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Living outside Brazil: stories of those who went to study, work and live abroad

Marília and Francine went to work on vacation. Fábio and Daniel went on an exchange program when they were in high school. Fernando went during college, to be part of the course. João Victor went to work as a volunteer. Marcelo went to stay for three months and, more than a year later, still hasn’t returned… Learn more about the stories of people who, for different reasons and goals, decided to take a season to live outside Brazil.

Working abroad on vacation

exchange-work-abroad-francinefrancine spent almost four months in the city of Copley, in the state of Ohio, in the United States, through a program that combines college vacations with exchange programs.

She was finishing her English course and had the opportunity to put what she knew into practice, in addition to learning new words and expressions. “I have no words to describe how enriching my exchange was. I came back a new person, safer, more sociable, more independent and with a much bigger worldview,” she says. Click here for Fran’s full story.

marilia-william-work-overseasmarilia also lived this experience, in the village Boyne Falls, which has only 400 inhabitants, in Michigan, United States.

She and her boyfriend William spent two and a half months working at the hotel. Bluegreen Vacations. The difficulty was due to the climate, with average temperatures of -13º and the lowest of -29º! “The gains in living an experience like this are immense. Your mind opens up to different things, you start to judge the different culture less, you know yourself more, you value what you have and, above all, you lose the fear of taking risks in new experiences”, he says.

Click here to know the full story of Marília.

Exchange: high school and college

exchange-foreign-usa-fabiofabio he was only 16 years old when he went to spend a year in the United States, studying the equivalent of the second year of high school in Brazil. She lived in two cities – Minneapolis and Willmar – with four different families.

After that, he traveled a lot and participated in another exchange program, to France. “My biggest gains were all the personal achievement in terms of maturation, respecting the other, letting yourself see the world with another perspective. And thanks to the English I learned there, I ended up becoming a language teacher and passionate about traveling, being on foreign soil,” he says.

Click here for the full story.

exchange-europe-danielDaniel he went to Germany (Schwarzenfeld, in the state of Bayern) also at the age of 16 and says that the experience was so positive that it changed the course of his life.

“Initially I was a little insecure, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Germans love Brazilians. The country’s culture is wonderful, the food fantastic and the beer even more so! After I returned, I decided to study gastronomy – I have a bachelor’s degree at UFBA – and the experience also motivated me to study the brewing world more deeply. Today I am a beer sensory analysis consultant and in August of next year I will finally return to Germany”, he says.

Click here for the full story.

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Faculty for Science without Borders

study-college-abroad-science-without-borders-fernandoFernando he was already at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering when he had the opportunity to take part in the course in Canada through the Science without Borders program.

“After going a whole year without seeing my family, friends, girlfriend, I already had a certain desire to go back. And at the end of the year the daily -20, -30, -40 °C bothered me more. But to this day it still gives me nostalgia and the desire to go back there. It was a great experience to see a country so big and so organized, where things work as they should. I don’t have any plans to move again, but if a good opportunity arises, I’ll go without thinking too much, not just to Canada,” he says.

Click here for the full story.

Volunteering abroad

joao-victorjohn victor went to Culiacán, Mexico, to carry out voluntary social work with orphaned children. “I became a much more aware person of my limits and capabilities. I had to deal with several issues alone and I came back more mature, patient, wise, in love with the world. The exchange awakened in me a leadership to be able to stimulate the people around me, so that they can always want to attract qualitative and positive results. I think everyone should allow themselves this experience, you always get to know yourself better (and the world better)”, he says.

Click here for the full story.

Is living abroad worth it?

live-abroad-marceloMarcelo, who has been in London for more than a year, says yes. So much so that he went to stay for just three months and still hasn’t returned. As he has Portuguese citizenship and a European passport, he doesn’t have to worry about visa issues, as he has all the rights like any European-born citizen. #chubby

I had professional and personal gains, but I think the personal side gained more. Being independent forces you to see everything with different eyes. And living in a culture that is not yours has many benefits. It’s a daily learning. I leave a message for those who want to live abroad and have not yet made up their minds: go!”. Click here for the full story.

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