Leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

holambra flower plantations, flower farm , you can go to the holambra flower farms
Fields of flowers in Holambra

Oh and if you go to Holambra, book your hotel in the city using our links, so you help our site to continue giving good travel tips. It cost!!!

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