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How to order cerveza in 20 different languages

Cerveza is an international drink that practically all of us have had on more than one occasion, and that most travelers like this drink, I have prepared a list to learn how to order beer no matter where you are! Let’s go!!

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First – Different writing and pronunciation:

How to order beer in these languages ​​could be the most complicated on the list because even searching for the word in the menu can take a while.

Arabic: بيرة واحدة من فضلك
(Pronunciation: Bira wahida min fad-dlik)

Bulgarian: една бира моля
(pronunciation: edna bira molya)

Chinese: 請來一杯啤酒
(Pronunciation: Qǐng lái yībēi píyio)

Griego: Μια μπύρα παρακαλώ
(Pronunciation: Mia býra parakaló̱)

Japanese: ビール一杯下さい
(Pronunciation: Bīru ippai kudasai)

Russian: Одно пиво пожалуйста
(Pronunciation: Odno piva pazhalsta)

Destinations: Rome – Madrid – Parishow to order beer

Second – Same writing and different pronunciation:

German: Ein Bier Bitte
(Pronunciation: Ain bie bit-eh)

Catalan: Una beer, si us plau
(Pronunciation: Una cervezha si us plau)

Czech: Pivo, next
(Pronunciation: Pivo prosim)

Finnic: Olut mulle, kiitos
(Pronunciation: Olut muule, kiitos)

French: Une bière S’il vous plaît
(Pronunciation: Un biér sil vu plé)

Dutch: Een bier graag
(Pronunciation: Un bir jraj)

Icelandic: Einn bjór, takk
(Pronunciation: E bior tak)

Italian: One tantrum, please
(Pronunciation: Una birra, per favore)

English: One beer please
(Pronunciation: Wan bir pliz)

how to order beer

Dutch: Een bier, alsjeblieft
(Pronunciation: Ein bíar ose blift)

Polish: Jedno piwo, proszę
(Pronunciation: Yadno pivo proshe)

Portuguese: One beer please
(Pronunciation: A beer please)

Swedish: In the tack
(Pronunciation: En el tak)

Turkish: Bir bira lütfen
(Pronunciation: Bir bira lutfen)

If this guide to learn how to order beer was useful for you, support me and share it with your traveling friends. ¡¡SALUD y que empiece la fiesta without importing where you are!!

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