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Is Brussels Card in Brussels worth it?

Brussels in Belgium

Planning a trip to Brussels Belgium? Then this tip is for you! Discover all about Brussels tourist card Brussels Card: what attractions are included, how much it costs, where to buy and also find out if it’s worth it.

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Brussels in Belgium

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And the brussels tourist card, which includes free access to several of the city’s monuments and also discounts in some shops, restaurants and pubs. We used the card on our last trip to Brussels and we’re going to tell you about our experience, but first, let’s tell you how the card works.

It is also possible to include in your Brussels Card the tourist bus or public transportation: subway and buses from STIB/MIVB. We include the tourist bus, which is the Brussels Hop on Hop off. With it, you can hop on and off the buses as many times as you like at one of the 13 different stops.

How long is the Brussels Card?

The card is valid for:

  • 24 hours;
  • 48 hours;
  • 72 hours.

In Brussels the card is valid from the time you used it for the first time. And your 24, 48 or 72 hours will start counting from that exact time.

If you used the card for the first time at 11:00 am, it will be valid until 10:59 am the following day, if you purchased the 24-hour card.

A tip is to write it down on the card so you don’t forget.

How much does the Brussels Card cost?

  • €29 24-hour card;
  • €39 48-hour card;
  • €46 72-hour card;
  • €37 24-hour card + transport;
  • €54 48-hour card + transport;
  • €65 72-hour card + transport;
  • Values ​​practiced in June/2022.

where to buy the Brussels Card?

The easiest way to buy your Brussels tourist card is online. You can do this on well-known and safe sites like Civitatis or Get Your Guide.

So, when you buy your card, you will receive it in your email. Then just print the voucher with the barcode and use it on the attractions you choose. Super practical right?

⇒ You can buy your card here.

When you buy your Brussels tourist card, you also have the option to include the tourist bus, so you can save 50% off the tourist bus.

Advantages of Brussels Card

  • Economy;
  • Practicality;
  • Do not queue at the box office.

What is included in the Brussels Card?

The Brussels tourist card gives access to more than 40 museums in the city.

A tip is to check out all the museums available, choose the ones you like best and plan your itinerary through Brussels. We did that.

We gather thetractions that we consider most famous or important and are included in the card. Are they:

  • Museum of Musical Instruments;
  • Magritte Museum;
  • Autoworld Brussels;
  • Choco Story: chocolate museum;
  • Belgian Center for Stories and Comics;
  • Natural Museum of Cienais,
  • Fiftyth Anniversary Museum;
  • Belyue Museum;
  • Erasmus House;
  • Hal’s bearing;
  • Charlier Museum;
  • Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium.
Brussels tourist card, places included in the Brussels Card, museums included in the Brussels Card,
Autoworld in Brussels: attraction included in the Brussels Card

Discounted attractions for Brussels Card holders:

  • Mini Europe discount €2.5;
  • Basilique de Koekelberg €2 discount;
  • Beer and Beer Tour €10 discount;
  • Cruise in Brussels 1.5 € discount.

Is it worth using the Brussels tourist card?

Yea!!! It’s really worth it! represents a great savings on your trip. So you can discover more museums and attractions in Brussels on a budget.

We’ve visited a lot of places in Brussels, but for this article not to be too long, we’ve selected just two places to show you that it pays to buy the Brussels tourist card. They were:

  • Museum of Musical Instruments €15;
  • Autoworld: 13 €;
  • Values ​​in June/2022.

To visit just these two places we would spend 28 €. Buying the Brussels tourist card we paid €29 and had the advantage of visiting more than 40 attractions in 24 hours. Too good right?

And to get even more advantageous, when buying the Brussels Card of 48 hours you will only pay 10 € more. So you can discover many other places in the city.

If you intend to use public transport in Brussels, it is worth including it at the time of purchase, this way you will avoid queuing and you will arrive in Brussels with everything ready.

Tourist cards from other cities in Europe

In our Eurotrip we use the tourist card of other cities, such as Lisbon, Porto, Amsterdam, Rotterdam. We tell you about them in articles with tips for these destinations.

Each card has its quirks, but we thought they were all worth it. You can check out our article about Lisbon Cardif you intend to travel to Portugal.

How to buy tickets and tours in Brussels?

The easiest and fastest way to buy tickets and tours in Europe is using sites like civitatis it’s the Get Your Guide.

We always do this, so that we arrive at our destination with our complete itinerary and we don’t have to waste time in queues, because time is also money.

Did you like the tip? Then share it with your friends who are on a trip to Brussels.

Did you have any doubts? Just leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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