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how to choose the best place (read this!)

Updated May 25, 2022 by Thiago Khoury

A question that always pops up around here is where to stay in los angelesa place full of famous regions, but all very different and almost always distant.

In fact, I’m going to look at Los Angeles as a county, because regions that look like neighborhoods, like Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, are different cities in the same metropolitan area that we tend to call everything the same, “Los Angeles”.

What is the best area to stay in Los Angeles?

Anyone who is about to travel and was wondering where to stay in Los Angeles because there are several regions that seem equally popular, get ready, I’ll help you: as you are likely to be by car, any famous option can be consideredbecause you need to optimize your costs and the city is extremely expensive.

Los Angeles is huge and all the amazing places you dream of visiting are probably far from each other – and choosing one place is the same as moving away from another.

These are the most popular regions for tourists when choosing where to stay in Los Angeles:

  • Beverly Hills
  • downtown Los Angeles
  • Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
  • Universal City
  • Venice Beach
  • West Hollywood

It’s no use: in any of these places you will be far from all the others, get used to the idea that taking two hours of traffic, regardless of the time of year, is not uncommon.

Of course, this does not mean that it is good to choose a hotel where there is nothing close by: the regions are far from each other, but once you have chosen the “neighborhood” I suggest you choose a place where there is minimal social life in the surroundings. .

Is it worth staying in Beverly Hills?

I do not indicate. Beverly Hills it is a delight of place, besides being in the direction of Santa Monica and close to Fairfax and La Brea, the problem is the price.

In Beverly Hillsthe best-located options are more luxurious and expensive, so I always look at Beverly Hills as a tour, not as a destination.

If you can afford the cost of Beverly Hillsthe Beverly Wilshire/Four Seasons is the most famous, but it has other worthy competitors, such as The Peninsula and the Waldorf Astoria.

Beverly Wilshire’s pool in Beverly Hills

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Is there a cheaper place in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills There are few cheaper options.

I suggest the Sofitel which is on the outskirts of Beverly Hills with La Brea, a region with more options to eat and buy compatible with my pocket.

Is it worth staying in Downtown Los Angeles?

Yea, downtown Los Angeles it’s the city center, it was there where I stayed on my last trip and I liked it a lot, even top to come back.

As in almost every major American city center, you can get by on foot: I got a great rate on the Freehand, so from there I walked to Target, to Macy’s, and all I had to do was cross the street to a super Whole. Foods Market.

The problem is that the downtown Los Angeles It’s complicated: as it is quite business, after a certain hour the tendency is to get extremely quiet, and at night some streets are not very inviting for those who are walking around there.

The downtown area that I like the most is Figueroa Street between 7th Street and 11th Street. I really like the triangle formed by Freehand, Target and Staples Center.

Take a look at these other four options, I would stay at any of them in downtown Los Angeles:

Where to stay in Downtown Los Angeles
The pool at Freehand Los Angeles

One tip I can’t help but give is that Freehand also offers shared rooms, so those traveling alone or with friends can choose to stay right there for much less.

Are Hollywood and West Hollywood all the same?

No, Hollywood is a neighborhood in Los Angeles and West Hollywood it is a city, but both are very close.

One way to tell them apart is to remember that the backbone of Hollywood is Hollywood Boulevard and West Hollywood it’s Sunset Boulevard.

Hollywood it’s Los Angeles’ Times Square: people park their cars and walk along the streets, there are many American bars and restaurant chains, as well as a greater number of budget hotels.

Already West Hollywood there are another 500, because West Hollywood it’s the continuation of Beverly Hills: people only drive here, there are very popular restaurants and most hotels are four stars.

Where to stay in Hollywood?

Brazilians love to stay in Hollywood because it’s cheaper, because it’s full of shops and because it’s easy to get around, either walking around the neighborhood or taking public transport to downtown and Universal’s park.

These are some tips on where to stay in Hollywood:

O dream it’s the W are the two hottest options in Hollywood. O BLVD it’s the Holiday Inn they are two great tips side by side and much cheaper.

Where to stay in Hollywood
Dream’s panoramic rooms

Where to stay in West Hollywood?

West Hollywood there are several traditional hotels that constantly reinvent themselves, so they always have the trendiest rooftop, the most popular restaurant…

The most famous must be the Andaz, but there is the Sunset Marquis, which has a more exclusive and discreet feel.

Is it worth staying in Santa Monica?

It’s worth staying in Santa Monicaby the way, I would live in Santa Monica. I’ve seen a lot of people come back from Los Angeles dissatisfied, but I’ve never heard anyone complain about Santa Monica.

Santa Monica it is relatively close to the airport, so it is a tour that even those who are just passing through Los Angeles deserve to do.

By the way, speaking of staying close to Los Angeles airport, I already gave a great tip about it here on the blog:

+ Where to stay near Los Angeles airport

Who stays in Santa Monica it is right next to the beach and an amazing shopping area, 3rd Street Promanade.

Hotels that elsewhere tend to be cheaper generally cost more in Santa Monicamainly the ones that are in the mouth of the goal, like the Wyndham and the DoubleTree.

If you can spend a little more, choose Shore. To save money, choose Courtyard.

Where to stay in Los Angeles
Where to Stay in Los Angeles: The Shore Pool in Santa Monica

Is it worth staying in Venice Beach?

Venice Beach It is very close to Santa Monica. A lot of people are passionate about Venicebut I don’t really like it, I’m more Santa Monica, but this is something extremely personal.

In general Venice it is less touristy and more residential, even the offer of hotels is much smaller: there we find more houses and apartments, but few hotels.

Where to stay in Los Angeles: other tips

Have you heard of Universal City and Burbank? Universal City and Burbank are the regions where the biggest movie studios are located, in the Hollywood hills.

Universal, Disney and Warner studios are practically side by side, also close to the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory.

It is worth staying there too, even those who are very close to the Universal Studios park can afford to leave their car at the hotel and take the subway to both Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. I suggest the Hilton and the Sheraton.

Want a great tip on where to stay in Los Angeles on a budget? Stay in the Fairfax district, between Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the famous Farmers Market district.

The Beverly Laurel has to be one of the best value for money in town, but they recently opened the funky Farmer’s Daughter.

Is that you, What are your tips for where to stay in Los Angeles?

Other blog tips for planning your trip:

Already know where to stay in Los Angeles? I selected the best options in Hollywood, West Hollywood and Santa Monica. I stayed downtown and loved Freehand, I highly recommend it!

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