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How to choose the best and discounts

Ireland is a country much desired by young Brazilians. Those who will study there for more than 90 days are required to take out government insurance. when talking about Ireland travel insurance for tourists, the scheme is different.

But is travel insurance for Ireland mandatory? How much? How to choose the best? We will answer all the questions in this article.

Is international travel insurance to Ireland mandatory?

St. Patrick’s Church

Travel insurance to Ireland for tourists (less than 90 days) is not mandatory by law, but we will show you why it is very important to take out a good policy.

The first reason to be insured is the fact that tourists who go to Ireland also tend to visit other countries of the European Union and there the traveler only enters with insurance (specifically, in the signatory countries of the Schengen Area).

Brazilians are required to be covered by insurance before going to the European Union’s Schengen Areaspecifically a policy with a minimum medical coverage of €30,000 or $50,000 (US dollars).

Another reason to have good travel insurance for Ireland comes from the very high medical costs in the country, especially in the case of hospitalization and medical return to Brazil.

Our experience in more than 30 countries (all with insurance) shows that you cannot leave Brazil without having hired a good plan. Prevention is better than cure, especially when the doctor’s bill is in euros!

In addition, today there are good insurances on the market, which cover various medical events (including Covid-19), flight cancellations and other inconveniences, and are not expensive (and most are without deductibles). Therefore, it is not worth taking a risk without insurance abroad.

Below we show you how to choose travel insurance to Ireland that meets your needs, including prices and discounts!

How to choose the best travel insurance for Ireland?

The beauty of summer in Dublin

Each travel insurance policy is unique in terms of which events are or are not covered and the limit amount available for each event. Therefore, the first tip is to be VERY aware of covered (and uncovered) events.

Carefully evaluate the following insurance itemsas they are the most expensive and must have good coverage values:

  • Coverage for medical expenses and what medical expenses are included;
  • Repatriations, such as medical transfers;
  • Disability, death and similar insurance;
  • Flight cancellation.

Events that generate the most spend should have the highest coverage amounts. So, ask yourself which accidents/events can lead you to “bankruptcy” if they occur and see if these events are included in the policy with a good coverage value.

An example is the expenses with medical hospitalization and transfer to Brazil, which are very high and few people can afford it, even more so in the case of medical costs in Europe.

For the same reason, it is essential that the policy has a good value for the item “Total Hospital Medical Expenses (DMH)”, at least in the region of US$ 50 thousand or 30 thousand euros, as the law requires regarding travel insurance to Europe. .

This minimum value of US$ 50,000, we recommend it anywhere in the world. In our travels, we always opt for insurance in excess of US$ 50,000. On our last trip, the insurance covered $150,000.

Currently, it is worth opting for travel insurance that covers Covid-19. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more Brazilian insurers have added this “event” to their policies.

Extra attention in the case of pregnant women, since the policy must include the event “medical expenses for pregnant women”, specifying the amount dedicated to this expense.

Likewise, if your trip includes hiking, going to national parks, boating, among other sports, it is essential that the item “medical assistance for sports practice” is included in the insurance.

Last but not least, choose no-deductible insurance, as there are many options on the market with no deductibles and good prices.

How much does travel insurance for Ireland cost and how to save?

Ireland Travel Insurance: How to choose the best
Cliffs of Moher, a classic tour from Dublin

Now that you know what good travel insurance should look like, we recommend that you use a comparator site, to facilitate the search and analysis of policies from various insurers.

For 5 years we have been using the Promo insurancethe largest travel insurance comparison site, with clear information and many promotions throughout the year.

Analyzing the policies offered in the Promo insurance (only those that cover expenses with Covid-19), we have selected some that are cost-effective:

insurance company Policy Full Coverage cover Covid Return S. Death Price per day (R$) in US$
coris Coris 60 Basic € 60 thousand US$ 10 thousand € 50 thousand BRL 50 thousand 28.78 5.47
affinity Affinity 60 Silver5 US$ 60 thousand US$ 5 thousand US$ 30 thousand BRL 50 thousand 29.78 5.66
coris Coris 100 Basic € 60 thousand US$ 10 thousand € 50 thousand BRL 50 thousand 35.91 6.82
Assist Card AC 35 Covid-19 € 35 thousand US$ 30 thousand € 30 thousand € 20 thousand 42.73 8.12

Is it possible to find cheap travel insurance in Ireland for less than R$30 per daywith good coverage value and important events included in the policy.

For example, Coris has insurance with a coverage value of €60,000 and €100,000, including medical expenses for pregnant women, travel expenses, among other events that should be part of good insurance. It is the insurer with the cheaper plans that cover Covid-19.

Affinity has a plan very similar to Coris insurance, but it does not cover pregnant women, but it has telemedicine and many aids, such as expenses for flight delays, convalescence in a hotel and others.

There is also the AC 35 policy, from the excellent insurance company Assist Card. This policy is more expensive because it has the highest market value for Coronavirus expenses, €30,000.

Therefore, our recommendation is to search the website Promo insurance the international travel insurance that best suits your budget and needs. The ones shown above are just examples of some insurance that may be available on the site.

Seguros Promo is a partner of our blog and offers a 5% discount with the coupon DIGITAL NOM5in addition to ease of payment in installments (up to 12 installments) and discount by paying with bank slip.

Keep an eye out for banners on the site with occasional promotions that usually yield good savings.

Fur Promo insurance, it is possible to find insurers with good policies. Typically, insurers have policies that follow the laws of the Schengen Area.

We always buy our insurance through Seguros Promo. When the trip is shorter and the insurance is cheaper, we prefer to pay by ticket and get the discount. But if the trip is longer and as we travel as a couple (double insurance!), we prefer to pay in installments.

We hope that Ireland travel insurance tips have been helpful! compare the best insurance on the brazilian market at the Promo insurance and still save!

Good trip!

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