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How are travelers of each zodiac sign: characteristics and destination suggestions

I love astrology and esotericism in general. I was interested in the subject from a very early age and, although I don’t understand much, I started reading (and I read often) about signs, ascendants, moon and everything else. And since this is a travel blog, how about we talk about travelers of each sign?

With that in mind, I invited journalist and astrologer Luciana Caminha to list how each zodiac house prefers to travel. She talked about the characteristics and even included tips on destinations in Brazil and abroad that best suit each one. I went running to read mine and identify myself completely. Do you also identify?

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Travelers of every sign



They are ruled by Mars, love competition and adventure. Ideal places: where there are trails, climbing, abseiling, hang gliding, sky, even games, all this excites the Aryan, what really matters is to get away from the routine, exotic places that have a challenging culture.

Abroad: Peru (Machu Picchu), Africa (safari), Australia, Indonesia, Las Vegas (USA).

In Brazil: Mato Grosso do Sul, Itatiaia (RJ), Amazon, Chapada Diamantina (BA).



They are ruled by Venus, love comfort, beauty, good restaurants and good hotels. Ideal places: those that combine beauty and comfort: wineries, fully equipped chalets in the mountains, cruises. No camping, unless it’s in a Middle Eastern Sultan’s Tent.

Abroad: France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Chile and Argentina (places where you have good food and good accommodation…lol).

In Brazil: Gramado (RS), Caxias do Sul (RS), Campos do Jordão (SP), Maringá-Visconde de Mauá (RJ).



They are ruled by Mercury, they love places that sharpen their intelligence, these places can be quite eclectic, due to the duality of Gemini. Ideal places: those with museums, pyramids, trails, walks, casinos.

Abroad: Chile, Argentina, Egypt, Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Las Vegas (USA), Japan and Europe in general, due to the great profusion of history and culture.

In Brazil: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Olinda, Itatiaia (RJ), Petrópolis (RJ).



They are ruled by the Moon, they are sensitive and emotional, they capture the energy of places and people. Ideal places: in contact with nature, especially wilder beaches, or waterfalls.

Abroad: Hawaii (USA), BoraBora (Island in French Polynesia), Mauritius Islands (Africa), Jamaica, Patagonia (Argentina).

In Brazil: Camboinhas (Niterói-RJ) Canoa Quebrada (CE), Trancoso (BA), Abrolhos (BA), Jalapão (TO).



They are ruled by the sun, love to show off, enjoy coastal places. They don’t like resorts, confinement. Ideal places: the hottest, trendy ones.

Abroad: New York, California and Miami (USA), Ibiza (Spain), Paris (France), Punta del Este (Uruguay).

In Brazil: Búzios (RJ), Ipanema Beach at Carnival (RJ), Guarujá (SP), Campos do Jordão (SP), Trancoso at Carnival (BA).



They are governed by mercury, are very organized and enjoy organizing everything more than the trip itself (lol). They love scripts, they keep them all. Ideal places: organized, clean and working well.

Abroad: Switzerland, England, Egypt, Germany.

In Brazil: Brasília (DF), Blumenau (SC), Curitiba (PR).



They are ruled by Venus, like Taurus, but are more refined, romantic and diplomatic. Ideal places: beautiful, clean and romantic.

Abroad: Paris (France), Venice and Florence (Italy), Switzerland, Santiago (Chile), Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In Brazil: Gramado (RS), Foz de Iguaçu (PR), Campos do Jordão (SP), Blumenau (SC), Cruises in general.



They are ruled by Pluto and Mars: they like the exotic, the exuberant. Ideal places: mysterious, exotic, sensory experiences are welcome: smells, colors, flavors.

Abroad: Morocco (Africa), Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Cartagena (Colombia), Haiti (Caribbean).

In Brazil: Lençóis Maranhenses (MA), Iguaçu Falls (PR), Bonito (MS).



They are ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius are optimistic, cheerful, outgoing. Ideal places: modern, jovial, competitive, and games.

Abroad: United States (California, Disney-Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles) and Ibiza (Spain).

In Brazil: Salvador (BA), Olinda (PE), Rio de Janeiro and Búzios (RJ), Ubatuba (SP), Florianópolis (SC).



They are ruled by Saturn, they like to organize trips, they are forewarned, but without frills. Ideal Places: Historic and ancient, these natives value local arts and crafts.

Abroad: European continent, India, Egypt, Israel, Russia.

In Brazil: Salvador (BA), Ouro Preto (MG), Maranhão, Paraty (RJ).



They are ruled by Uranus and Saturn. They like to break patterns, innovate. Ideal Places: Strange or futuristic destinations may please these natives, while the moonwalk does not leave, a good place would be to visit NASA.

Abroad: Easter Island, Epcot Center (United States), Dubai, Iceland.

In Brazil: Planetariums in any city, Lençóis Maranhenses (MA), Chapada Diamantina (BA).



They are ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. They are dreamers, sensitive, romantic, they need nature close by. Ideal places: quiet and romantic destinations appeal to these natives, due to their sensitivity, especially if they are away from the crowds, outside of holidays. And also spiritual places, like Tibet.

Abroad: Florence (Italy), Geneva (Switzerland), Holland, Bora-Bora (French Polynesia).

In Brazil: Gramado (RS), Ilha Grande (RJ), Lumiar (RJ), Fernando de Noronha (PE).


If you want to contact Lu directly for a more detailed analysis and/or predictions of your sign, I leave here the link to her Facebook, email and phone: [email protected] (21) 99755-9032.

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