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How to see dolphins and whales

When we went to do the Madeira Island boat tour one thing made me very excited: the owner of the agency told us that he used to tell all the clients that if they don’t see any sea animals during the tour, he will give you another tour in return.

I confess that I’m not usually very lucky in these situations. You know that saying that 99% of the time people see a rare species of fish during the tour? So, I’m often part of that 1% lol. So when he told me that, I got really excited.

Having said all that, I will tell you about my experience during the boat trip in Madeira Island.


I did two types of boat trips on Madeira Island. The first was in a private speedboat with food and drink and the second was in a normal boat.

Boat trip on Madeira Island (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

The private speedboat tour is nice in warm seasons for those who want to swim and enjoy the seabut it is not allowed to reach the areas where the animals usually stay. Therefore, it is not a tour for those who want to see whales and dolphins..

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Our second boat trip on Madeira Island was done on a regular boat. A biologist accompanied us throughout the journey. He talked about the marine species most found in the region and also told about the biology of the place.

Boat trip on Madeira Island (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

During the tour, the pilot receives information on the places where the dolphins and whales are at that moment, since in Madeira Island there are some people who stay all day watching the animals. Therefore, there is no rule about the route we will take during the tour or which animals we will be able to see.

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This, by the way, is a very positive point of the island. There is a very serious concern about animals and some rules need to be followed. First, we saw many dolphins. Many indeed. They stayed around our boat and then we saw them from afar too. But the boat has a time limit to stay in that place. Then you have to get out of there.

Boat trip on Madeira Island (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

During the journey, the biologist shows images of the animals and explains exactly which species we can see.

The Madeira Island boat tour continued after our pilot received the information that had seen some whales in another region. He warned us that we would go there. To our surprise, we arrived and were able to see the whales up close. It was very exciting. In fact, we saw pilot whales.

We did the boat tour in Madeira Island with the company Cetacean Route.

Boat trip on Madeira Island (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Do you have any questions about the boat trip on Madeira Island? Leave it in the comments!

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