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#MaisFelizNoRio – 75 classic programs to do at least once in your life

Some time ago, a kind of Check List was running on Facebook with programs in Rio de Janeiro that are the face of the city, the ones that every resident or tourist has done (or has to do) at least once in their life, you know?

I joined in the fun and decided to post here, tagging with V or X what I’ve done or not… I invite you to play too and find out if you know the city well!

What to do in Rio de Janeiro

1 – Have a coffee at Confeitaria Colombo do Centro V
2 – Spend an afternoon at Parque Lage V
3 – Cool off at Horto Waterfall X
4 – Watch the sunset from Arpoador V
5 – Walk or run on the Claudio Coutinho track X
6 – Discover the Ruins Park in Santa Tereza V
7 – Watch a show at the Municipal Theater V
8 – Visit the Royal Portuguese Cabinet Reading V
9 – Go to a show at Circo Voador, in Lapa V
10 – Watch a movie at Cine Odéon, in Cinelândia V
11 – The most classic of all: going to Christ the Redeemer V
12 – Discover Grumari Beach V
13 – Go to the charm ball at Viaduto de Madureira X
14 – Go to Lapa’s nightlife V
15 – Go to the São Cristóvão Fair V
16 – Go to Bar da Lage, in Vidigal X
17 – Enjoy the view from Mirante Dona Marta V
18 – Stroll through Quinta da Boa Vista V
19 – Take the trail to Pedra do Telégrafo and take lots of pictures X
20 – Take the cable car up Sugarloaf Mountain V
21 – Eat an esfiha in the Arabic of Largo do Machado V
22 – Have a cold beer at Jobi V
23 – Parade at least once in a samba school V
24 – Go to a football game, preferably a classic, at Maracanã V
25 – Climb the Selaron Steps V
26 – Go to Chinese View V
27 – Take a photo with the statue of Carlos Drummond de Andrade V
28 – Going to an exhibition at the MAM (Museum of Modern Art) V
29 – Drink a mate and eat Biscoito Globo on the beach V
30 – Take a walk or bike ride around Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas V
31 – Discover classic places in Vila Isabel, Vila de Noel X
32 – Ride the Samba Train, always on December 2nd X
33 – Climb to Pedra Bonita V
34 – Go to the CCBB (Bank of Brazil Cultural Center) exhibitions V
35 – Shopping at the Saara/Uruguaana Camelódromo V
36 – Sitting in a bar in Baixo Botafogo V
37 – Enjoy a good samba at Pedra do Sal V
38 – Go to Pedra do Leme V
39 – Enjoy the antiques and handicrafts of Feira do Lavradio V
40 – Close the afternoon at Mureta da Urca V
41 – Take a walk through the Tijuca Forest X
42 – Visit Bosque da Barra X
43 – Ride a pedal boat on the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon V
44 – Satisfying hunger in Catarina do Flamengo V
45 – Deserted beaches Barra de Guaratiba X
46 – Ride the Santa Teresa tram V
47 – Eat the famous French fries by Marechal Hermes X
48 – Cordão da Bola Preta on Carnival Saturday V
49 – And Boitatá in Praça XV on Sunday V
50 – Have a picnic at Aterro do FlamengoV
51 – Take a photo of the Belini statue at the entrance to Maracanã V
52 – Spend New Year’s Eve in Copacabana V
53 – Visit the Museum of Tomorrow, in Praça Mauá V
54 – Take a photo of the view from the terrace of the MAR (Rio Museum of Art) V
55 – Visit the brand new AquaRio X
56 – Take lots and lots of photos in the Botanical Garden V
57 – Have coffee at Copacabana Fort V
58 – Climb the Pedra da Gávea X
59 – Go to Joatinga Beach X
60 – Take the trail of Morro Dois Irmãos X
61 – Take a photo of Kobra graffiti, the largest in the world V
62 – Make a movie marathon at the Film Festival V
63 – Eat a Geneal Hot Dog V
64 – Going to the beach at Posto 9 in Ipanema V
65 – Walking on the Copacabana boardwalk V
66 – Enjoy the night in Praça São Salvador V
67 – Dawn for the Céu na Terra block, in Santa Tereza V
68 – Go to the islands of Paquetá, Gigoia, Fiscal and Cagarras V
69 – Attend at least once the Rock in Rio concerts X
70 – Shopping at Mercadão de Madureira X
71 – Watch the samba school parades in Sapucaí X
72 – Going to the bars of Praça da Bandeira X
73 – Back and forth to spend the day in Petrópolis V
74 – Close the night at Pizzaria Guanabara da Lapa or Leblon V
75 – Ride the subway, train, VLT and BRT V

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Well, my list is still missing a bit, but considering that I haven’t lived in Rio that long and I’ve already completed well over half of it, I think I’m on the right track… And how many of you have already made this list? Do you think I missed mentioning some carioca classic program? Tell me in the comments!

This text was updated as part of the #MaisFelizNoRio project,
that shows things, places, people, moments that inspire the Marvelous City.

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