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Lisbon Travel Guide: assumptions, places and tips

Are you going to travel to Lisbon? Do you need to know how much are you going to spend a day? What are they best places you should visit? Tuition fees? In this Lisbon travel guide you’ll find everything you need to know to plan your next trip Let’s start!

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Lisbon is without doubt and one of them most beautiful and cheap cities in Europe and you will be surprised by all the things that you can do and visit in this place.

Don’t forget to visit its most emblematic places and taste its delicious food, in addition to enjoying beautiful landscapes and traveling by metro, it is considered one of the most safe and beautiful places in the world.

Lisbon Travel Guide
Metro station: Olalais

Discounts and promotions in Lisbon

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What to do in Portugal?

Next you will find detailed guides to help you plan your trip to Lisbon and Portugal. For example los presupuestos por ciudad, just click on the image of the theme of your interest.

How much does it cost to travel to Portugal

Lisbon Travel Guide

How much does it cost to travel to Porto

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