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how to visit outside carnival

Post updated on 12/21/2021

Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro – visit outside of Carnival
O Rio de Janeiro It is full of attractions to visit. And one of them is Sambadrome. Even if your visit doesn’t happen during the carnival season, it’s worth making a little visit to get to know the place.

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We also had this opportunity when, in April 2014, we visited the wonderful city for the first time. even without the glam that we always saw on television during the samba school parades, was nice to know the most famous avenue in Brazil and even in the world!!!

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The ride was quick. Less than an hour. After all, there’s not much to do there. Just take a look at that gigantic place and imagine the emotion it must be to parade through there under the eyes of the thousands of people in the stands and boxes.

Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro
Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro


Outside the carnival season, the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro is open during the day for visitation. And besides seeing the avenue, you can also get to know the Samba Museum. Entrance is free. We didn’t go in for lack of time.

For those who like it, it is still possible wear costumes from the parades to take pictures. In April 2014, R$7 was charged for a complete costume (R$2, if it was just a hat).

And those who can’t resist, can still take home some souvenirs at the souvenir.

In the background, tourists take pictures dressed in costumes from the parades - Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro outside the carnival
In the background, tourists take pictures dressed in costumes from the parades – Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro

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History of the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro

The Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro was designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer and its construction was completed in 1984. The works lasted 120 days.

The track is 700 meters long and 13 meters wide.

Until then, every year it was necessary to assemble and dismantle the stands so that the samba school parades could be held.

Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro outside Carnival
Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro – how to visit outside Carnival

The Sambadrome has a capacity for over 75,000 people, divided into stands, boxes, chairs and friezes.

Rehearsals at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro – from December to the date of the carnival, on weekends, the Sambódromo receives the rehearsals of the samba schools. Entrance is usually free.

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Anyone who is in the wonderful city at this time can take the opportunity to see a little of what will happen on the avenue during Carnival.

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