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Miami Connection: an 8-hour city tour

Updated November 21, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

just pass a day in miami it’s crazy, you shouldn’t repeat my mistakes – the last time I was in Miami for more than one night I was 18, seventy dollars in my pocket and a ticket to the John Mayer show!

Good times!, but today I know that Miami with an extra layer of responsibility and autonomy is even better – too bad it was just for one night: my connection in New York was canceled and that’s why I missed my flight back to Brazil. I arrived in the city late at night, went to one of the hotels near the airport and blacked out as soon as I went to bed.

That’s why this itinerary starts the next day, at eight in the morning, and ends in the late afternoon, just before my flight takes me back home. In it, we go through everything that cannot be left out for those who have only a day in Miami and decides to meet Lincoln Road, Washington Avenue and Ocean Drive.

Come with me:

One day Miami Beach itinerary

What to do in Miami Beach in one day

8:00 am – free shuttle from hotel to airport

Our journey starts at the airport because that is the starting point of route 150, or airport flayer. I’m still in favor of the rental car, but for those who have a few hours in the city and are staying next to the airport, this route 150 can work miracles.

Well, for starters: we took the hotel van and asked to get off as close to the food court as possible. We follow the signs towards the Bus Terminal on the first floor. There is a Metrobus office on the left where you can find electronic counters to buy your 1 Day Pass for $5.

Route 150 buses run every 30 minutes between 6:00 and 0:00 depending on where you are – the airport stop is one of the last ones there, opposite the Metrobus office.

Board there and just get off again at Lincoln Road (Southbound)see on the map:

10:00 – strolling along Lincoln Road

You’ll enjoy a good thirty or forty minutes of travel until you reach Lincoln Road, an open-air mall with dozens of shops and restaurants. I took the liberty of improving the map above, so we can improve your geographic view from there.

What to do on Lincoln Road? kick leg. Walk along it until you are sure there is nothing else to see, buy or eat. If you’re not hungry yet, leave to eat at one of the restaurants on Ocean Drive, our next stop:





In these photos there was just a restaurant: 5 Napkin Burger from New York, my favorite bakery Paul and Sushi Samba, a restaurant chain that is spreading around the world with a crazy Creole samba on the menu: a mix of Brazilian, Japanese and Peruvian cuisines . Finally appears the entrance of Britto Central, the gallery of Romero Brittowhich has already become a tourist spot in the city.

This is a complete list with all the stores there, but the ones most sought after by Brazilians continue to be Osklen, apple, swatch and Victoria’s Secret. Still this year a H&M will open opposite L’Occitane, right at the beginning of Lincoln.

Now to arrive at Macy’s you need to look a little further: if you are walking along Ocean Drive, turn right onto Meridian Avenue and go up half a block.

13:00 – Ocean Drive: I’m in Miami Beach!

Now it’s time to go back to the beginning of Lincoln Road, cross Washington Avenue and reach Ocean Drive, the waterfront avenue. I went down to 5th Street, where there’s a TGI Friday’s around the corner, but it might be interesting to go down a little further and reach Commerce Street.

Ocean Drive is where you get that “I arrived in Miami” taste: the sea is beautiful, the sand is super well cared for and the boardwalk is very popular. Facing the sea there are dozens of hotels and restaurants in low-rise buildings with that colorful and Latin art deco.

Even those who wear sneakers like me manage to enter the beach towards the sea: there are wooden walkways and showers at various entry points – or you put the responsibility in your pocket, take off your shirt and stay there.






Apart from the endless number of shuttered stores along Lincoln Road, we realize that things are not what they used to be when we pass by the restaurants on Ocean Drive and the waiters try to lure us inside promising worlds and funds. I confess that I didn’t know any, I ended up eating the good old cheesesteak from Johnny Rockets.

Perhaps the best thing is to go down the beach and up the boardwalk, but before starting your way, still at Lincoln, look for the deck with a Starbucks next to a natural juice store – a half-liter glass of orange juice goes very well before walking again.

16:00 – Washington Avenue

I don’t think you need a lot of time in Washington, on the contrary, the important thing is to visit the Miami Ink Tattoo Studio, which is actually Love Hate Tattoo Studio, and have a farewell drink at Oh! Mexico.

Miami Ink it’s on Washington, corner of 14th Street. A little further up is Española Way with the Oh! Mexico in the corner. You can venture through the first two or three blocks of Española and enter the bar that suits you best – creative freedom, but watch the clock!


Between 17:00 and 18:00 – it’s time to say goodbye!

Now your tour has come to an end because you have a flight to catch and will likely face nervous late-afternoon traffic.

Even if you have more time available, I don’t believe you can add other programs to the itinerary: it’s easier to do it without haste, with more quality, or enjoy leisure in a restaurant.

To get back to the hotel, there is a Line 150 stop at Washington corner and 13th Street. Remember: you must take the bus heading north, that is, towards Lincoln. Then, get off at the airport and take the same van as at the beginning of the day.

Have a good trip!

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