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IPW 2018 in Denver: the largest tourism fair in the United States

Updated April 11, 2019 by Thiago Khoury

Every year my friends ask me what this IPW. I talked a little bit about it here, when I got back from last year’s edition in Washington DC, but the truth is that for us journalists, the IPW It’s like Tinder: you show interest in people with common affinities, and if those people show interest in you, that’s it.

But in this case, the “you” is us, journalists, and the “people” are the representatives of the communication departments of destinations, attractions and service providers that have “affinities” with the editorial line of our vehicles.

Obviously the “match” is the part I like the most: instead of drinks at the bar or club on Friday, the match at IPW it is a 10-minute meeting where both talk about the best ways to bring the most relevant information to the public about that entity represented by the subject responsible for the “match”.

And a well-given match resonates for years!

Selection of Stories that aired on @rodeiviagens – sorry for the stuffy nose and slurred voice!

How the IPW works in five handpicked subtitles

Well, everyone sees the IPW in a way: journalists, exhibitors, customers… They are different niches that have completely different relationships with the fair: each one has its priorities and obligations to do with the fair. IPW open after five fair days.

And do you know what it’s like to make it work? It is to make the fair generate, in one year, 4.7 billion dollars in business related to tourism. It’s bringing 500 journalists from all over the world to the host city. It’s making this kind of experience roll over a weekend that starts on Saturday and ends on Wednesday:

Denver was the host city for the 2018 IPW

What a delightful city Denver is! I didn’t expect that I would like what I saw so much. This was my first time in Colorado and I regretted not having explored more of the region, but after a week in the city (yes, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to arrive two days earlier!) I quickly understood how Colorado is much bigger than the incredible winter landscapes of Vail and Aspen.

The entire Brazilian delegation stayed at the Hilton Denver City Center, which is very well located two blocks from 16th Street, the main street in the tourist center of Denver that connects two incredible neighborhoods in the city: the descoladex LoDo and the cultural Golden Triangle, but then we will talk more about them.

Media Marketplace: matches that were given happening in 10-minute rounds!

Rodei has an old match affair with Disney…

…and a new match case with Miami!

The journalists’ breakfast was a success!

Every year they strive to hold a special event for guest journalists at iconic points in the city. In Denver they chose Larimer Street, one of the most charming in the city.

Not only did they close the street to receive us, but they invited some of the most famous local chefs to take a little of what we find in their respective restaurants.

The cool thing is that those incredible options of restaurants on the rise or established were presented in a very different way: in stalls and a very cold morning typical of the parties that started here in Brazil.

More than 30 bars and restaurants serving delicious food…

… and we still see friends again!

The guided tours offered around the city were great

I almost said that this is my favorite part, but if I had to choose just one I would choose the subtitle below. Anyway, this is one of my favorites: the press is entitled to a tour on Sunday, right after breakfast, and participants in general are entitled to a tour on Saturday.

The Sunday tour was great, I took a guided tour of three of the most famous museums in the city. The Saturday tour, which had everything to be beautiful, was a shot in the foot: it rained, it was cold and there was a fog so frightening that not even Stephen King could describe it.

The parties are amazing!

Actually they are not “parties”, they are “events”, my fault. Anyway, the events are amazing! There are the larger events that are part of the official calendar of the IPW and there are private events that are promoted by some of the exhibitors involved in the fair.

And I love them all. It’s a shame that the next day (or the previous one) is always a mess and we can’t enjoy it as much as we’d like, but I love being part of these informal meetings where we stay immersed in the fair atmosphere and meeting people who make up the American cities that people love (or would love to know) to be the success they are.

IPW Denver

Dear friends during five days of fair! @ajanelalaranja @aprendizdeviajante_ @maricampos @youmustgoblog and several others who were left out of the selfie!

Matches are always very good!

When the match doesn’t happen right away the IPW gives us the opportunity to push the envelope: we ask, like someone who doesn’t want anything, for a little space in everyone’s agenda and, look how great, no one plays hard to get, we can meet everyone who wants to and talk about business in an enabling environment where everyone has the same objective: to bring relevant information to a greater number of people.

And that’s what’s going to happen here. Even because you and I are super match 😉

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