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Itinerary in downtown Florianopolis

If you love getting to know the center of the cities you visit, set aside an afternoon and do this itinerary in downtown Florianópolis, you will love! You will get to know the main attractions of the region and will spend an average of 3 hours.

we from let’s go there we started our tour through the city center from Praça Fernando Machado. We did a city tour with Eco Experiences that I highly recommend. The guide, Jaqueline Vargas, was super attentive and told us many interesting facts not only about the city and its tourist attractions, but also about local customs.

On our trip to Floripa, we chose to stay at Castelmar Hotel and on Pousada dos Chas in Jurerê, check out our experience. If you want to know everything we did in the city see Itinerary in Florianópolis: tours, restaurants and accommodation.

Fernando Machado Square

In the square are located the monument in honor of Miramar, the statue of Colonel Fernando Machado, hero killed in 1868 in the Battle of Itororó during the Paraguayan War and the Mechanical Sewer Elevation Station, better known as Castelinho.

Itinerary in downtown Florianópolis
Fernando Machado Square

Memorial to Miramar

In Praça Fernando Machado was located Miramar, a famous municipal warehouse and meeting point for the intellectual elite of Floripa. It was used to disembark passengers who used the maritime service that linked the island to the mainland. With the modernization of downtown Florianópolis, Trapiche and Bar were demolished due to landfill works in 1974.

The Memorial to Miramar is a monument in honor of the old Trapiche Municipal Miramar. It was designed by Joel Pacheco and built in 2001. It is located where the warehouse used to be.

Memorial ao Miramar: itinerary in downtown Florianópolis
Memorial to Miramar

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Mechanical Sewer Lifting Station

The old mechanical sewage lifting station was opened in 1916 with the aim of helping with the sanitation of the city. The place is affectionately nicknamed “Castelinho”.

It is a neoclassical style building, which for several years housed the Sanitation Museum, known as one of the smallest museums in the world. Unfortunately today the place is abandoned.

Mechanical Sewage Lifting Station
Mechanical Sewer Lifting Station

Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianopolis

Continuing our itinerary through downtown Florianópolis, we went to Cathedral, which was listed by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional. It has an important collection of sacred art.

With emphasis onSculpture “Escape to Egypt”, by Tyrolean artist Demetz Groeden, which presents the life-size escape of the Sagrada Familia in two cedar blocks.

Itinerary Florianopolis: Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianópolis
Metropolitan Cathedral of Florianopolis

XV de Novembro Square

The square is beautiful, full of big trees like fig trees, imperial palms, Indian ficus and fig trees. Around Praça XV de Novembro it is possible to find beautiful historical buildings. There we can also find the Monument in Honor of the Heroes Dead in the Paraguayan War.

Be sure to go around the fig tree, which was planted in 1871. They say that anyone who wants to return to Floripa should go around the fig tree. Of course I did, as I certainly intend to return to the city.

Figueira da Praça XV de Novembro
Figueira da Praça XV de Novembro

Historical Museum of Santa Catarina Palácio Cruz e Sousa

The Museum is located in a beautiful colonial townhouse where the city’s government headquarters was located for many years. The exact date of its construction is not known, but it is estimated to have been before 1785.

Museu History of Santa Catarina
Historical Museum of Santa Catarina Palácio Cruz e Sousa

The place became known as Palácio Cruz e Sousa in 1979. In 1984 it was listed as a Historic Heritage Site of Santa Catarina.

In 1986 it was renamed the Historical Museum of Santa Catarina Palácio Cruz e Sousa. The museum’s collection is made up of furniture, utensils and works of art acquired by the rulers.

Felipe Schmidt Street

Super traditional street in the city. When walking along its boardwalk we have the chance to appreciate numerous old buildings, super preserved. It has several commercial stores. One of the best known places is the air Ponto Chic, or Senadinho, as it is known in the city.

Rua Felipe Schmidt
Felipe Schmidt Street

Customs House

The building where the Casa da Alfândega used to work was inaugurated in 1876. Today, the gallery of the Association of Plastic Artists of Santa Catarina, a handicraft center, is located on the site. On site it is possible to buy souvenirs, as it presents a huge variety of products, such as bobbin lace, artisanal cachaças, clay pots, among others.

Itinerary in downtown Florianópolis: Customs House
Customs House

In the photo below you can see the entrance that is in front of the Public Market. The site is not as preserved as it should be, mainly because of its historical importance.

Customs House
Customs House

Florianopolis Public Market

The Market is one of the main tourist attractions in Florianópolis. It was built in 1899. In the market there is a space reserved for bars and restaurants, where it is possible to taste the delights of the local gastronomy.

Public Market of Florianópolis
Florianopolis Public Market

How about trying the cockle pastel (a clam) or else a shrimp sequence? We opted for the shrimp sequence, approved and recommended.

In the market there are also several stalls selling handicrafts and various species of seafood. Did you know that the oyster experience is super traditional in the city? We tried oyster au gratin on our first day in town, at dinner at the Castelmar Hotel and WE LOVE IT!

Florianopolis Public Market
Florianopolis Public Market

In the market, it is also possible to visit Armazém da Renda, a reference center to promote the artisanal production of the municipality, composed of approximately 300 lacemakers. We were able to see some lacemakers working up close and we were delighted.

The place hosts exhibitions on bobbin lace, with several information panels. It is also possible to purchase products made by the artisans themselves.

The art of bobbin lace in Santa Catarina originated with Azorean immigrants, in the 18th century. Women learned to weave the lace that decorated the house and the trousseau on bobbin pillows. This tradition has been passed down through the generations.

Florianópolis Public Market - lacemakers
Lacemakers at the Florianópolis Public Market

Hours of Operation: For food from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 10 pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.

I hope you enjoyed our itinerary in downtown Florianópolis. You will need a minimum of three hours to visit all these places. The path is short. If you have any other tips for a super cool place in downtown Floripa, let us know, we’d love to know! Just leave a comment.

Floripa is a huge city and full of things to do. If you want more city tips, check out this article on what to do in floripa

Tips to Save on Transport in Florianópolis

  • Choose a hotel in Florianópolis that is well located, preferably in the central region of the city. We recommend the Castelmar Hotelread our post to know more about it: Castelmar Hotel in Florianópolis: Strategic Location.
  • Rent a car. You can do this through Rentcars which is the leading car rental and price comparison site in Latin America.
  • Using Uber instead of taxi. If you want to calculate the price of a certain route, go to UBER and find out.

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