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Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado

Post updated on 12/24/2021

Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul
Visiting the Hollywood Dream Cars, in Gramado (Rio Grande do Sul), is like reliving the golden years of American automobile history. The museum, which opened in 1997, brings together classics that were coveted by Hollywood stars, as well as having been part of the dreams of many people between the 20s and 60s.

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On Avenida das Hortênsias, Hollywood is divided into two floors, totaling an area of ​​1,000 square meters. On the main floor, cars from the 50’s and 60’s are on display. On the lower floor are the oldest cars.

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Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado
Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado


The visit to the museum doesn’t take long, but it’s really worth it.

Inside there are the most beautiful and preserved old cars we’ve ever seen.

Among the models is this Ford Victoria convertible, from 1956, the only example in Brazil.

Gramado (RS) - Hollywood Dream Cars
Ford Victoria convertible – Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado

rare cars

In addition to being rare, some models were the favorites of famous Hollywood personalities, such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

Elvis, for example, owned a Cadillac Rabo de Peixe, which is also on display at the museum.

But, in addition to this, those who visit the Hollywood Dream Cars will also be able to see and “drool” on classics such as:

1 – Lincoln Continental, 1965 (one of these was used in the movie “Requiem for Laura Martins”).

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Gramado (RS) - Hollywood Dream Cars
Lincoln Continental – Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado

2 – Lincoln Continental Club Coupe, 1946 (used by All Capone). We found that, of this model, only 446 units were produced.

In Brazil there are only 12 of them and one is the one found in the Hollywood Dream Car.

Gramado (RS) - Hollywood Dream Cars
Lincoln Continental Club Coupe, 1946 – Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado
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It also has a Ford F, 1948, convertible, which belonged for 20 years to the same family that never used it. One Jaguar Mark V, 1949. Pontiac1951. And a Cadillac 1960 DelVile.

To complete, a thunderbird1957. A Rolls Royce (the one in the photo that opens this post); AND also some Harley-Deividson with 1200 cc, which is a show.

Thunderbird, 1957 -Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado
Thunderbird, 1957 -Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado
Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado
Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado

One of the things that caught our attention, in addition to seeing so many beautiful, classic and rare cars up close, is the state of conservation of the cars.

Everyone was glowing and looked as if they had just left the factory.

Gramado (RS) - Hollywood Dream Cars
Relics of Hollywood Dream Cars in Gramado

Personalized photos at Hollywood Dream Cars Gramado

It is certainly an unmissable place, especially for collectors or lovers of these relics that are part of the history of the automobile in the world.

And if you are one of them, you can also take the opportunity to register the moment, since it is possible to characterize yourself according to the season to make a custom photo.

How about sunglasses, a polka-dot neck scarf or head scarf for the women and an Elvis Presley-style leather jacket for the men?

Now imagine the wind blowing in your face, your hair flying, as you drive a beautiful red convertible along the most famous American roads… Traveled, huh!

Well, the wind and American roads are not available there at the Gramado automobile museum, but the photo in the convertible and the production, that you can do.

The amount is charged separately! I don’t remember how much it was in January 2016 because we didn’t take the picture, unfortunately.

Hollywood Dream Cars

It works: daily from 8 am to 6 pm
Address: Avenida das Hortênsias, 4151
Value: BRL 60 per person (People over 60 years old and children between 5 and 12 years old: BRL 30)
Telephone: +55 54 3286-4515

Dreamland Network

O Hollywood Dream Cars is part of a group that takes care of four other museums – Dreamland Wax Museum; Dinosaur Valley, in Canela; Harley Motor Show; and Super Cars.

The visit to any of these places can be done by purchasing the individual ticket or the passport for all attractions.

DReamland Rio Grande do Sul
Dreamland Network

D&D Seal MUndo Afora Rio Grande do Sul


The entries of the members of D&D Mundo Afora in the Hollywood Dream Cars were courtesies of Dreamland Network. Despite this, the information, opinions and evaluations reported here are entirely personal and reflect the real experiences lived by the members of the blogwhether positive or negative.

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