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How much does it cost to travel to Natal, RN? Prices of Hotels, Tours and more

Natal is the gateway to discovering many natural beauties of Rio Grande do Norte, a small state in size, but huge in special places to visit. But do you know how much it costs to travel to Natal?

Happily, spending the holidays in Natal is possible for various budgetsas the city has a great offer of accommodation and there are restaurants for all budgets.

What weighs the most on the budget are the tours, but there are always ways to save money, as we will show you throughout this post.

We will also present our price estimates on how much a trip to Natal will cost for three budgets!

How much does it cost to travel to Natal, RN? Prices for hotels, attractions, tours, restaurants and transport

Buggy ride to the Genipabu Dunes with Natal in the background. Source: Wikimedia

Prices of hotels and B&Bs in Natal

As we made clear in the post “where to stay in christmas”, the best apartments, hotels and inns in Natal are located in Ponta Negra.

In the same way, it is there that the best restaurants in Natal are concentrated. So, it is best to stay in this neighborhood.

We have broken down hosting costs by budget. See how you can save, even more if you book your hotel in advance.

  • Backpacker: Expect to pay from R$35 for a bed in a shared dorm per day. The double room usually compensates more, as the daily rates start at R$70 (two travelers).
  • Economic: for those looking for cheap accommodation in Natal, there is the option of renting flats or staying in inns, spending between R$120 and R$150 per day (two travelers). In this price range, it is worth mentioning the Pousada Manga Rosa Beira Mar it’s the Apart Hotel Margherita.
  • Comfort: for travelers looking for total comfort in a highly praised hotel, as long as it is not too expensive, it is possible to pay a day for a double room from R$250. In this price range, the Best Western Premier Majestic Ponta Negra Beach.

Prices of attractions and tours in Natal

Natal has expensive tours, but there are ways to make them more economical. First, know that in Ponta Negra the main attractions are restaurants and shopping. So, there will be no significant expenses with attractions in the neighborhood.

The best tours group attractions on the north and south coastlocated in cities near the capital.

The most famous and unmissable tourist spot is to take the tour to the Genipabu Dunesin the municipality of Extremoz, north of the capital of Potiguar.

It is possible to go to the dunes by rented car and hire buggy drivers there (from R$180 per buggy), being an economical alternative, mainly for families.

However, the tour called “Litoral Norte”, which includes the Dunes of Genipabu, has other attractions that are worthwhile, such as the beaches and lagoons of Jacumã and Pitangui.

So, expect to spend R$230 per person to take the complete “Litoral Norte” tour, including the environmental tax in Genipabu, as well as the ferry for the buggy to cross the river.

In this value we do not include the cost of extra activities, such as zip lining in Lagoa de Jacumã and lunch.

Genipabu Beach. Source: flickr

You Parrachos de Maracajaú are the natural pools closest to Natal. You can also go to Maracajaú Beach (in Maxaranguape) and from there take the speedboats and catamarans, paying less than R$100 per person. However, you must book the boat in advance.

The most practical way is to hire the tour departing from Natal, but in this case expect to pay R$180 per person.

Know that the south coast of Rio Grande in the North is full of beautiful beaches and can be easily visited with a rental car. We even recommend using a car, because that way you can spend more time on your favorite beaches.

There are those who leave Natal and spend a day in Pipa, but we believe that this is not enough time for such a beautiful region with so many beaches. Both the tour to the south coast and the tour to Pipa with travel agencies start at R$70.

For those who have more time in the city, there is the option of visiting Parrachos de Perobas in Touros, with Caribbean-style waters, but shallow, something that tourists really like.

As it is a more distant tour, tours from Natal are expensive, around R$250 per person. If you want to know the Parrachos de Perobas, it is best to do the tour on your own.

Restaurant prices in Natal

Dishes from the Camarões Restaurant, one of the most famous in the city

The typical foods of Rio Grande do Norte are real tourist attractions in Natal and in the capital you will find the best restaurants in the state.

Of course, shrimp is the most famous ingredient, but there are great dishes with jerky and other foods widely used in local cuisine, such as green beans, cream and curd cheese.

Regarding prices, it is totally possible to find restaurants serving shrimp and fish dishes (plenty) for R$100 for two people. As for meat dishes, expect to spend around R$60 per person.

For snacks, the best options are tapiocas, which can have different fillings and are usually well served.

For restaurant suggestions, read our article on where to eat in christmas!

How much does it cost to travel in Natal?

Undoubtedly, renting a car in Natal makes traveling a lot easier, especially when leaving the airport, taking trips to the south coast and going to Maracajaú and Perobas.

On the car rental comparison site, rentcars expect to pay around R$120 a day in an economy car, but highly praised by other travelers. So, it’s a good and cheap vehicle.

If you don’t rent a car, expect to spend R$50 each way to Natal Airport using Uber. This value is well into account, as Natal Airport is 35 km away from Ponta Negra.

In addition, tours will be more expensive, especially Maracajaú and Perobas. In the case of small trips, Uber does the trick and is economical.

We recommend book the car on Rentcars and take advantage of promotions and discounts, especially for those traveling as a family and renting a car in advance.

How much does it cost to travel to Natal on three budgets

With the information we present in this article, you can estimate the cost of your vacation. But anyway, let’s present three budgets:

  • Backpacker: for backpackers traveling as a couple or in a group, renting private rooms in hostels (or budget inns) is more worthwhile than the beds in a shared dorm. What most influence spending are tours. So, expect to spend between R$180 and R$250 per day per person, depending on the type of room, but looking to save on all items of the trip.
  • Economic: for budget travelers it is worth renting a car and doing the tours, even more so for those traveling in a group. Either way, be prepared to spend between R$300 and R$390 per day per person, with all costs.
  • Comfortable: in the comfortable traveler profile, there are several tours, even the most expensive ones, rental car and going to many restaurants. So, expect to spend between R$480 and R$540 per day per person.

Of course, these figures are estimates, so you can plan a more economical vacation, even if you’re a comfort traveler. The main tips to save on Christmas are:

  • Read our article about where to stay in christmas in the accommodations that are worth it and book the hotel in advance;
  • Rent a car in Natal at a good price and highly rated by users rentcarsalways booking the vehicle weeks in advance;
  • Choose the complete tour only on the “North Coast” route, discovering the south coast independently and paying only for the speedboat or catamaran on the parrachos;
  • Give preference to dishes of local cuisine, which have good prices.

We hope that the tips on how much it costs to travel to Natal have been helpful in planning your vacation! Also read our essential article on when to travel to christmas!

Good trip!

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