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Mexican food you must try

Mexico on the ground is a beautiful country, it is also home to one of the best and richest kitchens in the world, since 2010 it was declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Here you will find the 10 most representative plates of Mexican food that you should eat if you visit Mexico. Let’s begin!

1- Mole (Typical of Puebla and Oaxaca)

Without doubt el Mole is one of the great treasures of Mexican food. As such, it is a salsa originated in Puebla and it is the result of a mix of 22 ingredients.

It is so popular in Mexico that there are as many variants as you can imagine: green, black, yellow, sweet, spicy, etc. Usually, a pieza de pollo bañada with the chosen salsa del mole is served, accompanied by rice and/or beans.

2- Pozole (Typical of Guerrero):

Another one of the most representative of Mexican food and that you can’t miss at any fiesta. The most famous variants are la roja, la blanca y verde.

In essence, there is a broth of maize grains with pork or pork meat, in each region it is accompanied/returned with different complements, the most common are: lechuga, avocado, radish, onion, lemon, chile and oregano.

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3- Tamales (All of Mexico)

Consumed throughout Mexico, even part of any Mexican breakfast. All of them are packaged in today’s maize or plantain and there are as many flavors as you can imagine, sweets or salads, the most popular are the meat dishes with green or red salsa, the rajas, the dulce (which are pink), los de mole and los oaxaqueños.

Specifically in the central area there is a variant called «Guajolota», here is an image of this chilango delicacy.

It’s a tamal pie, it’s to choose a tamal inside a bolillo/pan, an eccentricity of Mexican food.

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4- Chiles en Nogada (Typical from Puebla)

A very iconic and representative plateau, from time to time during the month that independence is celebrated, September, it is common that many restaurants serve it to commemorate the event.

It consists of a poblano chile with minced meat, which is covered with “Nogada” cream (from there its name) and decorated with garnet and perejil. These three ingredients have the same colors of the flag, resulting in a beautiful plate that it represents.

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5- Enchiladas (All Mexico)

Another Mexican delight and particularly one of my favorite foods. They are corn tortillas soaked in salsas and some protein refills (pollo, queso, meat, chorizo, etc.).

There are many variants, practically one by state (32) the most popular are the green ones, the red ones, the soft ones and the suizas, you’re latest are 100% Mexican, there’s nothing Swiss more than the name.

6- Tlayudas (Typical from Oaxaca)

A typical plateau of the Oaxaqueña kitchen, one of the best and most recognized in Mexico.

It consists of a large tortilla (about 40cm in diameter) rigid but crumbly that is covered with a layer of beans and on top of this is added meat and/or chicken, lechuga, with or lechuga, avocado and much of Oaxaca cheese. (Always with the option of accompanying with salsa, because in Mexico all takes Chile)

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7- Barbacoa (Typical from Hidalgo)

It is one of the foods that still preserve a pre-Hispanic method of preparation: it consists of underground ovens, where lamb meat is covered by maguey’s hojas that are left to the brazas during an evening.

The result is juicy meat with a unique flavor.

It is usually eaten with hot tortillas the taco style, accompanied by consommé and salsas of all kinds.

8- Quesadillas (All over Mexico)

For many foreigners who visit Mexico, a taco and a quesadilla are just the same, but the big variant is that the quesadillas are rellenas of some stew, the tortillas are bigger and can be hechas of maize or harina, with food or fried in oil and usually the relleno is accompanied by queso.

In Mexico, there is a battle between the center of the country (CDMX and EDOMEX) that claim that the quesadilla is a double tortilla filled with some guiso and the queso is optional. For example, you could order a chicken quesadilla with no cheese or only a cheese quesadilla.

They say that in the rest of the country (especially in the north) they state that the queso must always be present and the option is optional. For example, in Monterrey when you order a chicken quesadilla, you will always have queso.

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9- Goat (Typical of Nuevo León)

Classic of the call Sultana del Norte, Monterrey. It consists of cooking a goat a las brazas, the meat is typically eaten with hot corn tortillas the taco way, accompanied by guacamole and fried beans.

10- Tacos (All Mexico)

Without doubt the most famous Mexican food in the world, when you visit Mexico you can eat them at every corner. It consists of a hot and soft corn tortilla, grilled meat, accompanied by parsley and vegetables.

It is the Mexican national plateau, de los most popular son los de pastor y sudadero. Each region of the country has its variants. I’m sorry to say that the “tacos” are in hard tortillas (like tacobells)… NO SON TACOS!

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