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How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)

How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)

*Updated in 2019

One of the biggest doubts of travelers who decide to explore Ilha Grande is: How to get to Ilha Grande? And where to stay?

Ilha Grande is located in the region of Angra dos Reis, 125 km from Rio de Janeiro (capital) and 425 km from São Paulo (capital).

Great destination for weekend and holiday trips for those departing from Rio, but those leaving São Paulo may need a few more days.

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I will help you understand better how to get to the island and the importance of choose where to stayas this defines your trip.

At the end of reading you will be able to better understand what to expect from Ilha Grande and visit it as soon as possible!

In this post you will know: (click to go straight):

How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay

How to get to Ilha Grande

First step – choose where you want to leave

You must go to one of the four departure points for boats to Ilha Grande: Mangaratiba, Angra, Paraty or Conceição do Jacareí.

But first you must choose where you want to leave. This depends on a few factors and the main ones are where do you come from (North South) and where you will be staying on the Island.

The map below will help us to have a view of the departure and arrival points, below I explain what each one is like:

How-to-get-to-Ilha Grande-and-where-to-stay-map How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)

Departure from Mangaratiba: Arrives at Vila do Abraão.

The closest point to Rio but with fewer options for boat timetables to Ilha Grande.

The transport is done by ferry operated by CCR and costs 14.00 reais and the journey takes about 2 hours.

If you go by car, you can try to arrange times to arrive on time for one of the boats.

The downside is that the boat takes about 2 hours to complete the crossing. The positive point is that larger vessels may be better for those who feel seasick.

Departure from Conceição de Jacareí Pier (my choice): Arrives at Vila do Abraão.

How-to-get-to-Ilha-Grande-and-where-to-stay-pier How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)

It is also the option with the most boat and speedboat schedules and the fastest trip.

Transport is done by speedboat, costs 30.00 reais and takes about 20min. No matter what time it comes, you’ll wait average about 40 min by the next boat. There are options for boats or larger and slower boats (if you feel sick, prefer this one).

If you go by car, you can park your car here, if you go by bus, know that it stops right at the entrance to the Pier (it was my option).

Departure from Angra: There are options for Vila do Abraão, Praia do Aventureiro, Bananal and Araçatiba.

How-to-get-to-Ilha-Grande-and-where-to-stay-boat-dock How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)

Transport by Speedboat and Boat, depends on which place you will go. For the adventurer, it costs from 60 to 80 reais and takes 1 to 2 hours.

You choose to leave Angra if you come from São Paulo, Paraty and mandatory exit point for those who want to camp on Aventureiro beach. There are also parking options for those arriving by car.

Departure from Paraty: Arrives at Vila do Abraão.

Possible option but quite disadvantageous. The value ends up being very high because the practice is to apply a fixed amount of 2 thousand reais plus the fuel spent (totaling about 3 thousand reais). If you are in Paraty, you can go to Angra dos Reis and take the boats there.

( ! ) Remember: the barge, catamarans and larger boats are more stable, good for those who get seasick easily. THE speedboat it is smaller and faster but is subject to sea movements.

Second step: Car or bus

You will not enter the island by car, you will have to park in one of the places to do so. On the other hand, the car allows more flexibility of schedules.

If by bus: there are hourly options Rio de Janeiro leaving for Angra for the Green Coast. Buying a ticket to Angra you can get off at Conceição do Jacareí, but ask at the bus station if the bus stops there or if it is direct.

I didn’t buy in advance, I just went to the bus station (Novo Rio) and bought the next available time, but it’s worth remembering that it was in low season.

For the summer season I recommend that you check the timetables in advance to ensure you find the best time for you with availability.

if you go by caryou can park in the cities of Angra and Cais Conceição de Jacareí. The daily parking fee costs around 30.00 reais but can go up in high season (from November to January).

Where to stay on Ilha Grande – Choose your travel style

There are options for different tastes, just don’t expect a luxury resort from Ilha Grande, the charm of the place is precisely the rustic look it has and the quiet and simple inns.

Another observation is that not all beaches are suitable for swimming or possible to stay. Which means that the choice of accommodation determines how your tours will be.

