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How to get from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires (Downtown)? Taxi, Aerobus

Ministro Pistarini International Airport is one of the largest and most modern airports in Latin America. Known as Ezeiza airportas it is located in the city of Ezeiza, it is important to know how to get from Ezeiza Airport to downtown Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport is 32 km away from the center and, as it is far away, there are many doubts to reach the capital of Argentina.

In today’s post, you will discover the ways of transport to get to the center of Buenos Aires from Ezeiza Airport! At the end of the article, there is information about Aeroparque.

Then also read our special article with all the best about what to do in Buenos Aires is about where to stay in Buenos Aires!

Transport on how to get from Ezeiza Airport to downtown Buenos Aires

Taxi in Ezeiza

Taxis in Buenos Aires are increasingly criticized for scams, such as counterfeit bills passed to travelers.

Ezeiza Airport solved this problem by having inside the Taxi Ezeiza company.

At the Taxi Ezeiza counter, you can order a taxi and pay within the airport and not with the taxi driver.

A safe, smooth transaction that allows you to reach downtown Buenos Aires in just 30 minutes.

The taxi fare has a fixed price of 1850 Argentine pesos (2021 prices), but there is usually a discount for those who buy the return trip to the airport.

I believe that the taxi is worth it for those who visit the city accompanied. It’s not worth it for single people unless your travel budget is quite flexible.

There is also Uber, but whether it is worth it will depend on how the fare is. It may or may not be taken into account.

Tienda Leon

How to get from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires?

The company Tienda León has shuttle bus for several lines, including the lines from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires and from Ezeiza Airport to Aeroparque, located in the capital, close to the Palermo neighborhood.

Tienda León is the company most used by those traveling alone, since the price of 660 pesos per person makes it more interesting for a couple to use a taxi, especially when there are promotions on taxis.

The company Tienda León goes to the Madero Terminal, which is close to the Plaza San Martin and the Retiro Metro Station (line C). The journey takes approximately 30 minutes, departing every hour from the airport.

Know that it is worth buying in advance, as well as negotiating an extension of the service to your hotel.

Aerobus Buenos Aires

How to get from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires?

The Aerobus is also a shuttle bus service carried out by vans, but little used by Brazilians, due to the lack of knowledge of its existence.

The interesting thing about the Aerobus is its value is less than 400 pesos per person with luggage. Without luggage it costs half that amount. It is safe, fast and cheap transport.

The Aerobus leaves in front of the administrative building of the Aa2000 company, where the Banco de La Nación is located (not to be confused with the exchange office located in Terminal A).

For those leaving Arrivals Terminal A, turn left. See the map below indicating where the Aerobus passes.

How to get from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires?  aerobus

The Aerobus travels from Ezeiza Airport to downtown Buenos Aires (225 Belgrano Avenue) in approximately 45 minutes, with small stops along the way.

Know that on weekends and holidays, hours are reduced.

Public transportation

All three options on how to get from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires we recommend. The choice depends on your budget, the time of arrival of your flight and the number of companions.

However, we we do not recommend using public transportbecause it takes around 2 hours, it may not be very safe for those with suitcases and it is uncomfortable.

Line 8 passes through Ezeiza Airport and goes to downtown Buenos Aires (Obelisco and Plaza de Mayo), but it is only recommended for those who have a very tight budget.

More information about Ezeiza Airport can be found on the website of the company Aa2000, which manages the airport.

How to get to Buenos Aires? Plane, boat and car


The most common way to get to Buenos Aires is by plane. There are several flights from Brazil to Buenos Aires.

The attention you should pay attention to is which Buenos Aires airport your flight will arrive at. There are two airports serving the city: Ezeiza Airport (as mentioned above) and Aeroparque.

For those arriving by Aeroparque, the greatest facility is the location. This airport is located in the Palermo neighborhood, where many travelers stay in Buenos Aires.

to get out of airportyou can use the Tienda Léon shuttle or even the regular buses.

It is worth noting that common buses can only be used with the SUBE card. With this card, you can use the entire bus and subway system in Buenos Aires. Get it at Aeroparque.

It is not recommended to take a taxi at Aeroparque because of the large number of complaints of scams against tourists. Uber is a more interesting alternative.


One of the most used ways to get to Buenos Aires is by boat.

The boat is the best option for those who are in Colonial del Sacramento and Montevideo, two Uruguayan cities that are usually part of the travel itinerary to Buenos Aires.

From Colonia del Sacramento to Buenos Aires, the journey takes just 1 hour. From Montevideo, there are direct boats and options that combine bus and boat.

Check out more details in the article “Buquebus, Seacat, Colonia Express: how to get from Buenos Aires to Uruguay“, in which we deal with the subject in depth.


South America is a very large subcontinent. So, taking a car trip to Buenos Aires is not worth it economically and for the time lost.

It can be more interesting for those who like to travel by car and have a purpose along the way, especially with stops in cities in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, such as shopping in Rivera or sleeping in Punta del Este.

Did the tips on how to get from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires help you? So check it out too where to stay in Buenos Aires well located!

Good trip!

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