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How Much Does It Cost to Travel to Croatia and How to Save?

Croatia is one of the fastest growing countries in Europe when it comes to tourism.The country offers historic cities, beaches and good prices, a combination that Brazilians like.But do you know how much it costs to travel to Croatia?

One factor that determines the cost of travel is when you choose to take a vacation.The Croatian coast becomes much more expensive in July and August, with accommodation prices weighing on the budget.

As we said in the post when traveling to Croatia, it is best to opt for the May, June, September or early October which are still warm and prices are more reasonable.The closer to July and August, the more expensive your vacation will be.

Choosing the season wisely is the best way to save, even the expenses for traveling to Croatia shown below are outside of July and August.

How much does it cost to travel to Croatia?

How much does an air ticket to Croatia cost?

Quanto Custa Viajar para Croácia e Como Economizar?
Zadar tower view from the church

There are no direct flights from Brazil to Croatia.The cheapest alternative is to get a promotion to nearby countries, like France and Germany, mainly.

Promotions in high dollar seasons are R$2000 (round trip) to these countries.From Central Europe it is totally possible to find flights for BRL 300 each way to Zagreb, which is the capital.

Flights to Zadar are usually good value from several cities in Europe, because of Ryanair and therefore , can be an alternative to get to Croatia spending less.

Summing up: airfare will be at least R$2600 per person, round trip, to a Croatian city, passing through an air hub in Europe.Please note that these are promotional prices.

Cost of hotels in Croatia

Ilha de Hvar, uma das mais importantes do paísIlha de Hvar, uma das mais importantes do país
Island of Hvar, one of the most important in the country

Croatia has a very varied hotel chain, but with few large hotels or international hotels, at least for now.

In the more touristy cities, there are a good number of apartments and studios offered by residents.

We recommend searching Booking, because in addition to apartments, there are several budget inns.

For those looking to save money but looking to stay in a comfortable place, the hostels are worth it, especially those located in the residential neighborhoods around the historic centers.

In recent years, hostels have grown a lot in the country, including in terms of quality, since Croatia is a good destination for backpackers, as it is not an expensive country.

We have already reviewed many accommodations.s from several Croatian cities and it is totally possible to pay 50 € for the double room (two people) in a very good accommodation.If you book a few months in advance, it will pay off even more.

To get access to the best value for money hostels, inns and hotels, check out the posts with specific tips about the hotel chain of the cities in Croatiawe visited:

Summary: the cost of accommodation will be between 50-70 € for a private double room, depending on the type of hostel or hotel, or €10 for a bed in a shared dorm.Private room with shared bathroom costs between €25-30.

Food and restaurant expenses in Croatia

Quanto Custa Viajar para Croácia e Como Economizar?Quanto Custa Viajar para Croácia e Como Economizar?
The Old Town of Dubrovnik is surrounded by walls

From our experience in the country, food expenses are similar to those in Brazil, with a wide variety of restaurants.

Less tourist cities, such as Zadar , are even more economical to eat out.We even had gelato there every day because it was so cheap, costing around two euros.

To talk about food expenses in Croatia, we’ll use Dubrovnik as a base, which, being the most touristy, is also the most expensive.After all, in this case it is better to keep in mind higher costs than will be incurred.

In excellent restaurants, well located in the Historic Center, it is possible to order breakfast for less than €10.The most expensive salads cost between €10-12.

With less than €20 you can have options for dishes with fish and for just over €20 for dishes with beef.This is in very good restaurants in the country’s most touristy city.

Wine bottles (red and white) cost around €22, which is enough for up to 4 people.

Therefore, at a great restaurant in Dubrovnik, in the most expensive area of ​​the city, expect to spend €40 per person for a full meal, which could be a little less or more.

For simpler restaurants such as pizzerias, trattorias and hamburgers , prices are much lower, between €13 and €15 per person, including a non-alcoholic drink or beer, which is usually reasonably priced.

