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How to pull or seen australian pepe internet

Updated 1 November 2019 by Thiago Khoury

For those who like a very detailed explanation, this is the most complete screen by screen on the internet: the prints with a step by step to help those who have a rusty English to apply for an Australian tourist visa on their own.

Not that I’m against hiring a professional, quite the contrary: if you can include this expense in your travel costs or you are insecure about the language, know that this is money very well spent!

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Step by step to get an Australian visa online

The Australian tourist visa is known as Visitor Visa Subclass 600: click here to access the Immigration Department’s main page, or here to read more about the 600 visa.

Whoever wants to can go straight to the application page where they apply.

After logging into the app, scroll down to “Don’t have an ImmiAccount?“, click on “create a new ImmiAccount” and create your own username and password.

The entire process is online and in English.Please have your passport in hand, another valid official document and an international credit card to pay the 140 Australian dollars for the tourist visa fee.

What you need to know about the visa

The Australian visa when applied for outside Australia costs US$140 (updated according to the latest update date at the top of the post) and is usually granted sometime between 18 and 28 days.

This visa allows one or multiple trips to Australia for three, six or twelve months, depending on what is requested and what is granted by them.

This is the ideal visa for anyone traveling to Australia, visiting friends or relatives, going on vacation or going on a cruise.

How to fill out the Australia visa form

Well, let’s start the step by step by showing you how to apply for a visa to Australia online.

(1) Terms and conditions: first page right after logging in.Just accept the terms and conditions.

Screen number 1

(2) Current location: In current location, check first if you are outside Australia while applying for Australian visa.Then select which country you are in while applying for a visa and your position in that country, such as “citizen” for example.

Purpose of stay: for the purpose of the visit, mark your main travel purpose first.Finally, briefly write about your travel dates.

Group processing: Check whether this request belongs to a group of requests from friends or relatives traveling together.

Special category of entry: check whether you belong to a special group, such as diplomats and politicians.

Como tirar o visto australiano pela internet

Screen number 2

(3) Passport details: These are your passport details.In “family name” put only your last name, in “given names” put your first name and middle names.Then mark your gender and select your date of birth, passport number, country of passport, nationality, date of printing, expiry date and the authority responsible for making it (in the case of Brazil, I believe it will always be the Federal Police).

Place of birth: enter city, state and select country of birth.

Relationship status: select your marital status.There are no singles: there are divorced or never married.

Other names: check if you have been legally known by other names.

Citizenship: check if you have the same nationality as your passport.Then check if you have a different nationality than your passport.

Other passports: check if you have other passports.

National identity documents: check if you have other national identity documents and then register at least your identity card or driver’s license

Healht examination: check if you passed for medical examinations at the request of the Australian government within the last 12 months.

Como tirar o visto australiano pela internet

Screen number 3

(4) Critical data confirmation: check that all the data that appears on this page is correct.If yes, confirm the information and proceed.

Como tirar o visto australiano pela internet

Screen number 4

(5) Additional identity questions: tick if you have traveled to Australia or applied for an Australian visa before.Of course, any answer different from mine may result in new questions.

Como solicitar o visto para Austrália

Screen number 5

(6) Create account: I don’t remember why, but it seems that I just created the access data to my account.Then tell me in the comments if it was different for you.

Como solicitar o visto para Austrália

Screen number 6

(7) Traveling companion: Check if you will be traveling with someone.For Brazilians living in Brazil, the only option is Brasília.

Residential address: select your country of residence and then fill in your residential address details.

Contact telephone numbers: fill in your contact telephone numbers.Don’t forget to start with the country code followed by the city code.

Postal address: check whether your residential address is also your postal address.

Electronic communication: check whether you agree to be contacted by email or fax and fill in the respective fields, if any.

Como solicitar o visto para Austrália

Screen number 8

(9) Authorised recipient: on this page they ask if you authorize the receipt of documents printed by third parties.I would have marked “yes”, but I found the next screen too bureaucratic to list who these people would be, so I ended up marking “no” (that is, only I could receive correspondence on my behalf).

I did this because I believe that in my case they wouldn’t send anything by post, but be careful, you won’t lose your trip for that!

Como solicitar o visto para Austrália

Screen number 9

(10) Non-accompanying family members: this page is the strangest of them: here they ask about people who will nottravel with the applicant.The funny thing is that in the possibilities menu they include everything from uncles and aunts to cousins, which is just to mention the most common ones.

I selected mother/father-in-law(or “mother or stepfather”, a little house that made no sense to me) and I entered only my mother’s data.As I don’t have any siblings or children (and there was no “father” option), I only provided one relative.

Passa a passo: visto de turismo para Austrália

Screen number 10

(11) Proposed period of stay: Set your travel dates.Even if you are not sure about them, it is necessary to set start and end dates of travel to apply for an Australian visa.Then select the duration of the trip to show that it matches the permission to stay for the requested visa, “up to 3 months“.

Multiple entries: check if you plan to visit the country more than once.Then check if you know the entry dates for the next visits.Then write down why you are applying for a multiple entry visa and not a single entry visa.In my case I said that I would like to visit New Zealand during my trip to Australia.

Study while in Australia: tick if you intend to study in Australia during your trip .

Relatives, friends or contacts in Australia: check whether you will visit a relative, friend or contact in Australia.

Passa a passo: visto de turismo para Austrália

Screen number 11

(12) Current employment details: first select the category that best fits you, in my case I chose “ self employed“, or self-employed.Then I filled in the name of the company and the date it was founded.

Organization address: I filled in the postal address of my company.I imagine that whoever is employed should fill in the data of the employing company.

Contact telephone numbers: business contact telephone numbers.

Electronic communication: I filled in my personal email address that I had already used in previous screens.

Passa a passo: visto de turismo para Austrália

Screen number 12

(13) Founding for stay: on this page you should clarify who is paying for the travel costs.In my case, myself, first option.Then you must answer what the financial resources will be available for the trip, which must be the stupidest question on the form: I answered that I will have access to my checking account and credit cards, and that’s it.

Passa a passo: visto de turismo para Austrália

Screen number 13

(14) Health declarations: These are public health questions.Of course you should read all of them and answer yes or no correctly, but in my case and in most cases it will be all “no”.

Passa a passo: visto de turismo para Austrália

Screen number 14

(15) Character declarations: these are public safety questions, and as I have never been part of any militia or anything like that, my answers were also all negative.

Passa a passo: visto de turismo para Austrália

Screen number 15

(16) Declarations: these are the statements that “I have read and understood” everything I was asked, as well as statements such as “I know I can be deported and have my Australian visa canceled if…” I do something wrong.Of course, once again: read and answer everything correctly!

Passa a passo: visto de turismo para Austrália

Screen number 16

Then comes a huge screen with the summary of everything that was answered.You can edit any part that contains errors, then just advance page by page until you come back to it again.

Passa a passo: visto de turismo para Austrália

Screen number 17

This above is the last step before you enter your international credit card details and unlocked for purchases abroadto pay the fee of 140 Australian dollars.

Then wait for approximately 10 days to get a response from the Australian government.I logged into the system again, went to add documents and uploaded both.All documents in Portuguese, of course.

Seven days later I received an email saying that my Australian visa had been granted: one year of multiple entry visa!

Did you realize that this is one of the only visas in the world that is not interested in your past travels?If you have traveled to 20 other countries or if this is your first international trip, it doesn’t matter, they are all analyzed as first-timers.

It is also interesting that along the answer fields you will find questions with explanations and examples.This has often been very helpful to me!

Don’t forget that this was myAustralian tourist visa application process, but it might not be yours: any answer different from mine will probably result in more or less questions.

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