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“I went to Hopi Hari alone when I was 14” – by Pamella Martinz Alves

“My first solo trip was to Hopi Hari, in 2013, when I was 14 years old. I had gone before, with my cousin, but, as I love amusement parks and the opportunity to go on an excursion came up, I ended up convincing my mother. How did I get it? Well, a childhood friend was also going, accompanied by her cousin, brother and sister-in-law.

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Turns out, as soon as I got on the bus, we were separated – her in the front and I in the only seat I had, which was a little further back. When we arrived in Vinhedo, the city where the Hopi Hari is located, the tour owner warned that the entry would be done in pairs due to the double passport and that we could not separate from those who were sitting together. And so it was. So I made friends with the girl next to me and the friends who were with her. We had lunch together, I “introduced” them to the park and we had a fair amount of fun (since they were never willing to face the gigantic lines).



As soon as it started to get dark, they decided they were going back to the bus. But that’s not what I wanted, I wanted more toys, more fun and adventure. Therefore, I decided to be alone and face the queues alone.

As it was Horror Time, the park was packed and as soon as it gets dark the characters roam freely throughout the park. I had so much fun with the scares they gave, with the conversations and everything.



Unfortunately I ended up being nervous about being alone and you know what, right? Some kids who thought they had the right to mess with me followed behind as I got out of a toy distractedly. One of them, more daring, took my arm asking me to stay there with them. But, as I don’t accept this kind of behavior, I already pushed and chipped a slap in the middle of the face and just left. As I was younger at the time, I think they didn’t expect this kind of behavior from me (I’m glad I surprised them).

Anyway, after I parted ways with the guys, I walked in much better toys and I think I had a little more fun!



My tip for those who want to travel alone: ​​GO WITH YOUR HEAD! Discover new places, new people and new cultures. If the fear of being harassed or even mugged holds you back, work on it so that none of these things are a barrier for you – for manas who are afraid, there is a wonderful defense spray that, splashing in the eyes, you can stop the person and It’s really worth buying, even though it’s a little pricey.

Have a lot of fun and when you come back, bring the best memories in your suitcase and if nostalgia knocks on your door, come back and do it all over again!”

Text: Pamella Martinz Alves
Photos: Personal archive

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