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Is Itapemirim good? Is it worth traveling with Itapemirim?Vou na Janela

After doing 3 flights on different routes, I will answer in this post if Is Itapemirim good? Is it worth traveling with Itapemirim? Where they got it right and also where they got it wrong.


Updated post:
End of Itapemirim: company suspends operations. see what to do

Itapemirim Transportes Aéreos performed its first official flight on June 29, however, it was an invitation-only flight between Guarulhos airports in São Paulo and Brasília airport.

Commercial operations began in earnest carrying paying passengers on July 1, 2021. I even took the inaugural flight from São Paulo to Salvador. Later I made two more flights with Ita, which allowed me to make a great assessment of the airline to be able to answer in this post if Itapemirim is good.

But first, let’s understand what the company offers and highlight the positives, the negatives and make a final analysis.

What does Itapemirim offer passengers?

Itapemirim chose the Airbus A320 family to compose its fleet. All aircraft belonged to other operators before arriving at Ita. However, they were revised and painted in the company’s colors, in addition to internal changes.

And the company’s proposal is to be different from competitors. For starters, Itapemirim offers more space inside the planes. The seats of the former operators were kept, but configured with 162 seats in the 3-3 layout, which is 18 less than the maximum capacity of the A320. This gives the passenger more leg room.

More leg room

The first 7 rows are called ITA Class (or Itapemirim Class) and have 101 cm of space. It’s certainly a pretty generous legroom. In total, there are 42 seats in this configuration. The other 120 seats have 79 cm of space, which is also very generous. And unlike other companies, Ita does not charge for seat appointments.

The company also offers free checked baggage, even in the cheapest fare classes. Each passenger, in the promotional rate, can check one suitcase weighing up to 23 kilos + one cabin bag weighing up to 10 kilos + a personal item that can be a purse or backpack.

Is Itapemirim good?  Is it worth traveling with Itapemirim?
Check-in in Guarulhos

And when possible (due to the pandemic), passengers will also have a differentiated in-flight service available. Currently, Anvisa has suspended the in-flight service on domestic flights.

For now, the company does not offer an entertainment system, either through individual screens or accessible via mobile devices. There is also no Wi-Fi on board. The company magazine was available at the check-in desk on maiden flights, then it disappeared.

Questionable points

Itapemirim’s aircraft came from different operators, in Spain, Turkey, India, Thailand and even Indonesia. As the company did not buy new seats to equip the interior of the aircraft, the seats of the former operators were kept and reconfigured for 162 seats.

As a result, there is no standardization of interiors. There are planes where the seats recline well, others recline less. There are planes where the seats don’t recline, there are planes with USB ports and others that don’t have any of that.

Is Itapemirim good?  Is it worth traveling with Itapemirim?

On the first flight I took, the plane had flown IndiGo from India and had gray fabric seats. On the second flight, the aircraft that flew on Turkish Airlines and had black seats with red accents, in the pattern of the Turkish airline. My third flight was a plane that flew with Vueling in Spain – the first to arrive in the fleet – and had gray synthetic leather seats.

Honestly, for me, what matters is flying safely from point A to point B and paying little. The color of the armchairs doesn’t interest me much, but I know this can be a sore point for some people.

Itapemirim’s negative points

The first negative point of Itapemirim are the constant delays, flight cancellations and schedule changes. I’ve had some canceled flights and flights where the schedules have changed with a big difference. Even these news about the cancellations of Itapemirim were widely publicized in the press, which caused a lot of distrust among customers.

I would take the inaugural flight from São Paulo to Rio scheduled for June 30th. My flight was canceled and the ticket rescheduled for 3 days later. Another flight that I would take and was scheduled to depart at 11 am, later it was rescheduled to 5 pm and finally, it was scheduled to take off at 10:30 pm. Almost 12 hours difference. And how is the situation of the passenger who has commitments?

On one of the occasions the Itapemirim call center called me to reschedule the ticket and I was very well attended. But on subsequent occasions, I discovered by chance that my flight had been canceled or that the schedule had changed.

As an apology, Itapemirim sent some affected passengers a PDF letter signed by the company’s director offering a round-trip ticket to any company destination. Pretty cool attitude, but I still haven’t asked for my courtesy ticket.

A Vou na Janela reader told me that he bought a ticket from Rio de Janeiro to Porto Seguro in Bahia. Only inside the plane did the crew inform that the flight had undergone a change of itinerary. What would have been a direct flight before, became a pinga-pinga with stops in São Paulo and Salvador, before heading to Porto Seguro.

and why this happens?

Itapemirim intended to start operations with 10 aircraft, but flights started with just 2 aircraft. To date (September 2021) they have only 5 planes in their fleet. And as the company took on a very large network with few planes, the constant cancellations and delays can be explained.

Is Itapemirim good?  Is it worth traveling with Itapemirim?
Airbus A320

An example was this flight that the blog reader reported, where they joined the passengers of three flights, which would be operated by three aircraft in a single plane.

The second sensitive point of Itapemirim is the website. The interface is not very user-friendly and the site has functional problems. With the exception of home, the feeling is that we are browsing a vulnerable site with an interface that is very reminiscent of the sites of yesteryear.

Although the basic functions like searching and buying tickets work well, however, if you need to cancel a ticket, rebook or do any other basic operation, forget about it. These functions are not available and you will have to resort to the call center.

Anyway, is Itapemirim good? Is it worth traveling with Itapemirim?

Itapemirim definitely has a good proposal. But it’s no use offering more legroom and free baggage check and leaving the passenger literally on the floor.

Canceling a ticket and rescheduling for 3 days later is unacceptable. When we plan a trip, there is a whole planning behind it. We don’t always have many days available, sometimes we have hotel reservations, car rentals and tours scheduled and we need to be at the destination on that day, however not 3 days later.

At this moment, I don’t feel very confident about buying a ticket with Itapemirim, because there were so many cancellations and delays, that I only believe I will fly, when I’m already inside the plane.

I believe that as the company receives more planes, these problems with cancellations and delays will be resolved. Despite the negative image that is getting in the air.

I wish the company all the luck in the world, we need more competition in the market, but we need to have more solid foundations to take longer flights.


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