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How much did my first trip to Germany cost?

How much did my first trip to Germany cost? In October 2015, I took a 15-day trip through Europe, passing through Germany, Bosnia and one night in Portugal. As many people asked me about the expenses I had in Germany, I decided to write this post to detail how much the trip cost, mistakes and successes and what I could save.

The trip started in Berlin, passed through Frankfurt and ended up in Munich, where I made a day trip to Nuremberg and Dachau.

Heads up: This post contains values ​​referring to October 2015 and all of them have already suffered exchange variation.

How much did my first trip to Germany cost?

How much did my first trip to Germany cost?

Airline tickets

I bought the São Paulo x Berlin and Munich x São Paulo sections all on TAP, with a connection in Lisbon. The journey from Munich to Sarajevo (round trip) was paid for by the Bosnia and Herzegovina tourist agency, as this part of the trip was by invitation.

After months of researching daily, I bought the tickets on TAP for BRL 2,369.00 with the boarding fees, which I considered a good price for these 4 segments.

train tickets

The tickets I bought on the Deutshe Bahn website, it was cheaper than the Raileurope website, there is a post on the blog explaining how to buy tickets. I did the trips from Berlin to Frankfurt on ICE and I paid BRL 242.00 in the direct section, without connections.

On the sections between Frankfurt and Munich, I also bought on the Deutsche Bahn website and paid BRL 150.00 the snippet.

The trip from Munich to Nuremberg I used regional trains and paid the equivalent of BRL 80.00 round trip tickets, I bought the tickets directly at the central train station in Munich. The section from Munich to Dachau, as the train there is a metro, I used the same daily U-Bahn and S-Bahn (underground and train) ticket from Munich and it cost the equivalent of BRL 38.00 and this amount entered as a daily expense in my budget.


In Berlin I stayed at the Meininguer Hotel, next to the Berlin Hauptbanhof, the central train station and about 500 meters from the Brandenburg Gate. For the 5 nights, I paid BRL 1,000.00 when I made the reservation, but due to the exchange rate variation + IOF, when the invoice was closed, the account was in BRL 1,195.00which gave BRL 239.00 per daily.

Despite being a good hotel, with a great location, since I was going to and from Berlin via the Hauptbanhof, I saw hostels in the surrounding area for BRL 120.00 the daily rate, but on this trip I wanted a little more comfort.

In Frankfurt I stayed at the Star Inn Hotel Frankfurt Centrum and once again I had a loss with the rise in the dollar, but the damage was less, I paid BRL 630.00 for 3 nights, which gave BRL 210.00 per night, a good value for the excellent hotel. In Frankfurt there were really nice hostels with daily rates for less than BRL 100.00.

In Munich I stayed in a hostel, but when I made the reservation there were only single rooms available, so it ended up being a little expensive, I paid BRL 976.00 for 5 nights, which gave a value of BRL 195.20 per night.

Travel insurance

I did it for Sulamérica, at the time with a discount coupon I paid BRL 262.00 for 15 days coverage. Remembering that in Europe travel insurance is mandatory, even if immigration does not ask you to.


I made an exchange 480.00 euros, at the time I paid BRL 2,284.00 for that value. I remember that a few days before the trip, both the Dollar and the Euro were frighteningly expensive. That 480.00 euros was to pay for public transport, food, tours and some trinkets like my beloved fridge magnets and an 18 euros coat that I bought at Primark in Berlin as it was freezing. It was a total of 40 euros a day.

And so? Was it enough? It was on the edge. I confess that I arrived in Brazil with a few cents in my pocket, but I didn’t need to use my credit card at all, which was wonderful.

Many tours I did on foot, as they did not need to use public transport precisely because everything was very close. I left to visit some museums on days when visitation was not charged and I abused the free attractions.

I ate street food, not every day, but I also bought a lot of things in grocery stores to eat at the hotel and that represented a super savings. When I ate in restaurants, I avoided the very touristy ones and that always represented a good economy.

How much did my first trip to Germany cost?

trip total
Airfare: BRL 2,369.00
Train tickets: BRL 472.00
Hotels: BRL 2,801.00
Travel insurance: BRL 262.00
Exchange: 2,284.00

Grand total of how much my first trip to Germany cost: BRL 8,188.00 for 12 days in Germany

Could it improve?

Yes, if I had stayed in cheaper hostels, the travel costs would look like this:

Airfare: BRL 2,369.00
Train tickets: BRL 472.00
Hotels: BRL 1,450.00
Travel insurance: BRL 262.00
Exchange: 2,284.00
Grand total: BRL 6,837.00. A super savings of BRL 1,351.00.

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Choosing a good location to stay is an essential point to ensure a good experience in any city. Want more hosting tips? Check out our post with all the tips.

Some tips:

As I would arrive in Berlin and also depart from this station, I stayed at the Meininger Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof, next to the station and close to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. The room was not very big, but it was super comfortable, with a good bathroom and an excellent breakfast.

In the same region, there are other good hotels that I know and recommend. And they are all very well located:

Melia Berlin
Art Luise Kunsthotel
Hotel Augustinenhof

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Other nice neighborhoods that have cheaper hotels are Prenzauler Berg (see list of hotels here) and Charlottenburg (see hotel list here). Prenzauler Berg has many bars, restaurants and easy access to the metro, as does Charllottenburg.

Both are not far from tourist areas and have cheaper accommodation options.

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