It is worth mentioning that Croatian beers, as well as wines, have great prices when bought in supermarkets.Enjoy!

Transport and travel expenses in Croatia

Quanto Custa Viajar para Croácia e Como Economizar?Quanto Custa Viajar para Croácia e Como Economizar?
Split is one of the largest cities in the country

For those traveling in a group, an economical way to travel around Croatia is to rent a car, which you can use for sightseeing, to visit more distant beaches and also to travel between cities.

No Rentcars, it is possible to find cars for less than €20 a day, and this comparison site has a good variety of vehicles and payment facilities.

For those traveling alone or who do not want to use the By car, it is quite common to use the buses, which connect several cities, as well as the ferries that connect the mainland to the islands of Croatia.

For example, the bus from Zagreb to Zadar costs €11 per almost 4 hours of travel.From Split to Dubrovnik, the bus ticket costs €16.

That’s why it’s worth to rent a car with Rentcarsto travel in a group, because you’ll be able to make a more flexible route and you will also save on transport costs.

How much do tours and attractions in Croatia cost?

Parque Nacional dos Lagos de PlitviceParque Nacional dos Lagos de Plitvice
Plitvice Lakes National Park

Making an accurate calculation of how much you will spend on Croatia’s tourist attractions is a difficult task, as it varies according to your itinerary and the places you want to visit.

For in our experience, historical and cultural attractions such as museums and ancient monuments are cost effective.

The highest expenditure on attractions is for boat trips to the islands and admission to visit national parks such as the National Park Plitvice Lakes.

Our recommendation is to read the articles on Zadar tourist attractions;about what to do in Split;about the main sights of Hvar;and on what to do in Dubrovnik.

This way, you’ll be able to make the personalized calculation, taking into account what you really want to visit in these cities.

Conclusion on How much does it cost to travel to Croatia

As we emphasized at the beginning of the article, the best strategy to save money when traveling to Croatia is to avoid the months of July and August.

If you travel in the hot months, but other than high season, your daily expenses in Croatia will be at least €75-85, staying in a private room.

In other words, you can stay in a private room, eat out a once a day, include some attractions and also include transport costs when you have a budget of less than 100per person per day.

If you are sharing a room with your partner, the cost in Croatia per day and per person is around €60.

For backpackers stayingIf you want to stay in hostels, you can spend less than €45 a day.

For travelers on a flexible budget, but without splurging, the cost to travel to Croatia per day is between €115-150 (per person) , depending on whether the double room will be shared with someone.

The cost of airfare or travel insurance to Croatia is not included in these calculations.

I can already say that it is not worth saving on insurance, because it is cheap compared to other expenses.

On the travel insurance comparator site, Seguros Promo, there are great policy options that cover all of Europe for less than R$20 per less than €3.

Get a quote on Seguros Promoor read our special article with everything you need to know about insurance in Croatiaand safety and risks of visiting this country.

What is Croatia’s currency?

We have already talked about the costs of holidays in Croatia, always quoted in Euro, which is the moststable in Europe.But do you know what Croatia’s currency is?

Croatia’s currency is the kuna (kn)and not the euro, which is divided into 100 lipas (cents).

There are 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kuna paper money (banknotes), although during the holidays we did not see higher denominations.

Metal coins the most common are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 25 kuna.

Currently, in 2022, 1 real buys 1.17 kuna, but when we traveled to the country, one real bought almost 2 kuna.This is due to the devaluation of the real against various currencies.

For holidays, it is best to bring US dollars or euros and always exchange them at a reliable exchange office.

Paying with Euros can be possible in some establishments, but the price will not be good.

As our trip was long, we also used the travel money card and took kunas directly from the ATM, ATM.

We hope that tips on how much it costs to travel to Croatia have been helpful!You can listen to the special episode of the Chat Travel Podcast about Croatiaand also read the various articles we have about the country in Trip to Croatia!

Have a nice trip!

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