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Instituto Inhotim, Brumadinho (MG): 7 best tips

The Instituo Inhotimis a must-see.The museum is home to one of the most important collections of contemporary art in Brazil, in addition to being considered the largest open-air art center in Latin America.

It is a practically mandatory place, which brings together art galleries in the midst of a huge botanical garden with beautiful landscapes, colors and inexplicable shapes.

You have to go there at least once in your life, and if you’re already planning to do so, we’ve put together this guide indicating the must-see attractions, how to plan your visit, how to get there and some tips to facilitate your experience there.

There are 7 beautiful gardens at Instituto Inhotim

Institute Inhotim, MG: where is it, how to go, what to do and tips

  1. Where is Inhotim
  2. Price
  3. How to go
  4. Where to stay
  5. Visit (structure, carts, circuits, etc)
  6. What to do (with photos)
  7. Tips

There are 3 different circuits with different galleries and outdoor artworks

Where is the Institute Inhotim: how far is it from BH

The museum is located in Brumadinho, a city with 30,000 inhabitants located 60 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais .

It was elected in 2014 by the TripAdvisor website as one of the 25 museums in the world best rated by users.Look how amazing!

What is the price of admission to Inhotim

The ticket to the Instituto Inhotim museum costs R$44 (full – Jan/ 2022) and BRL 22 (half).

The one-way ticket costs R$41.05 and the return ticket costs R$37.15 (April 2021) and the buses leave from the BH bus station, on platform F12.

By van:

The Inhotim Institute offers a van service and departure time is 8:30 am on Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays the timetable is the same, but departures are only possible upon reservation of at least 4 people.

Return times are 4:30 pm from Tuesday to Friday, and 5:30 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.It costs BRL 66.00 round trip, and BRL 35.00 just back.You must book a day in advance through the contacts [email protected]or (31) 3290-9180.

For excursion:

Civitatis offers a tour from BH with transport and the advantage of having a guide included.

By car:

The trip can be made by the BR-381 towards São Paulo and the exit is well signposted (about 60 kilometers) or by the BR-040 towards Rio de Janeiro (about 80 kilometers through Serra da Moeda).Follow the signs to Casa Branca and then to Brumadinho.

Do you need to rent a car to visit Inhotim?Buy the prices of the main rental companies, pay in reais without IOF and pay in installments without interest on the card or guarantee a 5% discount on the cash slip at

Remembering that Instituto Inhotim is located about 3 kilometers from the center of Brumadinho.At the time we went, taxis charged R$20 for the ride there, and some hotels have a shuttle service.

The place has ample free parking for those arriving by car.If you want to stay in the city instead of taking a day trip around BH, stay downtown.

galeria adriana varejao
Adriana Varejão Gallery


Where to stay in Brumadinho

Brumadinho has a good range of accommodation, with comfortable inns, hotels and great hostels.Two highly rated 3-star alternatives are Ville de Montagne Hoteland Pousada Lafevi.

Among the cool hostels are the Hostel 70 , where we stayed, and Hostel Hari, andHostel Pé de Caju, the one with the best rating.

A little further away from the centre, Pousada Alta Vistais a comfortable 4-star option and great value for money, and Casa da Hortais a highly rated and affordable option.

Check out more accommodation offers in Brumadinho at Booking.

Visit to Instituto Inhotim

There are 3 different circuitsinside the museum:

  • Orange Axis
  • Yellow Axis
  • Pink Axis

The first is the longest and each one of them has several attractions, whether from the botanical garden or art cyesterdayporânea.

I recommend at least two days to visit Instituto Inhotim calmly and the tip is to do the Orange Axis in one day, and combine the other two axes on the same day Following.In this case, buy the two-day package at a discount.



It is much nicer to visit Inhotim on foot, but if you prefer not to walk, the price of the electric trolleythat travels along pre-determined routes, stopping at points close to attractions, is R$30 per person.

Transport runs from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm and on weekends and holidays from 10 am to 5 pm.

The scheme is as follows: you stop at a point, get off, visit the attraction or attractions around, return to the point and wait for the next cart, which circulates all the time.It is still possible to hire a private stroller with a monitor for up to 5 people at R$500 per day or R$200 per hour (April/2021).


The 3 circuits are signposted and accessible, there are toiletsin several locations, and great dining options.

