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THE Praia do Aventureiro, in Ilha Grandeit was one of the beaches that I most wanted to visit in the region of Angra dos Reis.

I lost count of how many times I saw pictures of that coconut tree lying with the transparent sea in the background. I confess that I thought it was more a filter than reality, but I was wrong. Praia do Aventureiro in Ilha Grande is really beautiful.

In this post, we tell you more about the beach and give tips on how to get there.


THE Praia do Aventureiro is one of the most famous and beautiful of Big Island. Like yours extension is not very big, about 500 meters, during high season, access to it is controlled. Per day, a maximum of 560 people get there. At the Angra dos Reis official website have more information.


Yea! Praia do Aventureiro exceeded my expectations. The sea is beautiful and transparent. Although it is agitated, in the corner, near the famous coconut tree lying down, it even forms a kind of natural swimming pool. The view is really incredible.

When we went, the beach was not crowded and the water was very warm. Funny thing is, the tide was rising very quickly.

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get ready to face a small queue to be able to take a photo with the famous coconut tree lying on Praia do Aventureiro. After all, he’s the biggest star on the beach, right?

Take the opportunity to take all the photos you want, but please, respect the rules and don’t climb the coconut tree. There’s even a sign there asking tourists not to do that. But guess if everyone respects it? Of course not.

Praia do Aventureiro in Ilha Grande (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

While we were there, an argentine tourist went up to take a picture and pretended not to understand when she said she should go down. She said that the coconut tree was resistant and that she was alone on top of it. She only decided to go down after I threatened to film with my cell phone. Sad to see what people are able to do just for a photo, huh? I even wrote a post talking about it.


No! Praia do Aventureiro has no structure. There is no electricity (only a few generators at night) and the cell phone signal does not pick up. It’s good to bring a snack and drinks too.. They say there are some restaurants on the campsites or in the homes of residents, but we didn’t see anything.

Ilha Grande (Photo: This World is Ours)

AND don’t forget to pick up the trash and take it back with you. We heard a resident saying that the residents themselves do the collection there. So, there is no recycle bin available.

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Also There are no inns and hotels in Praia do Aventureiro. Some people stay in campsites or in simple rooms in the houses of residents.

Some campsites are simple, but most have a hot shower and cover for the tents. For those who are worried about running out of battery, you can pay to charge your cell phone.

In total, there are 19 campsites. See the full list on this website.

Praia do Aventureiro in Ilha Grande (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)


In addition to the coconut tree and the incredible beach, there are two breathtaking viewpoints: Espia and Sundara viewpoint.


For those who just want to know the Praia do Aventureiro, the tip is to take the tour back to the islandwhich passes through several beaches, including Aventureiro (see all the details of the tour in the post we made). However, the stop time is only 1 hour.

A very important information: depending on the weather and sea conditions, no tour reaches Praia do Aventureiro. The tour around the island, for example, is canceled many times.

Natural pool in Ilha Grande (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Another option is the flexboatswho usually spend more time at the beach. They usually pass through 3 beaches and spend about 2 hours on each one.

For who don’t feel lazy to walk (and has a lot of physical conditioning), there is also a trail (T9) that leaves from Vila de Provetá and goes to Praia do Aventureiro. They are from 3500 to 3700 meters and take 2h30 to 3h.


When choosing where to stay in Ilha Grande, our tip is Vila do Abraão. It is there that the entire structure of hotels, restaurants and shops is located, as well as where the tours depart from.

We stayed at Cauca Innwhich is simple, but comfortable and well located (see discounted rates). we did a very complete post with several hosting tips. It’s worth reading.

Do you have any questions about Praia do Aventureiro in Ilha Grande? Leave it in the comments!

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