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Learn all about the Lisboa Card: the tourist card of Lisbon

(updated in June/2022) O Lisbon Card is the perfect option for those like us who like to make the most of the cities they visit, as it is the Lisbon tourist card. Find out here which attractions are included in the Lisboa Card, how much it costs, what our experience was like and much more.

What is the Lisbon Card?

O Lisbon Card is a tourist card that allows unlimited use in transport and free entry in more than 20 museums and monuments of the city for the contracted period. In addition, it grants discounts in several stores in Lisbon.

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Lisbon in Portugal

What is the validity of the Lisboa Card and how to activate it?

The Lisbon tourist card is valid for:

  • 24 hours;
  • 48 hours;
  • 72 hours.

The Lisboa Card is activated the first time it is used. However, the activation methods are different.

If you use the card for the first time in public transportationjust swipe the card in one of the electronic readers, existing in the terminals.

If you use the card for the first time in a museum or attraction, you must present your card at the entrance of the establishment and the person will write down the day and time on your card. This information is very important, as it is from this that the validity period of your card starts to run.

How much does the Lisbon Card cost?

  • 24 hours: €21 for adults or €13.50 for children;
  • 48 hours: €35 for adults or €19.50 for children;
  • 72 hours: €44 for adults or €23 for children.
  • Heads up values ​​practiced in June/2022.

The Lisboa Card for children is intended for children between 4 and 15 years old. For children under 4 years old, it is necessary to check the ticket price at each attraction and pay separately.

how much does the Lisbon Card, tourist card cost from isboa
Lisbon Card: Lisbon’s tourist card

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Where to buy the Lisbon tourist card?

The best way to buy your Lisboa Card is online, you can do it through the website Get Your Guidewhich is the largest and best-known site for purchasing tickets and tours abroad.

In addition to Get Your Guide there is also civitatiswhich is another secure site that we often recommend to our readers.

⇒ You can buy your card here.

You will buy your card and receive a voucher on the spot. Just print it out and take it with you. When you arrive in Lisbon, just go to one of the exchange offices, hand in your voucher and pick up your card.

You can pick up your card at the addresses below:

  • Landing at Lisbon airport: Ask me Lisbon Tourist Offices from 7:00 am to 11:30 pm
  • Lisbon Welcome Center: Praça do Comércio, from 9:00 to 20:00.

Advantages of the Lisbon Card

By purchasing the Lisboa Card you will be saving money and time. And on a trip that’s all we want, isn’t it?

Money saving: if you had to buy tickets for all attractions separately, in addition to having to pay for transport, you would spend much more.

Time saving: With the Lisboa Card you won’t have to wait in line at the ticket office at the places included in the card, such as the Jerónimos Monastery, Torre de Belém, among others.

And the queues can be pretty big huh?! Besides, time is also money!!!

So instead of wasting your time in the box office lines, spend your time visiting other attractions in the city and enjoy your trip even more.

Want to know another advantage? By purchasing your card online and paying with a credit card, you will be increasing your accumulation of air miles.

So the expenses of your current trip will help you to accumulate miles for your next trip. Too good right?

What is included in the Lisbon Card?

  • Transport: free and unlimited travel by bus, metro, train and elevators in Lisbon; in addition, travel by train/train from the CP line to Sintra and Cascais.
  • museums: free access to more than 20 museums and tourist monuments.
  • Discounts: for tours, shopping, restaurants, among others.
  • fast track – Priority queue at some attractions such as the Jerónimos Monastery, the National Azulejos Museum and the Belém Tower.
  • A guide with information on opening hours of the Lisbon tourist attractionsmaps and tips on how to get to all the attractions included in the Lisboa Card.

We have gathered for you the TOP 10 with the main attractions included in the Lisboa Card. Are they:

  • Jerónimos Monasteries;
  • Belém Tower;
  • Pillar 7 Experience;
  • Lisbon Story Centre;
  • National Tile Museum;
  • National Carriage Museum;
  • National Museum of Ancient Art;
  • Sintra Myths and Legends;
  • Santa Justa Elevator;
  • Mafra National Palace.
The Jeronimos Monastery in Lisbon is included on Lisbon Card
Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon

Want to check out all the attractions included in the Lisboa Card? Access here.

The card grants discounts for several attractions. Check out some of them below:

  • 10% discount – Cable car at Parque das Nações;
  • 15% discount – Knowledge Pavilion;
  • 15% discount – Lisbon Oceanarium;
  • 15% discount – Lisbon Zoo;
  • 15% discount – Museu Benfica Cosme Damião;
  • 25% discount – CitySightseeing Sightseeing Bus;
  • 50% discount – Planetarium.

Lisbon Card is it worth it or not?

It was super easy to use the Lisboa Card. We used the card first on the bus and noted the time when we activated it, as the card would be valid for 48 hours from this moment.

The queue at the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos was huge and we didn’t have to face it, as we had priority access via the fast track.

We wish we had visited more attractions. The Ajuda National Palace, the Coach Museum and the Pilar 7 Experience were on our route, but a very strong wind started to rain that prevented us from continuing our route. But we managed to visit the attractions below. Fix the values:

  • Jeronimos Monastery €10
  • Tile Museum: 5€
  • Lisbon Story Center: 7€
  • Belem Tower: 6€
  • Santa Justa Lift: 5€
attractions included in the Lisboa Card, which is included in the Lisbon Card
National Tile Museum in Lisbon

Just for tickets we would pay 33€. But in addition we use public transport: subway and buses to move around Lisbon. Therefore, we consider that It is really worth buying the Lisboa Card.

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Tourist cards from other cities in Europe

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Important tips for travelers abroad

Attention, because it is mandatory to take out Travel Insurance to enter Portugal!!!

To enter Portugal and 25 other European countries, it is mandatory to have a travel insurance policy.

And this document can be charged at the time you go through immigration.

According to Schengen Treaty is need to have travel insurance in minimum amount of €30,000.

The purpose of this rule is to ensure that the visitor can pay for possible medical expenses incurred during the trip, including in the event of death.

Find out now how much travel insurance costs, for that we recommend you read our article How to buy travel insurance because this article will give you many tips to make the right choice of insurance.

We always use the Promo insurance, which is an insurance price comparator. It presents the value and coverage offered by various insurers so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Make your quote now through the link below and guarantee 5% off, just enter the code LET’S GO 5. Oh and if you pay with bank slip, you will guarantee another 5% discount.

Europe 1

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* Vamos Por Aí thanks Visit Lisboa for granting us the Lisboa Card on our Eurotrip. However this article contains our opinions about the card.

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