To choose the right accommodation, define your travel profile:

The “more urban” and practical side – Pousadas da Vila do Abraao.

How-to-get-to-Ilha-Grande-and-where-to-stay-vila-do-abraao How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)
There are several ways to get to Vila no Abraão

Where there are more shops, restaurants and inns. Some inns (there are more than 170 options) also have restaurants to keep your feet in the sand, very good!

Abraão is also a central point to travel to other parts of the Island, for trails and main beaches. Some of the beaches can only be reached by boat and here there are several agencies and tour schedules available.

I stayed at Pousada Lounier on the beach which is right at the entrance of the village and facing the sea.

How-to-get-to-Ilha Grande-and-where-to-stay-pousada-lounier How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)

It’s a simple place, but it serves its purpose. I went very good service and the breakfast was perfect. (high point here). The view from breakfast is also very beautiful, facing the sea.

( ! ) Important tip: search for locations with air conditioning and back rooms, which are quieter. The Pousada I stayed at also had Wi-fi, which doesn’t always work well on the Island, but here it was satisfactory.

Another option is to stay in a hostel with a private room (or shared if you prefer).

How-to-get-to-Ilha Grande-and-where-to-stay-breakfast How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)
I loved the view from the Cafe

The Island has two great options and that left me quite balanced in the choice, especially for the inviting price, on my next visit I will definitely choose one of the two!

One of them is the famous Che Lizard and the other is the Dutch Hostel. Both with breakfast included and Wi-fi and facilities better than many inns on the Island. The interesting thing about the hostel is the kitchen and shared common areas, which bring you closer to other guests.

( ! ) Tip: Those looking to book tours on their own (without agencies) can join other travelers and share a private speedboat, for example.

A special and reserved trip – Private Inn (romantic):

You don’t have to be a couple to stay, but the climate of these inns is very special since they are in exclusive portions of the beach. In other words, they are private beaches. You leave the room and put your foot in the sand, you know? Too much!

The inn to which I have reference is the Pousada Praia da Camirangalook at the picture there so you can understand what I’m talking about:

How-to-get-to-Ilha Grande-and-where-to-stay-romantic-inn-big-island How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)
source: disclosure

I suggest you take a look at the Booking staff photos to observe other angles of this inn!

More natural trip – Camping – Aventureiro, Parnaioca or Vila do Abraão:

Depending on the location you choose, you will have one type of experience or another.

If you choose Camping in Vila do Abraao you will have the infrastructure of the village, if you choose Aventureiro or Parnaioca you will have an experience of more contact with nature.

The interesting thing (in my opinion) for those who camp is to look for the Aventureiro campsites.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful beaches of all, it offers a deep immersion in nature.

( ! ) Heads up: At Aventureiro and Parnaioca beaches there is no electricity, which means you will put down your cell phone, wake up to the sun and see a thousand stars at night.

How-to-get-to-Ilha Grande-and-where-to-stay-camp How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)

Some campsites have tents for rent and the charge is usually made per person, not per tent. There are kitchen utensils and in some there is the possibility of staying in a room instead of tents.

It is also necessary to register as there is a limit of people allowed on these beaches.

This record is obtained in Angra and more information can (and should) be obtained from the official website of the Island, the Big

( ! ) Extra tip: as there is no electricity (no air conditioning) and entry is only by registration, it can be much easier and more comfortable to camp in the low season, in winter.

but wake up with this view I think it’s worth it, right?

How-to-get-to-Ilha-Grande-and-where-to-stay-praia-do-aventureiro How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)
Good Morning

A comparison? Ilha Grande reminded me a lot of the laid-back atmosphere of Santa Catarina, the less urban and native beaches.

I hope it helped to explain this question of where to leave and how to get to Ilha Grande. Defining this will make all the difference in your trip.

A suggestion for first-time visitors is to stay in Vila do Abraão. Easy to get to other parts of the Island and an extensive network of inns.

If camping is your style, head straight to Praia do Aventureiro.

And if the focus is you (and your company) go to the private inns that are pure love.

Where will you be staying? Leave your comment!

And check out the full itinerary and tips for tours and restaurants in this post 🙂

booking-ao-travelers How to get to Ilha Grande and where to stay (in detail!)

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