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lodging tip in the South Zone of Rio

O Solar do Cosme is guest house at the foot of Christ the Redeemer where comfort and tranquility contrast with the hustle of the Rio de Janeiro. And that doesn’t mean you’re far from the hustle and bustle. In excellent location in South Zone of the city, in the neighborhood Cosimo Velhothe Solar is close to Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer, in an area surrounded by greenery for those who enjoy silence without being isolated.

In a charming two-story townhouse, in that I want to live neocolonial from the end of the 19th century, the place has a swimming pool, outdoor areas, terraces with tables and benches for those who like to be carried away in a good conversation, lounges with sofas and six rooms overlooking the garden and the forest. around the residence, super cozy, both for those who want privacy and for those who go with family or friends. Learn all about this unmissable lodging tip in Rio de Janeiro!

Life without Walls - Solar do Cosme (4)

Life without Walls - Solar do Cosme (8)

Life without Walls - Solar do Cosme (1)

Solar do Cosme: guest house in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro

The rooms

As soon as we open the door, we feel embraced by the room, with the lamps on, the bedding tidy and the air freshener that welcome us with all the affection that people like to be received. In fact, we feel at home there! There are six rooms that accommodate up to four people, two shared bathrooms, with private toilet and shower, a suite for a couple, and even a two-bedroom apartment that accommodates larger groups, all with air conditioning and eye-catching decor.

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Solar do Cosme is that kind of wild place: at the same time you are close to everything, but in a corner that looks like a country town, and safe, since it is on the same street as a UPP (Pacifying Police Unit). It is close to Pão de Açúcar, Ipanema, Leblon, Copacabana, Lapa, Santa Teresa, downtown and other tourist attractions in the city, and in the region there are still bars, restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries and everything we need to “survive” in Rio. . But the best thing about the location is, without a doubt, the fact that it is just a few minutes from the Terminal do Cosme Velho, which offers several bus lines to the tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro that I mentioned, in addition to many taxis. We went from Novo Rio Bus Station to Solar do Cosme via Trunk Line 08, which leaves Henrique Otte Terminal (next to the bus station) every ten minutes and arrives at Cosme Velho in about 40 minutes.

Those who go by car also do not encounter difficulties: the street is quiet and it is possible to park there without problems. Check it out on Google Maps.

The breakfast

We slept so well there that we lost track of time! The plan was to wake up early to visit Rio, but we slept “more than the bed”. We rushed everything to leave, but when we saw the breakfast table it was impossible to hurry: it was hearty and delicious. There were fruits, juice, coffee, jam, ricotta, cheese, cakes, breads, cereals, and as we were going to go out and about, the coffee had to be reinforced.

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Life without Walls - Solar do Cosme (12)

Perfect for those visiting Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer

The tip is to take advantage of the proximity to Cosme Velho Station, which takes tourists by train to the two points. The station is on the street next to Solar do Cosme. If you have little time in the city, you will get more use out of staying at the foot of the Christ, and for us, that in itself is incredible. Even more so that you can see the monument that is one of the seven wonders of the modern world from the garden at home.

The best of Solar do Cosme

Several things enchanted us in the days we spent there. They are the small details that differentiate a place when deciding where to stay. Solar do Cosme offers a hairdryer in the bathroom, a refrigerator, filtered water and other kitchen utensils available to guests, such as a sandwich maker. You can buy drinks, soda and other basic goodies right there and pay at checkout (cards accepted).

Also has laundry (a separate service), maps and city guides, there’s Netflix and DVDs in the room, and there’s a detail that sometimes goes unnoticed, but that I consider of paramount importance and that shows the care in customer service, which is not to miss toilet paper and soap for washing hands in the bathrooms.

And on top of that, hosting is pet friendly (by arrangement), spacious and ideal for those who do not leave their pets at home. From the moment we arrive, we are warmly welcomed and from then on we feel at home. Solar receives many tourists from outside Brazil and even has a funny story of a guest who answered a call and closed a reservation so at home he felt!

For us, it’s interesting to interact with other guests and meet people who love to travel. The atmosphere at Solar do Cosme favors this cultural exchange, precisely because it is a guest house. Márcia, owner of the house, is passionate about Rio. She knows a lot of places and has a special feeling to capture the type of tour that the guest likes. In minutes she has already opened a map on the table and is teaching everything we need to get by in the wonderful city. There are even transfer options to neighboring regions. She takes care of everything and provides tips as if she were a tour guide, assembles personalized itineraries as “courtesy of the house”, and does it with a twinkle in her eye of who she has been and loved each place. It infects us!

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Life without Walls - Solar do Cosme (9)

Reviews and more photos of this accommodation in Rio de Janeiro

The tip for those looking for accommodation with a fair price, comfort and great service is to check the reviews of Solar do Cosme on TripAdvisor. Take the opportunity to also check on If you’ve decided to stay there, you can book right here. You will be collaborating with the blog Vida sem Paredes without paying anything extra for it.

Solar do Cosme: lodging tip in the South Zone of Rio
Us in the photo taken by Márcia, owner of the guest house (she keeps photos of all the guests!)


Solar do Cosme

Solar do Cosme: lodging tip in the South Zone of Rio

By Camila Coubelle and Nange Sá

> Vida sem Paredes hosted at the invitation of Solar do Cosme but this post is totally exempt and reflects our real and sincere experience with hosting. Always count on the tips tested and approved by us!

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