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How is it and how to get there

A true paradise hidden among the hustle and bustle of the neighboring beaches. It is as simple as that we can define the Pitangueiras Beach in Sao Sebastiaoin Sao Paulo.

different from another beach of the same namebut which is located on the south coast and brings together many tourists and hotels in Guarujathis one is very quiet, a refuge just under 4km from the Center of “Saint Seba”as it is affectionately called by the locals.

Discover Pitangueiras Beach in São Sebastião

This small beach is surrounded by well-preserved Atlantic Forest, which guarantees shade practically all day. Praia das Pitangueiras is facing the Beautiful island and in the São Sebastião channel, which guarantees very calm waters.

Despite the calm and clean sea, it is necessary to be careful with the children, as this is another of the calls “tumbling beaches” from the coast of São Paulo. This means that when entering the water, the depth increases rapidly.

We also notice this in Tap Tap Bigwhich was the beach where we were staying.

Calm sea, but the beach is toppled
The sea is calm, but the beach is toppled

if you like to do snorkel this is also a good option, since there are very few waves and the water is usually very clear.

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The beach, structure and parking

This is a very short beach, only about 250 meters long. The strip of sand is also small, which ensures that you can stay close to the sea and still enjoy the shadows of the trees.

Beach with trees, shade and views of Ilhabela
View to Ilhabela

On the day of our visit, on a sunny Friday in November, there were very few people around, despite being so close to the always busy ferry to Ilhabela and the famous beaches of guaecá and Barequeçaba.

Even with low movement, there was a small cart that sold drinks and some snackslike pastries.

As the structure is small, it is worth bringing your beach chair or at least a canga if you want to spend the day at Praia das Pitangueiras in São Sebastião.

In the left corner is one of the places we like the most. There are some easy-to-access stones that guarantee a beautiful view of the beach from above.

View from above of the stones of Praia das Pitangueiras in São Sebastião

As we will discuss below, there is a small free parking on site. So, if the beach isn’t crowded, you shouldn’t have any problems. From there it is a short walk of about less than five minutes to reach the beach.

How to get to Praia das Pitangueiras in São Sebastião

if you put in Google Maps, Waze or another app with GPS you won’t have trouble getting here, but it’s important to pay attention to other things, like where the beach entrance is.

Access is on the Rio-Santos highwaybut in dangerous stretch and with a very sharp curve. It’s good to stay alert and, if necessary, make a U-turn further ahead to avoid crossing the road. the good thing is that there is signage.

Due to the somewhat complicated access, many people asked us if there was parking at Praia das Pitangueiras in São Sebastião. The good news is that it does. It’s not very big, but the setback makes it easy to get off the road quickly and offers a quiet place to park your car.

Perhaps this is another positive point. As the parking lot is not very big, the beach ends up not filling up much, as it is difficult to park in other nearby places.

Because of this, if you can, avoid summer weekends or long holidays.

After leaving the car, you will have to walk along a dirt road for less than five minutes until you reach the beach. I found the trail small and very easy, always straight, which is easy for those who bring chairs or have children, for example.

Where to stay in Sao Sebastiao

As I said, there are few but great houses and inns in Toque Toque Grande, which has great houses and some inns. But all along the coast San Sebastian there are also many options for all tastes.

In Praia das Pitangueiras you will find a few houses, like the one that is close to the sea.

But you can consult other hotels and inns in the cityincluding vacation homes in nearby locations, such as the downtownat Barequeçaba beach or in Guaecá beach.

important tips

  • Don’t forget to bring repellent, as this region is well known for the dreaded blackflies. I don’t go without for nothing;
  • If your visit is during the week, bring at least water so you don’t have the luck of finding a seller;
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen;
  • As there is a lot of shade, the umbrella is not necessary, which helps to bring less stuff;
  • Always pay attention to children in the water. Because she is calm, she can deceive and they don’t realize that they are sinking quickly when they enter the sea.
  • Be very careful when accessing the parking lot, as it is a dangerous stretch of highway.
Pitangueiras Beach in Sao Sebastiao

Pitangueiras Beach: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the beach?

Praia das Pitangueiras is located about 4km from São Sebastião, on the Rio-Santos highway towards Maresias. It is very close to the USP Marine Biology Center.

How to get?

It is best to go by car, as access is a bit complicated. If you try to go by public transport, you will have to walk along the side of the road and this region is quite dangerous.

Do you have parking?

Yes, it is free, but not very big. If it’s a holiday or summer weekend, try to arrive early to secure your spot. From there to the beach it is less than a five-minute walk on a pleasant road.

Do you have inns or hotels?

On the beach itself you will not find inns, but there are some houses. You can look for neighboring beaches, such as Barequeçaba, Guaecá or in São Sebastião. In the topic above I talked about tips on where to stay.

When to go? What’s the best time?

The North Coast of São Paulo is kind of complicated. Summer is hot, but more rainy. Winter is drier, but a cold front can derail plans to go to the beach. So instead of thinking about the weather, I think it’s worth thinking about the crowding and I would avoid weekends and holidays, especially in spring and summer.

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Did you like the tips? If you want to discover another paradise beach not far away, be sure to visit Calhetas Beachwhich is between Tap Tap Large and Tap Tap Small.

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