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I went to see the Escape 60 and I’ve already recommended it to everyone!

Updated November 1, 2019 by Thiago Khoury

Have you heard of Escape 60?

I don’t know if you guys know, but this last weekend there was a super meeting of bloggers in BH and I took the opportunity to make some programs that I had never done around here (right in the city where I live, blacksmith’s house, wooden skewer, you know as?).

That’s how I ended up going to the exhaust 60. Do you know or know someone who has gone? I went to find out what it was about. exhaust 60 after seeing so many friends posting pictures in front of a black background with those little victory signs saying that they had done well and escaped in time, something I was unable to do, even with the help of five other friends!

Facade of the Escape 60 in BH

Well, exhaust 60 it’s what they call an escape game. The objective is to solve the riddle that the story proposes in up to 60 minutes, otherwise you and your friends lose. The cool thing is the expectation that the clock creates, it is to kill the riddle in less than 60 minutes, because this is a game of search for clues, the objective is not to feel fear – at no time is there any scare involved, nor darkness and much less a prank : everyone is welcome, including children.

How does the Escape 60 work?

I also had this doubt, I had never participated in anything like this, but it is the following: exhaust 60 it is a house (there are several throughout Brazil) with rooms and rooms that are different missions with their own scenario and history.

In BH there are three rooms: Operation Rescue, Save Our Souls and Death Row. If you don’t know any, my tip is to book the one that holds you and all your friends, because some are bigger or smaller and can receive more or less participants at a time.

I made the reservation for Operation Rescue. My friends and I arrived 10 minutes before the scheduled time, which was 1:50 pm, put our wallets, cell phones and car keys in a locker, climbed the stairs to the Operation Rescue room and stood facing the door waiting for the instructions of the young man who accompanied us.


We cannot take a cell phone or camera, these photos are for publicity

We stood there, standing in front of the door that was plotted as the entrance to a hotel room in Buenos Aires. He told a little bit of the story surrounding the setting in that room.

I thought I’d tell you exactly what he said, but I thought I’d better copy the description from the site so I don’t run the risk of giving any spoilers:

“Your cousin disappeared during a spree of serial murders that occur exactly at midnight.

Just before the disappearance, she mentioned that she was dating a guy who had just arrived in town and was staying at the Plaza Hotel. Police searched the area and found no clues. A maid, however, reported that there was a room that the police did not see.

You and your team have 60 minutes to rescue her.”

Well, that’s more or less what he said before opening the door. He says goodbye, the door closes and a giant stopwatch starts ticking. Okay, that’s all the information we have as the clock starts counting down to 60 minutes.

There’s no clue, no first hint, no starting point, nothing!

After realizing that a few seconds have passed, we get real and start rummaging through everything in the hope of finding something that leads to another and a next one until we can figure out how to get out of there – oh, that I can say: the door locks, but there is no lock. So one thing that we realize right away is not a key that will get us out of there.

Guys, seriously, it’s really cool. I wanted to say more, but anything I say might spoil the surprise since half the fun is getting there and not knowing where to start. So if you have a friend who has gone, end the conversation before you hear something you shouldn’t.

And good luck!

exhaust 60 (access website)

In BH it works in Santo Antônio, but there are several in Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza and São Paulo

Rodei was invited to participate in Escape 60

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