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how to visit the most important museum in the capital

The Masp, São Paulo Museum of Art, is one of the main attractions in the capital of São Paulo. With a diverse collection, which ranges from works by classical artists to exhibitions with current themes, Masp has also become one of the most important museums in the world.

in the heart of Paulista AvenueMasp is a must-see for anyone visiting São Paulo.

Take advantage of this article and see tips on how to visit Masp, how to get to the museum, ticket prices, how to make a free visit and even discover the must-see exhibitions.

The unmistakable facade of MASP stands out on Av. Paulista

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Masp, São Paulo: history, architecture and importance

The São Paulo Museum of Art was founded in 1947 by businessman Assis Chateaubriand. The private non-profit institution soon became the country’s first modern museum.

Today, the Masp collection brings together more than 11 thousand works, including paintings, photographs, sculptures, objects and videos, including productions from the five continents.

Its collection of European art, by the way, is the most important in the Southern Hemisphere. To give you an idea, since 2008, the institution has been part of the “Clube dos 19”, a list, headed by the Musèe D’Orsay, in Paris, with the 19 museums with the most significant collections of 19th century European art. This group also includes the Metropolitan, from New York, and The Art Institute, from Chicago.

With a very plural approach, Masp’s exhibitions manage to create a dialogue between classical and Renaissance artists and current productions, provoking great discussions, both in the artistic environment and on human behavior.

but São Paulo
Go to Masp, where cultural events take place

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Why is it worth visiting Masp?

– The building is one of the postcards of São Paulo. Designed by Lina Bo Bardi, the building is considered an icon in the city.

– The permanent collection of Masp has been listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) since 1969.

– The Open Space of Masp is famous and provides a beautiful view of the city. In the space, which is about 70m long, there are also artistic manifestations, film screenings and an antiques fair that has been taking place every Sunday for 25 years.

– The museum has a theater, café and restaurant. The restaurant ‘A Baineira’ combines Bahian and Minas Gerais cuisine and has already been featured in gastronomy contests.

– Escola Masp offers bimonthly courses on the arts that are open to anyone interested in the subject, regardless of academic background.

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São Paulo Museum of Art: tickets

Integer: BRL 40 (May/2020)

Students and Teachers: BRL 20

People over 60 years old: BRL 20

Children under 11 years old do not pay (you need to bring ID)

When is Masp free?

On Tuesdays, the visit to Masp is free for everyone.

How to buy tickets for the Masp?

Tickets can be purchased at the museum box office. It is also possible to buy the ticket online.


Tuesday, from 10 am to 8 pm | Wednesday to Sunday, 10 am to 6 pm

Masp works normally on holidays, but closes every Monday and on 12/24 and 12/25, 12/31 and 1/1.

masp sp collection
Masp’s permanent collection has more than 8 thousand works

What to visit at Masp: museum exhibitions

As I said, Masp is the most important museum in SP and its collection is listed by IPHAN. THE long-term exhibition It is located on the 1st and 2nd floors of the museum and features works by renowned artists from the Italian School, Spanish, French, English and American art.

The highlights of the permanent collection are paintings by Renoir, Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Modigliani, Rembrandt, Diego Rivera, Candido Portinari, Anita Malfatti and many others. These works alone are worth seeing, but the room is gigantic and there is still much to see.

already the contemporary art exhibitions, are usually mounted on the 1st and 2nd basement, and can change space depending on the intervention. Temporary exhibitions often talk to each other and promote great discussions throughout the rooms.

The last time we visited Masp, in August 2019, the exhibitions dealt with “women’s stories, feminist stories”, with remarkable and empowered exhibitions.

If you want to check out the exhibitions that will be on display before visiting Masp, just access the museum’s website.

what to do in masp
Temporary exhibition

masp exhibitions
Pink and Blue or The Cahen d’Anvers Girls (first from left to right) is a famous painting by French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

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How long does it take to visit Masp?

Depending on the exhibitions, you can book around three hours to visit the Masp. That’s because the rooms are huge and have a lot of interesting things to see.

In addition, the permanent collection has works by great artists and you will want to linger a little longer on this tour.

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How to get to Masp?

The easiest way to get to Masp is by subway, but you can still get there by bus, car or bicycle.

Subway: the nearest station is Trianon-Masp – Metro Line 2 Green. The cost of the ticket is R$ 4.60. Get to know the São Paulo subway map.

Bus: It is easy to get to Masp by bus, as several lines pass through Av. Paulista. There is a bus stop very close to the Museum. Check the itinerary on the SPTrans website.

Bicycle: those who prefer to tour São Paulo by bike can leave the skinny one at the museum’s free bike rack.

Car: if you are traveling by car, you can use one of the car parks associated with Masp (remember to stamp the ticket at the museum ticket office): Car Park – Alameda Casa Branca, 14 | Progress Park – Avenida Paulista, 1636.

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Masp Shop

In the museum shop, you can purchase catalogs of the collection and exhibitions on display, but you can also take home pieces by Norma Tamaoki, the only artist authorized to reproduce works by Tarsila do Amaral, or ceramics by Kimi Nii, who also sells her pieces. at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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You can include Masp in several itinerary configurations in São Paulo, but remember to visit it at the first opportunity, as it is a must-see attraction. Did you like our tips? Then send it to us in the comments.

by Nange Sá

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