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Meetup so you don’t miss what you like

Updated November 30, 2017 by Thiago Khoury

Great tip for those who are great at making new friends: is a site that helps people get together, anywhere in the world, to discuss what they like.

The site is a little push to promote meetings between people with similar affinities in different ways, but it is of a lady help for those who want to find cool programs in their next destination.

Suppose you are going to Toronto in the second week of October. Just type the name of the city right below “explore meetups”, adjust the location radius so you don’t get too far from your real destination and find out about upcoming meetings scheduled.

I met from a group of black women discussing curly hair care to a group of doctors debating the development of new technologies – but among them I also passed by “nature lovers”, “hypnosis explorers”, “paper airplane society” and “travel junkies”.

In addition to being free, you can log in through social networks and create your own meetings.

Good luck and good luck in the meetups!

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