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How much does it cost to travel to Seoul, is it cheap or expensive?

The Korean capital is without a doubt a cosmopolitan place, filled with a unique culture, palaces and buildings. If you plan to visit it but you have doubts like: ¿How much does it cost to travel to Seoul or where are the prices in Seoul?, this guide is for you, here you will find 6 essential points:

  1. Prices in Seoul from overnight stay.
  2. how to find cheap flights to Seoul.
  3. Prices in Seoul from attractions.
  4. How much does it cost to eat in Seoul.
  5. Prices in Seoul from transport.
  6. How much does it cost to travel to Seoul: Examples of daily assumption.

With this you can calculate and know how much it costs to travel to Seoul, let’s get started!.

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How much does it cost to travel to Seoul: Accommodation prices

Is staying in Seoul cheap?, in reality, yes, Seoul is a relatively cheap city when compared to other Asian capitals such as Tokyo or Beijing. Below you will find examples of prices in Seoul of hosts and hotels as a reference. However, recall, the price can change depending on the season and the anticipation of your reservation. (Click on each option or on the bottom image to see offers).

Prices on hostels in Seoul

Seoul hotel prices

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How much does it cost to travel to Seoul by plane?

One of the most frequent questions, don’t forget that It all depends on which city you travel, whether it’s high season or low season, whether you have a stopover, whether you travel on weekends or during the day. I recommend you to read the guide: «How to get cheap flights» giving click here or on the top image.

I recommend you to use skyscannermy favorite search engine because it shows offers from all airlines, promotions and is easy to use. Click here or on the top image to see the reports.

Prices in Seoul of museums, monuments and attractions

Seoul counts with the most beautiful and impressive imperial palaces in the whole country, without embargo, also account with some of the most modern and technological neighborhoods in the world. Next, you will find examples of the places that you should consider in the calculation of «How much time to travel to Seoul». Finally, click on each option to buy tickets and see details.

A good idea is to buy it Seoul Pass, includes prepaid access to 30 of the city’s best attractions. In addition, you will save a lot of time, you can wait in line to buy tickets, but on all money, you can pay between 10% and 30% less from normal price. you can buy it here:

How much does public transport cost in Seoul?

Seoul is a modern city and the height of any great capital of the world, regarding transportation, find with metro, buses and high-speed trains that connect it with the whole country. Next you will find the prices of the main transport.

  • Train from Seoul to Busan: +50USD
  • Metro Seoul base fare: 1USD
  • Seoul bus base fare: +0.8USD
  • Turibus: 10 USD
  • Finally, them bike tours: 45 USD, including guide, security equipment and bicycle

How much does it cost to eat in Seoul?

El kimchi es el rey de Seoul, in all Korea, here all has Kimchi, ALL. Also, there are many restaurants with international cuisine. Next, you will find the main options to feed yourself.

Prices in Seoul of food in supermarkets and mini super: 4 to 8USD

If what you’re looking for is ahorrar, then the supermarkets will be your best allies, all cheaper from water to prepared food. Of course, you can buy food for several days and save a lot.

How much to eat in Seoul at local restaurants and cafes: 8 to 30USD

If what you are looking for is classic food, look for local restaurants. In South Korea there are plenty of cafes, coffee and pastries. For example, it is the country with the most Starbucks in the world.

How much to eat in Seoul at luxury or Gourmet restaurants: +30USD

But expensive with respect to the previous ones, almost all are located in the vicinity of the Plazas and main avenues. If you have the opportunity to visit them and enjoy the experience.

TIP: Remember that this restaurant is among the most remote from the tourist areas, it will be cheaper and more typical.

How much does it cost to travel to Seoul: Examples of daily assumption

Next, you will find 3 examples of assumptions per day spent on a trip to Seoul, Korea, so that you can better orient yourself:

Extra What to do in Seoul?

Now that you know how much you want to travel to Seoul, you can plan your trip and budget. I recommend you visit it for at least 3 days so that you can visit its most important points. Next, you will find detailed guides to help you plan your trip.

How much does it cost to travel to Korea
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