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Hugs that once healed now threaten

I don’t know about you, but now every time I watch a movie or series and people are hugging or kissing two things come to my mind: 1. How good it was to be able to do this and we never appreciate it; 2. How nervous of these people all hugging.

If there is a pride that we Brazilians have always had, it is precisely in our human heat. Greeting with kisses and hugs who we just met has always been ours most natural brand.

Hugs (Photo: Pixabay)

It was strange for us to travel abroad and have to adapt to the handshake culture. here has always been tight hug and, in some regions, two or three (to marry) kisses in the face.

Suddenly, what always symbolized affection became a threat. She had never imagined that one day a tight hug would become such an imminent danger. And precisely when we need someone’s hug the most we can’t give or receive.

Even I, who was never the guy who went out hugging the most, miss that. of all sad news about coronavirus that I’ve been reading around, it always draws my attention to the fact that people who have lost someone very closebesides not being able to veil the body with dignity, are prohibited from hugging friends and family.

A hug doesn’t heal, but it calms the heart. And in these difficult moments, they are the ones that make us gain strength to move forward. Even that was taken from us. In these situations of loss, it seems that hugging someone you love very much gives you energy to move on and release the pain that is inside you.

Hugs that once healed now threaten us (Photo: Pixabay)

When will we be able to hug each other tight again without fear showing up? You know that hug without haste and with the right to kisses… I can’t wait to take my nieces in my lap and hug them very hard. I don’t remember when was the last time I hugged them. If I’d known it would be the last, I would have held on longer.

But will we be able to hug without feeling threatened or without threatening who we hug? Will we continue to be the country of human warmth? As with everything, I think time will heal that too. Let’s adapt to the new reality and when the virus is controlled, mainly by a vaccine or a medicine, we will be able to distribute hugs and kisses around.

About that, the best way to show affection for the ones we love the most is not to hug and kiss.

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Adolfo Nomelini

Journalist graduated from PUC-SP and post-graduated in Communication in Digital Media, he is passionate about music, coxinha, television, his glasses and the internet. He has been working with online content for more than 13 years and spends much of his time “throwing his body out into the world, walking around and, by the natural law of encounters, leaving and receiving a little”.

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