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How much does it cost to travel to Búzios: Prices and Main Expenses

How much does a guest house in Buzios cost?What is the value of tours, restaurants and other expenses?How to get?In this article, we’ll list everything you need to know and how much it costs to travel to Búzios, Rio de Janeiro.

For those who don’t know, the city of Armação dos Búzios is located on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro. Janeiro, in the Lagos Region.Very close to Búzios are other famous beach destinations, such as Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio.

But after all, is it too expensive to travel to Búzios, one of the most sophisticated and popular beaches on the Brazilian coast? ?

In this article you will find prices for hotels, restaurants, buses, tours and transport in Búzios.

How Much Does a Trip to Búzios Cost

Check prices for hotels, inns, tours and restaurants in Búzios

Quanto Custa uma Viagem para Búzios

First of all, It’s nice to hear about our travel style.

We like to travel well and choose charming hotels with great value for money, but at the same time we like to save money on travel.So we always look for that middle ground, looking for comfort but without spending too much.

To do this, you need to make some formulas to guarantee some travel treats, and at the same time not come back broken from the trip.

We usually adopt the alternation between the most expensive and others very cheap during the trip.We save in some points, to spend in others.Check out how we did it during this trip to Buzios.

1 – Lodging Expenses

Luxury Hotel

Quanto Custa Viajar para Búzios: Preços e Principais GastosQuanto Custa Viajar para Búzios: Preços e Principais Gastos
Movie hotels can significantly increase your budget for a trip to Buzios

You want to stay in a luxury hotel, but without spending the entire budget?Instead of staying every day in a luxury hotel, we usually divide our accommodation in two inns.

Vila da Santa Hotel Boutique is a stylish option, inspired by the Mediterranean.As soon as you enter the hotel, it feels like you are entering a small village on the European coast.

Quanto Custa Viajar para Búzios: Preços e Principais GastosQuanto Custa Viajar para Búzios: Preços e Principais Gastos
Pool and indoor area of ​​Vila da Santa Hotel Boutique

Inspiration is not occasional.The owner couple collect a series of objects brought back from their travels in France and Italy.

The hotel has two swimming pools (one heated), a spa, spacious suites and direct access to Praia dos Ossos.On the beach there is a beach structure and equipment for water sports such as stand up paddle and kayak.

  • Daily Value: from BRL 800.00 (ref. Oct/2021)

[+] Click here to consult prices and availability

Hotel Boutique – Intermediate Option

Quanto Custa Viajar para Búzios: Preços e Principais GastosQuanto Custa Viajar para Búzios: Preços e Principais Gastos
Hotel Pedra da Laguna is part of the Tours de Charme and is a cozy option with intermediate prices in Búzios

Despite not having a view of the sea, Pedra da Laguna Boutique Hotel & SPA has two wonderful pools and several environments cinematic.It’s one of those perfect options for those who want privacy and charming environments.

One of the highlights is the architectural project, which built unique environments perfect for relaxing or even for a beautiful wedding or moon photo shoot. de mel.

The hotel is part of the Roteiros de Charme Hotel Association, which brings together 70 hotels, inns and ecological refuges with strict quality criteria.And of course, that provide unforgettable experiences to their guests.Pedra da Laguna has great accommodations, SPA service and excellent breakfast.

The only negative point is that Pedra da Laguna is located in a somewhat isolated place, so it is necessary to have a car to get around the city better.

  • Rate Rate: from BRL 600.00

Pousada Barata

Quanto Custa Viajar para Búzios: Preços e Principais GastosQuanto Custa Viajar para Búzios: Preços e Principais Gastos

After staying two nights in a luxury hotel or inn, if you want to save money, the tip is to migrate to a more cheap, without losing quality.

The Lulu Pousada, for example, can cost more than half the price of the more expensive hotels, even when traveling in high season.

  • Rate Rate: from BRL 90.00

[+] Click here to check prices and availability

2 – Food expenses

Quanto Custa uma Viagem para BúziosQuanto Custa uma Viagem para Búzios

After expenses with accommodation, eating is expensive in Búzios, especially in high season.

The average meal in the best restaurants does not cost less than R$50.00 per person.And it’s no use asking if the dish is enough for two people, because most of the time it’s not.

The Porto da Barra restaurant complex has very high prices, any time of year.But it also has great restaurants, with a variety of cuisines.

Quanto Custa uma Viagem para BúziosQuanto Custa uma Viagem para Búzios
The Porto da Barra gastronomic complex also has great restaurants in Búzios, but the prices can be higher than at Rua das Pedras

Cheap Restaurants and Fast Foods

To save money, avoid Orla Bardot, Rua das Pedras or its parallel street, Rua Manoel T.

One of our favorite options is Kitie Bistro.It is located in a side street of Rua das Pedras, in front of the Assembly of God Church.

The restaurant is very simple, with tables on the sidewalk.But the big difference is the prices.Dishes for about R$25.00, such as fish fillet or chicken fillet, with side dishes.

