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Ideal time to stay in the city

when deciding how many days in Foz Iguaçu are ideal for a trip, it is necessary to remember that the city, in addition to having the fallshas other attractions and makes border also with Paraguay and Argentina. I mean, there’s a lot to do there.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to give tips on How to plan a trip to Foz do Iguaçu so as not to waste time and enjoy all the touristic points that are there.


When setting up a route around Foz do Iguaçu, you need to remember some very important details. As I said, the city is famous for waterfalls of Iguaçubut has other attractions. Also, you need to think about whether you will just want to do back and forth to Argentina or if you’d rather sleep a night in the country.

In this post, we talk about our experience to help you decide how many days in Foz do Iguaçu are ideal.


Before we talk about exactly how many days to stay in Foz do Iguaçu, let’s show you the main attractions of the destination. In this way, it is easier to organize the trip.

Before that, it’s also worth seeing what is the best time to visit the region. We did a post about this. Take a look.


It is worth taking the first day in Foz to go to waterfalls of Iguaçu. After all, this is the best attraction in town. If you go early, you can take the opportunity to go to the bird park on the same day.

Many people are in doubt whether to go to the park on the side of Brazil or Argentina. The Brazilian side is better structured. I think it’s worth it. If you prefer, you can go to both as well.

Iguazu Falls (Photo: This World is Ours)

We have a post counting our experience on the Brazilian side and another talking about when we went to the argentine side.

Remember to book the Macuco Safari, which is the boat that passes very close to the waterfalls. It is very fun. we did a very complete post showing how the tour is.

+ See more information on the park’s official website


Another attraction of Foz that is worth knowing is the bird park. The ideal is to leave the Falls on the Brazilian side and go there, since the attractions are very close.

How many days in Foz do Iguaçu: Parque das Aves (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

In Parque das Aves it is possible to see up close several species of birds, many of them were rescued from trafficking. We made a post with all the details of the tour.

+ See more details on the park’s official website


O Three Borders Landmark on the Brazilian side is also very interesting. After all, from there you can see the Paraguay and the Argentina, but it’s not such a long ride. You can do it at the beginning of the night, when there are some presentations. We made a post about our experience there..

Three Borders Landmark (Photo: This World is Ours)

+ See prices and timetables on the official website


When deciding how many days in Foz do Iguaçu, don’t forget to include the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant. When we went we decided to go at night to take a tour and also see the dams being litbut it only happens on Fridays and Saturdays. We told everything in a post.

You can make the circuit that goes to the dam area and another that leads inside the plant.

see in official website of the plant the tour options and also the ticket prices.

We didn’t go to the Buddhist Temple, but the tip of the Ricardo Freire is to take the opportunity to go on the same day as you go to Itaipu, since they are close.


if you want to go to Argentine side of the park, it is worth setting aside a day for this. Also take the opportunity to take a walk around Puerto Iguazu and to pass the free shop to do some shopping. In the center, there is also a fair with typical foods and handicrafts. When we went, we took the opportunity to eat cheese and salami and drink beer.

+ See more information about the free shop
+ See more information about the Argentinian side of the park

We prefer to sleep one night on the Argentinian side to wake up early to discover the park and then enjoy the casino and go to the duty free shop.

+ When to go: See the best time to visit the region


The first time we went to Foz do Iguaçu, we decided to visit Ciudad del Esteat the Paraguay, with the hope of shopping. Honestly, we didn’t like it. We think the city is pretty ugly, messy and dirty. Not to mention that stores close at 4 pm (Brasilia time – 5 pm Paraguayan time). So it’s good to go prepared. Also remember that on Sundays it’s not worth going there, as most stores don’t open.

Ahh! Also, we are quite afraid to buy something counterfeit. We ended up giving up and didn’t buy practically anything. Although, yes, there are reliable stores, such as Mona Lisa.


If you just want to do the basics, the ideal is 4 days. In this way, it is possible to know the two sides of the falls (one each day), go to bird parkto Three Borders Landmarkvisit Itaipu and still go through Paraguay and for Argentina.

How many days in Foz do Iguaçu (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

DAY 1: Waterfalls on the Brazilian side + Parque das Aves
DAY 2: Falls Argentina side + Casino + Freeshop + Puerto Iguazu
DAY 3: Shopping in Paraguay (remember that most stores are not open on Sundays) + Marcos das Três Fronteiras at night
DAY 4: Itaipu + Buddhist Temple

If you don’t want to shop in Paraguay, it is worth using this day to take it easy to Puerto Iguazu.

If there is time… Foz do Iguaçu is every day with more attractions, something very similar to Lawn. So, if you have more time, there will certainly be plenty of things to do there. It has, for example, the helicopter tour to see the falls, the Dinosaur Valley, the Wax Museum, the Acquamania, the Supercars, the Ice Bar and several eco-tours.


Do not forget that to go to Argentina and for the Paraguay will have to go through immigration. In the case of Paraguay, it is more relaxed. Anyway, it’s always good to have your documents up to date.

To go to both countries, it is not necessary to have a passport, only an RG with a date of issuance of a maximum of 10 years before is already valid.. In the case of Paraguay, they demand that Brazilians have taken the yellow fever vaccine. Although it’s rare for them to ask to see the document, it doesn’t hurt to have it with you on the day of travel.

The vaccine must be taken up to 10 days before travel.

Other important information: from January 2020, the limit for purchases at land borders will increase from US$ 300 to US$ 500, and the limit on purchases at duty-free shops will increase from US$ 500 to US$ 1000.

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How many days in Foz do Iguaçu (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Do you have any doubts about how many days in Foz do Iguaçu are ideal? Leave it in the comments!

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