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How to get from Porto airport to the city center

O Francisco Sa Carneiro Airport (OPO) is located in Greater Porto, about 17km from the central region. And there are many ways to get from the airport to Harbor to downtown.

The easiest and cheapest without a doubt is using the subway. But we will explain here what are the other ways to get to the tourist area of ​​this one of the main and most visited cities. Portugal.

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As we said, this is the most economical and also relatively agile way. The journey from the airport to the center usually takes no more than 20 or 30 minutes. Line E (Violet) goes to very central stations in the tourist area, such as Bolhão, Trinity and august 24. see in Google Maps the station closest to your hotel or other place you want to go in the city.

When leaving the landing, just follow the signs that will take you to the place where you can buy the subway tickets. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to buy a card Andante (a kind of Bilhete Único de SP or RioCard do Rio) that costs €0.60 before loading the travel credits.

How to get from Porto airport to the city center (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

How to get from Porto airport to the city center (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

automatic machine [e minha compra errada de dois bilhetes rs]

The next time you take the subway or tram (or tram or tram) during your stay, you will already have the card and will no longer have to pay for it. Within the city, the fare is lower, as you pay for distances between zones.


  • The journey from Porto airport to the center costs €1.85*. Adding the €0.60, on this first trip you will spend €2.45.
  • buy tickets at vending machine is very easy. She will ask whether or not you have the Andante card and then which station you will go to. Use the table on the side of the machine to find your destination zone and now just enter it on the screen. They accept notes and coins of Euro.
  • O walking card is INDIVIDUAL. In other words, don’t try to be “smart” like me when you want to put credits for two people to use the same card and save €0.60. I did that and only later found out I couldn’t. So I had to buy it again. Lucky I used the credit later.
  • As there are no turnstiles, before boarding, you must ALWAYS validate the ticket. Just bring your card closer to the yellow totems with a black circle in the middle. If the green light turns on, everything is OK.
  • As you should only validate the card maximum 10 minutes before departure, see how long it takes for the next train to arrive, as the interval between them can be up to 30 minutes depending on the time. It is usually 20 min. The opening hours are from 6 am to 1 am.
  • I didn’t see inspections, but in addition to circumventing transport being a very ugly thing, it’s not worth the risk of paying up to €185 in fine, right? If you have any further questions, consult the FAQ from the subway.


Depending on your arrival time, you may need to drive from Porto airport to the center. A taxi ride costs between €20 and €25. In a simulation in UBER you can see the price estimate. At the time of writing this post you are marking from 11€ to 15€, which will be charged to your credit card in the same way as when you use it in Brazil.

How to get from Porto airport to the city center (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

Taxi in Porto


You can also go from the airport to the city by bus (or buses). The main lines that make the route are:

  • Line 601 – Cordoaria – Airport (daily, from 5:30 am to 11:30 pm)
  • Line 602 – Cordoaria – Airport via Padrão Moreira (daily, from 6 am to 8:45 pm)
  • Line 604 – São João Hospital – Airport via Maia (daily, from 6 am to 8:50 pm)
  • 3M Line – Av. of the Allies – Airport

The route can take up to 1h depending on traffic.You can simulate the route and find more information on the website of STCP.

If you intend to use buses, perhaps a more interesting option is the transdevwhich directly connect the airport to the bus station.


A shuttle service is also offered by low cost GoIn. In addition to public transport from Porto airport to downtown, they offer the option “door-to-door“, which can take you directly to your hotel. Prices start at 5€ and there are calls every hour or so. You can buy through the website and the round trip option has a discount.

THE 100 Directions also offers the same service from 6€with option of private transport and city ​​tour.

How to get from Porto airport to the city center (Photo: Disclosure)

100 Rumos booth at the airport


If your final destination is not Porto, some bus companies offer transport to Guimarães and Braga (GetBus) and other cities in the metropolitan region, such as Barquense (towards Ponte da Barca, Arcos de Valdevez, Ponte de Lima and Viana do Castelo) and Resende (to Resende).

* June 2016 prices

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