Another good value for money option is Mata Hari, located on Praia da Armação.The restaurant has promotional dishes for around R$65.00 for two people, such as breaded fish.

In the downtown streets, walking a little further from the beach, you will find bakeries, restaurants per kilo, supermarkets and other more affordable options.Another option is also to appeal to fast food.Chains such as Subway (our favorite), Bob’s and McDonald’s can be found at the mall at the end of Rua das Pedras.

Unmissable Restaurant Tip

Quanto Custa uma Viagem para BúziosQuanto Custa uma Viagem para Búzios

But the best thing is to enjoy the excellent choice of restaurants in Búzios, one better than the other.We know only a small portion of them, but we really like the ones we check out.

One of the last restaurants that we found excellent is Restaurante La Gare, which is located inside the Vila da Santa Hotel, but is also open to non-guests.

The atmosphere is incredible and is among the best rated on TripAdvisor.

From Wednesday, the restaurant will also have a live music program, with guitar or saxophone performances.Quiet music that matches the romantic atmosphere of the place, no fuss.

The menu is short and the options are almost all based on seafood, such as the House Fish of the Day with Caiçara Sauce (R$88.00) or the Presidential Gnocchi with prawns, pomodoro and gorgonzola cheese (R$88.00).

Restaurant Prices

It is possible to estimate an average expenditure of R$100.00 per day and per person with meals.Including a meal at a more expensive restaurant and another meal at a cheaper price.

This expense will vary according to your preferences for restaurants and food.

A tip for those who like to eat well and still save money is to participate in the Gastronomic Festival de Búzios, which takes place in the month of July.There are several restaurants with promotional prices of R$ 22.00 (ref. July/2019).Some special desserts and starters also get super special prices.

3 – Tour Expenses

Quanto Custa uma Viagem para BúziosQuanto Custa uma Viagem para Búzios
The buggy tour is one of the options in Búzios

This is the best part of Búzios.

There is a lot to do in Búzios without spending much.For those who want to drink or eat on the beaches, at least in high season, be prepared.

Búzios by car: parking expenses

For those who are driving, Circulating is even better.Despite the traffic, it is still the best option for getting around.

It is important to consider the cost of public parking in Búzios, operated by Búzios Summer Parking.You can put credits on the internet (on the website or app) or buy cards directly with monitors that circulate through the streets of Búzios.They are everywhere, to sell tickets or to penalize vehicles that haven’t bought tickets.The fee is R$ 3.50 for a period of 1 hour.

Another option is to use the van service, since for some beaches (such as Geribá, for example) the taxi boat does not arrive.The ride costs R$2.50 per person and the vans pass quite frequently.

Quanto Custa uma Viagem para BúziosQuanto Custa uma Viagem para Búzios
The Orla Bardot is one of the must-see tours in Búzios and completely free of charge

But if you want a tour, you won’t be disappointed either.Among the options are the schooner ride (R$ 60.00), the trolley and the buggy ride (R$ 60.00).We took the buggy ride and thought it was really worth it, especially for the information provided by the driver.

  • For this item, consider about R$100.00 for the total rides and /or parking expenses in Búzios.

Stay tuned

Today, many articles on the internet are impersonal .The authors did not actually make the trip and work with content inspired by other sites rather than their own experiences.

Would you get travel tips from someone who hasn’t taken this trip?

Give credit to authorial work.All Viagens Cine articles are based on real experiences and on places we actually visit.The photos and videos are our own.

4 – Transport Expenses

How to get to Búzios

  • From the airport in Rio (Galeão), there is a shuttle from Viação 1001 that goes directly to Búzios.The regular bus from Rodoviária Novo Rio costs around R$60.00.
  • For those departing from São Paulo, the ticket price, also on the 1001, is around R$200.00.
  • For those traveling by car, consider spending around BRL 100.00 on tolls from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and another BRL 200.00 on fuel, each way (BRL 600, 00 round trip, ref. September/2021).

5 – Final Travel Budget

On balance, this trip can be expensive or cheaper, depending on the your options.

Those traveling in high season have higher expenses, especially with accommodation, food and beverages.

Food expenses can also vary greatly.A meal can cost from R$20.00 (in more economical restaurants, but with well-served dishes) to R$100.00 (in the most popular restaurants, especially on Rua das Pedras, Orla Bardot or Porto da Barra).

In other words, contrary to what one might imagine, Búzios is a charming destination that can also become an economical trip, as long as the traveler escapes the high season.As the city has a wide range of accommodation and restaurants, expenses can vary greatly.

The final estimated value is for a period of 4 days, which we consider a good travel time to take advantage of. well a trip to Búzios.

Travel by car from São Paulo R$ 300.00 (round trip, divided between two people)
Accommodation expenses R$ 50.00 (daily per person in a double room) BRL 300.00 (daily per person in a double room)
Food expenses R$50.00 per day R$100.00 per day
Expenses with Tours R$ 20.00 per day R$ 80.00 per day
BUDGET PER DAY R$ 120.00 per day R$ 480.00 per day
FINAL AMOUNT (4 days) R$ 780.00 R $ 2,220.00

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