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How to hire the best crucero in Halong Bay

How to hire the best cruise ship in Halong Bay? Here we will explain all the details of our cruise through one of the most impressive bays on the planet. So impressive that you are one of the natural wonders of the world. This is to be a place of esos that you go with high expectations and that never disappoints.

Navigating the vastness of the bay is likely uno de los mayores vietnam tourist claims. I warn you that it will be one of the best experiences of your travels in this country.

In this new article about Vietnam I will tell you all the information about having a cruise through Halong Bay: recommendations, prices, opinions and much more. As always, I tell you everything with all the details.

Recommendations for cruising through Halong Bay: prices and route


Mandatory travel insurance to travel to Vietnam

How to get to Halong Bay?

We went to Halong Bay as a cruise tour that includes transfer from Hanoi. They took us to pick up our hotel in Hanoi by minibus and they brought us all organized to the crucero.

They stopped us to pick us up at las 8 de la mañana and, after three hours and an average of trayecto by bus, we were in Halong Bay. The next day we were on the tour Hanoi hotel surroundings of the 4th of the afternoon. This is why this tour is perfect for you to continue your route through Vietnam or, as was our case, take the night train to Sapa.

cruise through halong bay

Crucero through Halong Bay, which one to choose?

El crucero por Halong Bay lo vas to hacer sí o sí, from eso no hay duda, but now ¿cuál de todos escoger? Here is the quid of the cuestion. Nosotros as íbamos de luna de miel We chose this deluxe option on Get Your Guide. It was the best crucero through Halong Bay that we found a relationship between quality and price.

The boat was very good, the food was also available (but I will tell you more details) and the best of all era, without a doubt, the habitation.

Two of the walls of the cabin were all windows with views of the bay. It was absolutely wonderful. With the fresquito that he had in the cabin with the air conditioning we didn’t want to leave the room.

cruise through halong bay

There are other options for cheaper cruceros, like the option of a day in Halong Bay from Hanoibut I don’t recommend it to you for anything because a day seems to me too little time for you to enjoy it completely. For us, the best thing was to live the experience of sleeping on the boat in the middle of the bay.

cruise through halong bay

There is also the option to make a 3-day cruise to Halong Bay/2 nights. This is a very good option. Of course, many people insisted on us through social networks to choose this one to reach the island of Cat Ba. But at the end, as well as included in our itinerary through Vietnam Ninh Binhconsidered as the terrestrial Halong Bay, we decided to do the 2-day cruise through Halong Bay/una night.

We liked it a lot and enjoyed it a lot. So don’t worry because two days/one night is a perfect option you are going to abandon the boat with a very good taste in your mouth. Even if you can allow me more days you can, much better.

cruise through halong bay

Route aboard the crucero through Halong Bay

As I told you before, after the three hours and average of trayecto from Hanoi We arrive on the boat around las 12.30. We had free time to rest a mouse and eat.

At 15:00, start the first crucero activity in Halog Bay: to kayak through the bay. There is a lot of spring experience, but prepare to paddle and sweat a little.

cruise through halong bay

In Luego we took a mini boat to Isla Titop. La Playa de la Isla was very sinful, but the point of this stop was to climb up to Alto del Mirador. Arriving until you require a 400-step effort (it’s in perfect condition and both the uphill and downhill are comfortable), but I assure you it’s worth it.

cruise through halong bay

Once up, prepare the camera, take a thousand photos, take a breath, enjoy the view and get ready for your mountain body to lower the 400 new stairs. The views from the top are from quitar el hipo. We stayed until late at night and it was amazing. Besides, we got something that I thought it would be impossible on Halong Bay: we were just up there!

Once a boat ride and before dinner, at 6:30 pm it starts vietnamese cooking course. It’s not just that we are experts in cooking, not much less. More good we give penita between fires, but the boat gives the option of having a mini express cooking course to learn how to make the typical Vietnamese rollitos and no us lo íbamos to lose ¿no?

from march to may they commented on us that after cenar there is an option to fish squid directly from the boat. As we studied in September, we didn’t see a calamar, but I’ll let you know so that you can find it for yourself at another time of the year.

The best thing to sail through Halong Bay was the romantic thing to see during the sunset and the night. For the reason of passing at least one night is something impepinable.

cruise through halong bay

The next day, the crucero experience arrives at your end, not before one taichi class the first hour of morning (we also said sorry) while we saw how the sun came out between mogotes. Pocos amaneceres so he had been in my life.

The last excursion we hicimos en el crucero through Halong Bay was Cueva Sung Sot, the biggest cueva in Bahia de Halong. After having seen a bunch of impressive caves in Spain, the list was high, but I was still surprised by its formations of stalactites and stalagmites and the dimensions of the cave.

cruise through halong bay

The crucero was reaching its end about 11.30 we dejamos the boat rumbo to Hanoi from new, but with a smile of oreja the oreja of having lived a brilliant experience. Of those that are not easily forgotten.


How about the food on board?

One of the things that most worried us about the crucero and that marks the difference between cruceros and others is food. In our case al escoger el crucero de lujo we ate phenomenal.

All meals include a entrée soup, an ensalada, aperitifs and a plate that only consists of meat or fish. The only thing I want to say is that with the heat in the bay, eating a hot soup was not an option that excited me much. ?

cruise through halong bay

More things to see in Halong Bay

Another of the most famous places in Halong Bay is climb the Bai Tho mountain. From the top of the mountain, you have a unique view of the entire bay.

Nosotros no fuimos ya that wasn’t included within our ruta, but it’s people that what happens is on returning to Hanoi on the crucero organized tour to continue from here to Ninh Binh or to other parts of the country and have time to climb up to el mirador.

El acceso, for what I’ve read, it’s not easy. We also saw that from where the boat dejaba you to the mirador it takes more than an hour by taxi. That’s right, the view is brutal. In addition, this is one of the photos that have been in fashion lately. Instagram.

The best of the crucero by Halong Bay and the worst

Lo best:

  • Spend a night at the crucero por la bahia was ultra top.
  • The deluxe boat with super housing with sea views was the best selection.
  • the sunset since the boat was unforgettable.
cruise through halong bay

The worst:

  • The soups in the food. Seriously, does anyone feel like eating soup at 40 degrees?
  • plastic bottles that had been floating in the mitad of the bay. My soul breaks every time I see one. We are charging the world, señores.
  • If you have seen the mogotes emerging from the sea in other parts of the world, as in Krabi the Philippines, you can make the surprise factor of la bahía at sea tan alto.

What did the crucero look like to you in Halong Bay? If you have any doubts, you know that you can leave a comment at the end of this post and I will answer you as soon as possible.

cruise through halong bay

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