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La Joya de la Serranía de Cuenca, la Laguna de Uña

Each site has its own joy. Something that you remember. The main reason why you visit this place. La joya de Cuenca is Las Casas Colgadas, La de Segovia is its Acueducto, La de Burgos is its Cathedral…

We continue with our eagerness to highlight the marvels that surround the town of Uña and this time we are going to talk about their Lagoon, which is, from our point of view, the joya de la Serranía de Cuenca.

We have to make a special emphasis only on it, because if Nature has taken the trouble to sculpt this work of art, are we still able to make it go unnoticed?

However, it is clear that Nature has not been the only one that has contributed to the formation of this beautiful karst origin, as we will now see…

One Joya de la Serrania de Cuenca

Anochece in Uña
Laguna de Uña de Noche

La Laguna de Uña, is located just a few minutes away from Casa el Escalerón. This jewel of the Serranía de Cuenca sand is in the custody of the Muela de la Maderasome characteristic rocky formations that could form part of the bandera of this locality.

In its beginnings it was much smaller than in the present day and had clover shapeas you can see in the following photo.

the lagoon has clover shape

trebol shape of the lagoon of uña
clover shape

Before the year 1925, the water of the Lagoon collapsed in such a way that it stood out over the limits of what today is on its shores, until it ends up in the channel of the Júcar River, which is on the other side of the road that surrounds it. Lagoon. This is where tobaceous formations like those seen in the image originated.

Las Toberas de Uñaalso called “El Travertino”

The toberas of the pueblo de Uña
Las Toberas

At the beginning of the XX century, the canal was built to carry water to the Villalba de la Sierra jump.

Dam of the Laguna de Uña

Dam of the uña lagoon, mountain range of Cuenca

La Laguna nourishes its flow from two different streams. One is the artificial channel coming from La Toba swamp.

As a result of this channel, the surface of the Lagoon increased in size up to five times.

Outlet of the Canal de la Toba

Others are of natural origin. it’s about him Arroyo del Rinconwhose origin we found it remounting it until it arrives fish factory of Uña and the Rincón de Uñafrom where the water that feeds it is born.

El Arroyo del Rincón is born in the Rincón de Uña

El Arroyo del Rincón is born in the Rincón de Uña
El Arroyo del Rincon

Many people on Saturday, from time to time to us until little was also unknown, but this Lagoon has ancient legends about strange creatures that had been seen by the inhabitants of the pueblo.

We don’t know if these legends have anything right, or if they have been invented, as is the case in other places to attract tourism to the area.

lagoon of uña
Sunset on the Lagoon

However, if you allow us to give our point of view, we do not believe that the invention of any type of story or legend would be necessary to attract people, since the surroundings are sold alone, don’t you believe?

In any case, it is worth reading the article that the periodical published on August 9, 2010 with the title «Uña, Lagoon with Mystery and Nature«.

water birds of the lagoon of uña
common focha

We continue pulling the yoke of this jewel of the Serranía de Cuenca full of Nature, history, mystery and above all beauty.

Observatory of the Laguna de Uña
bird observatory

Laguna de Uña is home to a multitude of animal species, such as waterfowl, reptiles, and by supuesto peces.

In addition, it would not be rare for you to come with another deer or deer going down at dusk to drink water or to eat the fresh pastures that grow on the shores of the lagoon.

fauna of the lagoon of uña
deer grazing

That’s why it’s the ideal place for lovers of nature and Rural tourism.

Path that surrounds the Laguna de Uña

One of the things that we like the most to go back to path that passes through its surroundings.

Laguna de Uña Route
Laguna de Uña trail

Some valiant ones have it in there Carrera Popular de Uñathe last few days were celebrated and the hicimos mentioned in the previous blog entry with the deserved title «Uña, a little Pueblo that gives great things».

No doubt it’s the most beautiful carrera and taking the circuit, but you can enjoy it in a different way when you do it in a leisurely way, without prisas, without pressure, in the company of your family, your friends, or your partner.

This one therapeutic walk It is worthy to visit any time of the year, offering incredible prints like the ones shown below.

Laguna de Uña image gallery

As much as you can tell, we took the freedom to carry the backpack and the video camera to mark this unique journey with images.

Do we speak? Lets you comment!

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