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How many wines can I bring from Argentina? limits and tips

be a trip to Buenos Aires, Mendoza or any other city in the country, it’s hard to resist the temptation of low prices. But how many wines can i bring from argentina? What are the Limits both in hand baggage, dispatched or even to go through customs?

In this post we give you all the tips on how many wines you can take from Argentina to Brazil without having problems with the airline, airport security or even the limits of the Brazilian Federal Revenue Service.

And more: are you afraid of breaking your bottles? Know that it is possible to bring it in your hand luggage, along with you inside the cabin of the plane.


The much lower prices and the large number of wineries are a great attraction for those who like wines or even want to bring them to Brazil to present someone. I myself, who don’t usually buy this product on trips, ended up bringing some wines and sparkling wines on my last trip to the country.

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And then the question arose about the number of bottles and whether it was possible to take it in hand luggage. So I went after the information with airlines, customs and even the security department at the airport of Ezeiza to give you all the tips so you don’t have problems.


To leave Argentina, there is no limit for the tourist. The question is even when entering Brazil. According to the Federal Revenue, Brazilians who return to the country can bring with them maximum 12 liters of alcoholic beverages, whether traveling by plane, ship or land. But as there are 12 liters and each bottle of wine is normally 750ml, in total the limit would be 16 bottles to avoid paying customs fees.

Speaking of fee, it is worth mentioning that there is a limit on the value of the products. In order not to pay taxes, the sum of all your purchases abroad cannot exceed $500 whether you travel by air or sea. If your return to Brazil is via lake or land, the limit is $300. So it’s worth bringing the notes and receipts together so you don’t have problems.

Just to remind you, these limits are not just for wines, but for everything you buy during your trip. There is a project that this limit will rise to $1000 in the coming months. If it actually takes effect, this post will be updated.

Summing up the question of how many wines can I bring from Argentina: Up to 16 bottles (12 liters) not exceeding US$500 or US$300, depending on the type of trip. Of course, you can bring more, but you run the risk of being taxed when you disembark. To learn more, visit the Revenue website.


Whether for fear of the bottles breaking or even being lost, there are those who want to bring wines in their hand luggage, on board the plane. The good news is that airlines usually allow this practice on flights from Argentina to Brazil. O same happens in chile. That is, in this case, liquids with more than 100ml can be used.

It is possible to bring wines from Argentina in your hand luggage (Photo: Pixabay)

I spoke with security at Ezeiza airport in Buenos Aires and they allow passengers to board with up to six bottles of wine. But it’s always good to check with the company you’re flying with if they impose any limits, including the weight of your luggage. So, as soon as you land in the country, look for an employee of the company to make sure and not have problems when you return to the airport on the day you leave.

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In the carry-on, bottles do not need to have any special protection. But it is always good, for the tranquility of the flight and also for the “life” of your wines, that you at least wrap the bottles in some newspaper or even in pieces of clothing. This avoids further headaches.


I usually carry drinks in my checked bag. I’ve never had any problems (phew!). what i do is wrap the bottles in garments. This time I came back with six bottles in my luggage and they all arrived in one piece. It’s also worth use bubble wrap or newspaper to protect them.

But I made the mistake of telling the attendant at the check in that my suitcase was fragile, that there were bottles of wine inside. Well, she returned my luggage to me and said I had two options: either wrap it in those expensive plastic wraps at the airport or remove the drinks and take it with me on board.

So, if you don’t care about the risk of shipping your wines, don’t do it like I did. Another safer solution are those cases or specific bags for transporting drinks, which are padded inside.

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Do you have any other questions about how many wines I can bring from Argentina? Leave your comment and I’ll do my best to help!

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