Where to eat:

There are two restaurants, Oiticica, near the reception, with a self-service buffet at R $49 a kilo, and Tamboril, on the Eixo Amarelo, with an all-you-can-eat buffet for R$79 per person including dessert.

There are also options for quick snacks, such as Café das Flores, Lanchonete True Rouge, Casa dos Sucos (G13) and Hamburgueria do Galpão G11, where we recommend the chicken sandwich with ricotta, pineapple and honey mustard sauce, simply delicious.

>> It is possible to take a virtual tour on the siteof Instituto Inhotim, check the visit rulestation and many other information about the place.

>> Click to see the map of the circuits and attractions of Instituto Inhotim.Pick up your map from reception to guide your visit.

inhotim mg
There are collective and private trolleys available for hire

museu inhotim

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> Instituto Inhotim: summary to plan your visit step by step:

1.Decide whether or not to use a cart, and include it in the purchase.

3.Book your accommodation in the center of Brumadinho.

4.Buy round-trip tickets, or book a car.

5.If traveling by bus, arrange a transfer from your hotel, or arrange a taxi.


What to do in Inhotim: points of interest and galleries

The Inhotim Institute covers an area of ​​140 hectares that blend sensory, botanical and artistic experiences.

There are 7 themed gardens, 5 on the Orange Axis and 2 on the Yellow Axis:

  • All Senses Garden
  • Desert Garden
  • Transition Garden
  • Vandário
  • Veredas Garden
  • Pictorial Garden
  • Orchid Lake

There are 23 art galleries, 6 on the Yellow Axis, 10 on the Orange Axis, and 7 on the Pink Axis, with works by renowned artists such as Tunga, Cildo Meireles and Helio Oiticica.

Thirty botanical highlightsscattered around the circuits are popular with the public, such as, for example,Canary Date Palm Tree, Walking Palm Tree, Yellow Ipê, Juçara Plameira, Black Rosewood, Elephant Paw and many others.

There are numerous works, but below we recommend a few that are unmissable.

inhotim minas gerais
All botanical species are described


A space that gathers about 350 orchids from the Vandaceae group, originating in Southeast Asia and from Australia, something unique open to the public in Brazil.

vandario inhotim

De Lama Lâmina

Did you know that the work “De Lama Lâmina”, by artist Matthew Barney, emerged from a performance made at Salvador’s carnival in 2004?

A few years later, he chose a clearing in the middle of the Inhotim gardens.This is what Miguel Rio Branco’s “Maciel” show portrays.

The scenes portrayed are strong , but full of sensitivity and, above all, truth.

A shocking but very beautiful exhibition

Inhotim is colour, shapes and movement:

instituto inhotim mg
There are beautiful lakes and gardens in Inhotim

Desvio para o Vermelho, de Cildo Meireles
Deviation to the Red, by Cildo Meireles

Tips for those going to visit Inhotim

– Don’t forget the sunscreen.And if you get “nervous” when sand gets into your sandals, wear sneakers.Due to the composition of some galleries, there are places with stones, sand, water… you will step on several floors.But beware: Nange was barred from a gallery with glass on the floor for wearing sandals.In other words, it’s best to wear sneakers!

– Don’t forget your water bottle.There are several drinking fountains, but the thirst is right at that point between them.

– Don’t forget to get the mapfrom the concierge.It’s critical to know where you’ve been and where you haven’t been in that maze of artworks.

– Set aside some money for the little shop.It makes you want to buy everything, there are so many beautiful things.

– Check out the programmingon the website, suddenly, you might be as lucky as us, which we like a show in honor of Fernando Brant, outdoors, on the grass.There are always events going on at Inhotim.

– It is prohibitedto bring food or have a picnic in the park.But don’t worry, there are two excellent restaurants, several eateries and a cafe to make you want it all.

•- It is allowed to photograph the attractions for personal use, and you cannot use flash inside the galleries.The use of a tripod, pedestal or any other support for cameras inside the galleries is not allowed.


Instituto Inhotim

R.B, 20 – Fazenda Inhotim, Brumadinho – MG

Tel: 55 31 3571-9700 |

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I hope these tips will help you plan a very nice trip to Instituto Inhotim.Then tell us how it went!

by Camila Coubelle


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